Renewing the Canadian accreditation of the Dubai Fertility Center in the field of reproductive health "Diamond Category"

Renewing the Canadian accreditation of the Dubai Fertility Center in the field of reproductive health “Diamond Category”

DUBAI, 4th August / WAM / The Dubai Fertility Center was able to renew the global accreditation from the Canadian International Commission in the field of reproductive health for the “Diamond Category”, to be the first and only government center in the world to obtain this accreditation for the second time in a row, after applying all Requirements for obtaining this category, which is the highest category granted to laboratories of medical assisted reproductive centers.

This accreditation reflects the distinguished services provided by the Dubai Fertility Center that are in line with the international standards applied in specialized centers and that contribute to enhancing patient safety and safe handling of human samples at all stages of treatment using medical assisted reproductive technologies.

Dr. Ahmed bin Kalban, Executive Director of the Specialized Healthcare Sector at the Dubai Health Authority, stressed the importance of this accreditation and its effective role in enhancing the competitiveness of the Dubai Fertility Center as an ideal destination for patients from different countries of the world.. He referred to the efforts made by the various work teams to obtain this achievement, prepare and qualify The center’s services are in compliance with international standards for the quality and safety of health services in the Canadian International Commission, which confirms the Commission’s commitment to continue providing its health services in accordance with the international standards applied in this field.

He said that the Dubai Fertility Center is one of the most important and leading specialized medical centers in the Arab Gulf region and the Middle East in the field of providing medical assistance services for pregnancy and childbearing, and it is one of the main centers in the country that contributes to various initiatives to improve the results of indicators of low fertility among different nationalities from all over the world. It applies the best treatment protocols and practices in the field of fertility to raise pregnancy rates and improve reproductive health, exceeding international rates in this field.

For her part, Hana Tahawara, Director of the Dubai Fertility Center, said that the center obtained this accreditation after the center passed all the conditions and requirements for obtaining this accreditation, after the audit and review process by a group of experts specialized in the field of fertilization services from the Canadian authority, which focused on all specialized professional aspects. In addition to implementing a program of field visits to assess the readiness of the embryology laboratory at the headquarters of the new building of the center and holding workshops to explain the requirements and criteria for the renewal of accreditation, where the visits focused on the initial evaluation for renewal Accreditation during the month of February and the final evaluation and issuance of the international accreditation certificate during the month of June.

She reviewed the evaluation results obtained by the center, which exceeded expectations and enabled the center to obtain a certificate of excellence within the “diamond category” by 98.8% for a period of three years, after obtaining accreditation for the first time in 2016. Referring to the criteria that the accreditation program focuses on, which include Leadership and the quality of work procedures in the fertilization laboratory and the quality and work procedures for the various services in the center in general, in a way that ensures the improvement of the quality of services provided in accordance with international standards to obtain global recognition.

She explained that the evaluation focused on the extent of the center’s commitment to implementing the 484 standards, as the center was able to achieve the highest level of application of the leadership standards by 100% of the 112 standards and to achieve the highest level of results of the application of technical standards related to all treatments, work procedures and fields in the embryology laboratory of the center Dubai Fertility Center for 372 criteria, where the center achieved a result of 97.60%.

Hana Tahoura pointed out that the standards of the Canadian Authority help health service providers to meet requests for excellence in the field of reproductive health, maintain quality and patient safety, and improve and raise the overall performance of various work policies with high quality, which contributes to reducing the level of risks and ensuring the requirements for safe handling of human samples or samples. Implanted embryos with the highest level of caution and safety.

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