How do you make your husband your best friend?

How do you make your husband your best friend?

There is no doubt that happy marriages are built on friendship and friendship; Married life without friendship becomes marital boredom after years or perhaps after a few months. On this issue, «Madam» met with Ali Al-Zayni, a consultant for family and marital relations.

Happy marriages are built on friendship and friendship

Al-Zayni says to “Madam”: Friendship is a state of privacy and depth of feelings between any two parties, especially in marital life, and for the relationship between spouses to succeed; There must be a strong friendship between them, this makes the relationship lasting and successful; Because the wife is the giver of tenderness, care and attention, and the friendly husband, you will find in him bond, safety, friendliness and responsibility, and with these deep feelings between the two friendly spouses, the marital relationship will increase with trust, mutual respect, concern for the comfort of both parties and strengthening bonds of bonding.

How do you make your husband your best friend?

Al-Zayni says: “The relationship of marriage means partnership, and therefore you must share in all matters. Married life will have a different and beautiful taste, if the couple tries to experience friendship between them, because it breaks many of the restrictions that surround their traditional married life.”

Be a girlfriend for him and don’t make him turn to anyone else

Be his friend and don’t make him turn to anyone else

Talking as friends gives you an outlet that no other kind of conversation can give you; You can talk about your feelings, thoughts, dreams and hopes without the slightest fear of opposition; Because true friends always listen, seek to understand your husband’s needs and give him the freedom and independence he needs; Marriage is not a prison and a restriction on the movement of both parties, each party needs a space in which to act comfortably in order for the relationship between them to succeed and last forever. Open your heart to him sincerely, put yourself in his place, understand things, and let him always find a solution for you.

– Sandia in need time

A friend is his friend’s friend in life; That is why man feels familiarity, love and security with his friends; Where a friend is considered the small home of his friend. He is the one who stands by him in all the trials he is going through in his life, and when life frowns in the face of your husband, you must support him, show your support for him, and do everything to remove his stumbles; You must stand by him in thick and thin, and when he feels lonely or distressed, you must speak and discuss rationally and cordially with him; This support will inevitably increase your closeness to each other.

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– Take care of him

Share your hobbies and ambitions

You must take care of your husband’s affairs as you take care of your female friends; When your girlfriend needs you, you will not hesitate to help and listen to her, and you will give her advice, and the same should be the case with your husband, for example, when he comes from work, ask him how his day was.

Share your hobbies and ambitions

Sharing in hobbies and ambitions between spouses enhances the relationship and leads to its consolidation; Married life requires a degree of integration and participation, and its success depends on the desire of each party to create a kind of balance in the relationship, and the more common hobbies you both have; The more successful the marriage, the more similar the daily routine of the two of you; The marriage was happy, you must listen carefully to his favorite hobbies; All this will provide an opportunity to renew life and give it beauty away from routine and boredom.

Try to conserve personal space

Both of you should respect each other’s choices; It is part of the personal space that each of you maintains. Respecting the privacy of each party in the relationship helps to achieve better and wonderful communication; We all need personal space so that our relationship becomes together, and does not turn into a burden and compulsion. Give him the privacy he craves while respecting the limits he has set for himself, and this will make him more able to respect your privacy as well.

Give him all the support

The foundations of the success and continuation of friendship between spouses is the support of each party to the other, his tolerance and seeking excuses for him; Life will have stages of happiness and stages of fatigue and hardship, and you must share all these things together, and provide support and assistance to your husband in difficult times and challenges, and if he has a problem in his work; Because at this stage he will need a friend more than he needs a wife and girlfriend, so be a friend to him and do not make him resort to anyone else.

some advices :

Make sure to make your husband your best friend who shares all the details with you

Consultant Ali Al-Zeini advises “Madam” the following advice:
Make sure to make your husband your best friend who shares all the details with you.
Do not insist on shedding light on the negatives that he does, which harm him, but focus on the things that he is good at doing and praise his achievements.
– Listen to your husband’s point of view, and do not rush to pass judgment on him, but try to find justifications for his actions, and do not blame him, but make excuses for him.
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