A mother, a victim of the Beirut port explosion, was deprived of her son to embrace a doll

A mother, a victim of the Beirut port explosion, was deprived of her son to embrace a doll

Two years have passed since the explosion of Beirut Port and the wounding of the living victims has not yet healed, in the absence of accountability for those responsible for the tragedy of the August 4, 2020 explosion, which left more than 200 people dead and more than 6,500 injured, in addition to heavy losses in public and private property.

Lilian Chaito, who is still lying in the hospital, is no longer only a victim of the horrific explosion, but has become a victim of longing and nostalgia for her child, whom she has been deprived of seeing since the tragedy occurred by a decision of her husband. .

Remind her of her baby

Her sister, Nawal Shaito, told Al-Arabiya.net/Al-Hadath.net: “We noticed that every time she saw a child on TV, she started crying, because it reminded her of her son, so we decided, after consulting her doctor, to bring a doll for her to embrace, because this would help her relieve the pain of her son.” The longing to see her child Ali, knowing that the one she embraces is not her child, but a doll.

Nawal also explained that Lilian’s health condition is stable two years after she fell into a coma, and she is interacting with everything that happens inside her room in the hospital, and she has been able for a while to move her hand and left leg, and she even said “Mama”.

And every time there is a media uproar about Lillian’s situation and her right to see her son, her husband takes action and promises her family that she will bring her child to her and give her passport to her family so that they can continue her treatment outside Lebanon, but until today none of these promises have been fulfilled, according to her sister.

Her husband uses the money weapon

Nawal also added: “Unfortunately, her husband uses the weapon of money to bribe everyone who interferes in Lilian’s case, and his legal agent is the agent of one of the most influential politicians in Lebanon. He does not want her to be treated so that she does not wake up from her coma and embrace her son again.”

And she added that her husband was able to obtain a decision to quarantine Lillian that she was not qualified to take care of her child, with the aim of depriving her of it, and so that he would be the sole guardian of everything in her name.

As for the cost of Lilian’s treatment, Nawal revealed that the Ministry of Health refused to fulfill its duties and transferred her to a center specialized in treating her in Lebanon.

Another journey of agony

In addition, Lara Al-Hayek’s situation is not different from that of Lilian Chaito. She has been in a coma since that bloody day in the history of the Lebanese people.

Her mother, Najwa Hayek, told “Al-Arabiya.net/Al-Hadath.net” that “the journey of torment continues and Lara’s health condition is deteriorating more and more. Doctors told me that she will not wake up from her coma, as her brain has been severely damaged and the muscles in her body are rapidly melting as a result of the coma.”

She also added that a drop of water had not entered her mouth since the accident, because doctors had to put a tube in her throat to breathe. As for food, it enters her stomach through another tube.

“feel my presence”

With a sigh, she continued, “I visit her every Friday of the week and I know that she feels my presence, even if she does not move. My feeling as a mother tells me that she can hear me, because she is my daughter.”

As for coverage of Lara’s treatment, she revealed that some humanitarian associations and businessmen provided assistance in the first period of the treatment journey, adding: “But today, with the high hospital bill due to the collapse of the economic situation in the country, my son and I are responsible for covering the costs of Lara’s treatment.”

While she concluded, saying: “What sin did my only daughter commit to make all this happen to her? In a moment they stole her from me and threw her a corpse. All I had left was to pray to God to solve what happened to those responsible for the explosion. God does not help them. Politicians do what they like.

Lara (43 years old) was at her home in Ashrafieh when the disaster struck, after she returned from her work in a company. She was preparing to leave before she was injured, after the door of her house was pulled out and her head was hit. Since then, she lost consciousness and fell into a coma.

ammonium nitrate storage

It is noteworthy that the explosion resulted, according to the authorities, from storing large quantities of ammonium nitrate inside the port of Beirut without preventive measures, following the outbreak of a fire whose causes were unknown. It later emerged that officials at several levels were aware of the dangers of storing the material and did nothing.

Port of Beirut (file photo from Reuters)

The judicial investigations, which have been suspended for months, have not made any progress, in light of political interference and lawsuits against the judicial investigator, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar, which have been successively filed by a number of defendants, including current MPs and former ministers.

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