Classic lipstick colors make it your beauty ally in summer 2022

Classic lipstick colors make it your beauty ally in summer 2022

Classic lipstick colors do not go out of fashion with time, and they are the colors that movie stars were famous for in classic shades, topped by bright red, bright red, and pink, while the nude color was added to the list as a modern and calm color that reflects the natural beauty of the lips, so we show you a group of classic lipstick versions With the most prominent tips for applying these colors in the summer evenings 2022.

Classic lipstick colors

Choosing a classic lipstick color saves you from the confusion of the colors in the market, as it achieves you a sophisticated and attractive look away from the strong trends of exotic colors, and these classic colors are topped by the color of the red lips, a color that goes with all your daily or evening summer looks and suits all skin colors It does not go out of fashion as it makes your lips bigger and more beautiful and is an ideal choice for summer evenings.

Saint Laurent casual

Pink lipstick is the second classic color after red, as it gives your features a blush and shy feminine look, and you can choose from light or strong shades. This color is suitable for the summer season and you can adopt it with smokey eye makeup.

Orange or apricot color is also considered one of the basic classic options in the color of the lips, despite its boldness. It is a color that adds freshness to your features and comes within a mixture of ancient and modern beauty trends. Choose the appropriate shade of orange for your skin to give you a bright look.

Nude lipstick color has become a modern classic and you can adopt it at any time and on all occasions. Nude shades are one of the most popular trends in the world of make-up, and we always see stars turning to these colors.

Lipstick Chanel Rouge Allure N5

If you are looking for a classic lipstick color suitable for women with white skin, strong red is the best option. The striking rouge color helps to brighten the face and give it an unparalleled attractiveness. Hence, we advise you to choose this limited edition “Chanel”. Chanel Rouge Allure No. 5″ Rouge Allure N5 . Which envelops your lips in an attractive color and gives fullness to the mouth.


Le Rouge Sheer Velvet From Givenchy

Embody Le Rouge lipstick Le Rouge The essence of Givenchy Givenchy A modern, timeless lipstick with a luminous matte effect in a luxurious black leather case, this pencil has unique features, a richly pigmented texture, and has high coverage in the first swipe, with a 12-hour wear and a formula that guarantees maximum comfort .

Le Rouge Sheer Velvet by Givenchy

The more layers you apply, the more vibrant the matte color you apply, as the advanced pigments allow you to control the intensity of the color as you wish.

Lipstick Carolina Herrera Beauty

Marker Carolina Herrera Beauty Recently launched its limited edition mini collection Fabulous SummerInspired by the lively summer atmosphere, choose a bright pink lip color (No. 402) that envelops your lips in a bright pink color and gives them fullness, and the color lasts for more than 12 hours, and you can use it day or night with charming smokey eye makeup.

Carolina Herrera Beauty

Baume à Lèvres Lip Balm from “Gucci” Gucci

Pink also make it one of your classic options this summer and choose the lipstick “More Orchids Baume Alive Lip Balm”. More Orchids, Baume à Lèvres Lip Balm from “Gucci” Gucci.It is a nourishing and hydrating cool pink color with which lips appear soft, smooth and fuller.


nude lipstick CHANEL Rouge Coco Flash N° 54 Boy

Choose the most beautiful colors of light and glossy nude lipstick for the summer evenings of 2022 with the choice of a pen CHANEL Rouge Coco Flash N° 54 Boy For a striking aesthetic look, dewy and natural lips that enhance the radiance of your features.


The Only One MatteFrom Dolce&Gabbana Beauty

Fresh pink color comes with “The Only One” lipstick pencil“The Only One .” From “Dolce and Gabbana” to beauty Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Degree “Millennial Pink” Millennial Pink A bold shade of ultra-feminine blush pink, this new formula is infused with pigmented pigments with a creamy matte finish that lasts all day.


lipstick Dior Couture Color Rouge in 844 Trafalgar

For a bold statement that combines the classic look, turn to the color of orange lipstick, and try the lipstick from Dior Dior Couture Color Rouge in 844 Trafalgar Which adds a refreshing touch to your lips and is suitable for the summer season 2022, and choose for light skin, as for dark skin, go to lipstick from Nars NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in Vain.


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