Ihab Darwish: Grammy membership is an appreciation for the UAE

Ihab Darwish: Grammy membership is an appreciation for the UAE

Tamer Abdel Hamid (Abu Dhabi)

Emirati composer, Ihab Darwish, told Al-Ittihad that his recent membership in the prestigious International Grammy Awards, to be an active member of the Academy, is a global appreciation for UAE musicians and creators, who owe these successes to the wise leadership and its insightful vision in consolidating the achievements of culture and music. and arts, and deliver the message of local creativity to the world. Darwish is among the 2,000 new members who joined the most prominent music industry and whose mission is to vote to recognize excellence in the recording arts and sciences, and to develop the welfare of societies to remain an indelible part of our culture.

Ihab Darwish expressed his pride in being the first Emirati to be awarded this recognition by the world’s most important music awards academy. He said: After being granted membership in the Grammy Awards Academy, I will contribute my artistic and musical vision to vote during the 65th annual Grammy Awards ceremony that takes place in January of each year, and my presence as a jury qualifies me to nominate my work for Grammy Awards, or to nominate any work. Gulf or other Arab. This Arab presence in this international award is a great pride.
He added: I dedicate this global appreciation to the UAE, as it is an incubator for talents and creativity in various fields, as it helps it reach the highest ranks with the support of the wise leadership. He thanked the Abu Dhabi Group for Culture and Arts and its officials for their commitment to stimulating the role of the arts in sustaining the renaissance and serving humanity, which believed in him and supported his music, including the Abrahamic Symphony as one of the most important works of the exclusive commissioning of the 2022 Abu Dhabi Festival.

Huge achievement
Darwish pointed out that he worked hard and developed himself as a musician until he reached what he is now, acknowledging that the march was not easy, but at the same time it was successful and achieved many achievements, starting with the album “Waves My Life”, which was released in 2018, with the support of a group Abu Dhabi for Culture and Arts, which is considered a real and global breakthrough. His music was played with 160 musicians from the Beethoven Academy of Orchestras, and the music was distributed and published by signing an exclusive contract with Universal Music, a huge global achievement. He also presented a bouquet of local works and participated in the soundtrack for the National Day of the UAE, and collaborated in the Year of Tolerance on the redistribution of Gulf, Arab and international music, and composed special music for Madinat Jumeirah, based on water dances for the Dubai Fountain.

classy playing
Ihab Darwish explained that he was honored to collaborate with a selection of international musicians, the latest of which was the Abrahamic Symphony, in which he collaborated with Emmy Award-winning composer John Debney and Oscar-winning composer David Shire, which contributed to his deeper musical education.
He said: I gained great experience through this distinguished cooperation, in which cultures and musical styles were exchanged, especially in the field of soundtracks for films, which play a prominent role in communicating information. It focuses on the implementation of a musical genre according to the scene, where I learned playing techniques in a refined manner, and this enhances the musical culture, especially that each solo or solo player has his own method and interventions, which gives horizons during the musical composition process.
He continued: Dealing with different nationalities increases musical thought, as music promotes integration between cultures and brings people closer, so I decided to knock on the doors of this distinguished field and succeeded in playing in innovative and unconventional ways, with the aim of participating in spreading the message of tolerance and human brotherhood among the peoples of the world.

“Lolack” and “Grendizer”
Darwish noted that he is proud of his cooperation with the late Lebanese international musician Sami Clark in the song “Lolak”, describing him as a distinguished artist and a refined person. He said: This technical cooperation resulted in the composition of “Without For You” written in Arabic, and relied on romantic melodies of a symphonic nature, especially since the content of the song expresses the importance of women, as they are the source of tenderness, and their roles in society differ. Clarke was the best suited to perform this song due to his unique voice, and I had the honor of collaborating with him in redistributing the famous cartoon work song “Grendizer”, which reminds us of childhood days, where Clark presented it with an exceptional performance with an orchestra of 160 musicians.

a new album
Darwish revealed that he is currently preparing to implement a new album entitled “The Abrahamic Symphony”. It is an international album that includes music composers and “chorals” from around the world, stating that in the coming period, he aspires to enter the field of film soundtracks.

“Waves of My Life” and “My Tales”
During his career, Ihab Darwish released two albums, the first: “Waves of My Life”, which includes 10 musical pieces that express life situations, nostalgia for the past and interaction with the homeland, some of which deal with interaction with the “Year of Zayed” and the renaissance of the Emirates. The second: “My Stories”, which includes 13 pieces of music, completed in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Group for Culture and Arts, and is an example of integrating cultures and introducing the culture of the Emirates.

Classic and contemporary
Darwish is the owner of a diversified project that seeks to interact with the global development in musical composition, especially as it combines classical and contemporary influences, which combine Western, Arabic and Gulf melodies. It presents a collection of creative pieces that dazzle the audience, and masters playing classical and modern instruments with the use of technology, software and modern technical musical applications.

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