Who meets the conditions of Vitoria to join the national team?

Who meets the conditions of Vitoria to join the national team?

Portuguese coach Roy Vitoria, coach of the first team, seeks to decide the selection of the Egyptian coach, who will join the technical staff assisting him in training the Pharaohs.

The Vitoria team consists of 4 foreign coaches: Arnaldo Teixeira (general coach), Sergio Botelho (assistant coach), Luis Steves (goalkeeper coach), Walter Diaz (performance analyst and load planner), in addition to an Egyptian coach whose name has not been identified so far.

A source from Laila Koura revealed that the Egyptian assistant to be appointed to the Vitoria apparatus will not leave among them, Adel Mustafa, Mohamed Shawky, Wael Riad Cheetos, Mohamed Youssef and Alaa Mihoub.

Vitoria set 3 conditions in order to choose the Egyptian coach who will be in the Pharaohs’ apparatus, which is that he has African experience, in addition to taking over the technical management of major teams or teams before, and that the coach has previously worked with foreign technical managers and achieved successes with them.

In this report, “Yalla Koura” reviews the training process of the five candidates to join the national team, and who will meet the Vitoria conditions?

Mohamed Yousif

Mohamed Youssef is the favorite among the candidates to join the Vitoria apparatus, as he worked as an assistant to the first team in Al-Ahly Club with Hossam El-Badri and Manuel Jose.

Youssef also became the first man in the technical leadership of Al-Ahly on May 7, 2013 and won the eighth African title in the history of the Red Castle, and was crowned the African Super at the expense of Sfaxien.

Al-Ahly, under the leadership of Mohamed Youssef, participated in the 2013 Club World Cup, but received two defeats, ending the tournament in sixth place.

Muhammad Youssef went through more than one training experience after that, training the Iraqi police, Smouha and Petrojet, and then returned to Al-Ahly as the general coach and acting coach of Al-Ahly, succeeding Martin Lasarte.

Youssef worked as a general coach and director of football in the technical staff of Patrice Carteron, who took over the task of coaching Al-Ahly in 2018.

The last training experience of Mohamed Youssef was Al-Ahly Bank, which he trained at the beginning of last season, but he did not continue due to poor results.

Alaa Mihoub

Although Mihoub was one of the talented players in Al-Ahly club during the eighties, he has been away from training for a long time.

Mihoub worked as an assistant with Manuel Jose, the former coach of Al-Ahly, and was a witness to the most successful periods in the Red Castle in terms of championships and achievements, and then worked in the Hossam El-Badri apparatus.

Alaa Mihoub took over the training of Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi temporarily after the departure of Mokhtar Mokhtar in 2010, but then submitted his resignation after contracting with Alain Geiger.

Mihoub had a new experience leading the youth team, born in 1995, and he did not achieve any success and failed to qualify for the African Nations Cup in Senegal in 2014.

The former Al-Ahly star has since moved away from training, and Mihoub appeared as head of the technical committee in the Red Castle in 2016 and resigned from it in 2018.

Muhammad Shawqi

Shawky is considered one of the most promising coaches in Egyptian football, as he started his career with coaching, as an assistant coach in Ahmed Hossam Mido’s apparatus at Wadi Degla Club.

Mohamed Shawky – one of the most prominent midfield stars in Egypt – joined the technical staff of the Olympic team led by Shawky Gharib, and won the African Nations U-23 Championship in 2019, and also participated in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

The former Al-Ahly star worked in the technical staff of the first team led by Portuguese Carlos Queiroz in September 2021 and contributed to qualifying for the last African Nations final, which was held in Cameroon.

After the departure of Queiroz, Mohamed Shawky continued in the technical staff of the Egyptian national team for Ihab Galal, which lasted only 3 matches.

Wael Riad “Chetos”

Chitosh’s coaching career began in 2010 as an assistant coach in El Gouna, after he retired from football due to cruciate ligament injuries.

Wael Riad’s second experience was working as an assistant to Shawky Gharib in the military production team in 2015.

Cheetos was with Shawky Gharib in the technical staff of the Olympic U-23 team, won the 2019 African Cup of Nations and participated in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Adel Mustafa

Among the names also nominated to join the Vitoria apparatus, is Adel Mustafa, who retired from football in 2014.

Adel Mustafa worked as an assistant to the technical staff of Petrojet led by Mohamed Youssef in 2017.

Mustafa was also present with Mohamed Youssef while the latter assumed the position of interim technical director of Al-Ahly in 2018.

Adel Mustafa also coached the Al-Ahly youth team, born in 2003, before having his first training experience outside Egypt as an assistant coach with Ahmed Hossam Mido in the Saudi Al-Wahda in 2018.

He also worked with Ahmed Hossam Mido when the latter took over as Misr El-Makassa coach in 2019.

The former Al-Ahly and Enppi player is currently managing the youth sector in the Future Club.

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