Designer Fatima Al Muhairi: My collections carry an adventurous spirit

Designer Fatima Al Muhairi: My collections carry an adventurous spirit

Fatima Al Muhairi is an Emirati jewelry designer, gemologist and refiner, and founder of her namesake luxury jewelry brand. An epitome of pure elegance, she started her design career in 2009 and as a trainer in 2013. We discuss the inspiration behind her new collection Winds and how she always believes that jewelry has a story to tell.

A ring designed by Fatima Al Muhairi

Who is Fatima Al Muhairi?

I grew up in a family that encourages talent and supports art, and I was an outstanding student, and I obtained an architecture degree, then business administration, and when I turned to the world of jewelry, I completed the academic study of jewelry and gem design. I am now a trainer in the field of jewelry design, and I have 14 diplomas in various fields of jewelry, and the owner of Fatima Al Muhairi Institute for Jewelry Arts and Training.

How did you find your passion in the world of jewelry making?

I have been in love with jewelry since childhood, and I used to collect my money to buy jewelry, and I was looking for the unique and strange designs, until I started designing special pieces for me and my family. And I refined this talent by studying to create my own jewelry brand, including my own institute to teach jewelry design.

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For the life-loving woman

Pieces of jewelry designed by Fatima Al Muhairi

What distinguishes a piece of jewelry designed by Fatima Al Muhairi from other jewelry?

What is unique about Fatima Al Muhairi’s jewelry is that it is designed for the woman who loves life, as all the pieces carry the spirit of adventure and departure, in addition to all the stones used in my collections I collected during my travels to mines in Africa and East Asia. The stones are also selected according to the highest standards, as well as cut and shaped by the most skilled experts in the field of stone cutting.

What is Fatima Al Muhairi’s design philosophy?

It may not be a philosophy so much as the foundations of the brand, which is to craft beauty in the form of jewelry: the beauty of the gemstone, the beauty of the design, the beauty of the craftsmanship, and the beauty of who will wear the piece.

Tell us about your experience in the world of jewelry design?

The design needs a deep study, and the designer is familiar with all aspects of the design, starting with drawing on paper, and then application, until the piece of jewelry reaches its final form. This requires knowledge of the types of stones, the method of cutting and installing them, as well as the best way to craft and manufacture metals in the appropriate weight and shape.

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Heritage jewelry designer

Rings designed by Fatima Al Muhairi

Does the Emirati heritage have a space in your designs?

Heritage has a great place in my designs, and it is an integral part of our identity and taste, as I renewed heritage jewelry in forms that suit the current taste, and the choices of younger generations, until I was called the first heritage jewelry designer.

What are the most prominent features in general in your designs?

My designs are based mainly on highlighting the beauty and coordination of precious stones, in addition to the clear design. Each design carries questions and guesses (what does it look like?), so it’s a story told with love.

Where do you get your ideas from?

I draw inspiration from feelings, which are intangible. All of my designs carry the spirit of beauty, which is what the eye sees, as well as adventure and innovation. So I chose to travel and explore the mines, to carry with me the spirit of adventure, daring, and launch into every design. I also chose the name “Wind” for my last group, as the wind blows without limits, and moves from one place to another, carrying goodness with it wherever it goes.

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silk ribbons

Pieces of jewelry designed by Fatima Al Muhairi

What materials do you use to design your jewelry?

I rely on different gemstones, in addition to gold and diamonds, and sometimes I add silk ribbons for jewelry, instead of gold chains.

Tell us about the details of the last group you launched?

The last group bears the name “Wind”, as it travels with us from one station to another, and the first station is India, in a design inspired by the beauty of the Mughal heritage architecture in India.

What are the popular stones for 2022 and what are their colors?

Of course, diamonds remain at the fore, but with the advancement of means of communication, every woman has her own taste in choosing stones. But since Very Peri is the color of the year, violet stones of all kinds dominate the designs.

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I chose the name “Wind” for my last group because the wind blows without limits

Each design carries questions and guesses, so it’s a story told with love


Pieces of jewelry designed by Fatima Al Muhairi

A piece of your design has a special place in yourself.

White gold, diamond and pink topaz necklace.

Are there international jewelry houses that you aspire to participate with?

Certainly, I aspire to participate with many jewelry houses, in addition to my ambition to make the Fatima Al Muhairi brand to the world.

Who is your competitor?

A successful designer competes with himself in providing the best, and not with others. Today, since I have trained more than 500 people in the jewelry business, we are all partners in success, not competitors.

What is the second stage? Where do you find your brand in 2030?

My jewelry is displayed in Dubai and Geneva, and it is a step in my journey to spread globally, and it is an expansion plan that we are working on. The next step is to establish a jewelry manufacturing unit, in addition to establishing external branches for the Fatima Al Muhairi Institute.

How would you describe the future of female designers in the UAE?

A brilliant future, supported by great achievements in light of the continuous government support for empowering women in various fields, providing opportunities to receive scholarships in the field of jewelry, and participating in local and international exhibitions.

What is your strategy to face the strong competition with other jewelry brands, especially in the age of social media?

Presenting what is unique.

What is the most exciting stop on your journey so far?

My trips to the mines.

How can readers of «Madam» magazine get your designs?

All designs are displayed in the studio, and in my private office, and an appointment can be scheduled to view the complete collection. It is also available on my Instagram [email protected]

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