Did the Egyptian intelligence intervene to save Amal Maher from Turki Al-Sheikh?  |  Daraj

Did the Egyptian intelligence intervene to save Amal Maher from Turki Al-Sheikh? | Daraj

Full seats, cheers from the crowd, and a dazzling view…

This is how the scenes of the video, which was published by the Egyptian singer Amal Maher on her personal page on “Instagram”, appeared to indicate the success achieved by her last concert after a long artistic break and a political, artistic and social controversy that took place around her.

This was on Amal Maher’s page, but Saudi art sites, specifically “Rotana” (classic / cinema / drama / Gulf) had a different opinion, as they agreed that Maher’s last concert was “very bad” and Amal Maher “failed the audience” and tickets were “sold for free.” “.

After a simple search, we find that 95 percent of the tickets were sold out and were not distributed for free. This news was published only in Saudi websites and channels.

The ceremony, and the Saudi artistic media’s dealing with it, was another chapter of Amal Maher’s story with the prominent Saudi official, Turki Al-Sheikh, with whom she had a marriage relationship that was interspersed with violence, about which Amal complained of releasing an incident of assault against her by the Egyptian police.

Controversial “long-lived”

On July 23, the Egyptian newspapers published news that the head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, Turki Al Sheikh, suddenly decided to liquidate all his properties in Egypt, sell the properties he owns, and leave Egypt, without any additional details. Hours before the news was published, Turki Al-Sheikh wrote a post, in which he says: “I am good, and whoever offers good with me takes his eyes. Whoever is smart, I must pay him a bill for the distance.”

Despite previous speculations that there was tacit official Egyptian complicity from the beginning with Turki Al Sheikh against Amal Maher, such as the incident of breaking into and searching her house and not investigating her complaint of assault, Amal Maher’s last party in El Alamein was sponsored by the United Company run by the intelligence, along with the tweets. The strangeness of Turki Al-Sheikh indicates shifts in the scene.

The United Company, run by the Egyptian intelligence, organized the Amal Maher party in El Alamein, in the presence of a government minister, Ashraf Sobhi, the Minister of Youth and Sports, as well as some artists affiliated with the regime such as Ilham Shaheen. Egyptian flags were raised at the ceremony, which indicates that the ceremony has an official character, What is considered a clear message that the “state” is putting Maher’s hopes back into its care.

After the ceremony, a piracy occurred on the Al-Arabiya channel website and the publication of news that the accused of killing the Egyptian pharmacist in Saudi Arabia recently is the sister of Turki Al-Sheikh, to which Turki Al-Sheikh responded by saying, sarcastically: Harnessing it to serve his country.” He also posted a tweet in which he said, “This is a separation between you and me,” on the night of Amal Maher’s party.

Al-Sheikh’s comments were a gateway to the launch of tweets from wholesale fake accounts on the social media, attacking Amal Maher and the Egyptian intelligence, so the “#intelligence_extorting_Turkish” hashtag appeared, and the attacks targeted Deputy Intelligence Director Mahmoud El-Sisi, son of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and similar campaigns were launched from Egypt to attack Turki Al-Sheikh defends the intelligence, along with Amal Maher.

Evidence indicates that the Egyptian intelligence intervened in one way or another to end the problem of Amal Maher with Turki Al-Sheikh and return her to the bosom of the Egyptian state, which was confirmed by producer Yasser Galal, “The intelligence intervened in order to end the monopolistic contracts of the Saudi consultant with Amal Maher, which is the reason for his decision to leave Egypt.” .

For some, the decision may also indicate that there is a split within the intelligence service; Major General Abbas Kamel, the head of intelligence, has a strong relationship with Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, which raised speculation that there are those who are trying to implicate Abbas Kamel with the Saudi advisor, and they are the ones who interfere in the problem of Amal Maher.

In the end, Amal Maher’s song, which she performed at the ceremony, entitled “Atom of Manhood”, the intelligence organization of the party, Turki Al-Sheikh’s statements and electronic campaigns, all indicate that the conflict is not over yet.

But now the ball has moved to a new place or a new authority, and Amal Maher seems to have realized how difficult the experience was from the start.

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And don’t get us into the experience

The mysterious story of Amal Maher with Al Sheikh took different forms, after everyone knew that there was a relationship between them, Amal Maher disappeared in June 2021 after announcing her retirement from art, and everyone wondered about the reason for her retirement, but she returned again in February 2022, to confirm that she was fine. And she doesn’t know if she will come back or not, without any other details.

During that, speculation revolved around the existence of abuse and abuse. It seemed real and believable to the audience, who sees that her songs are being deleted from all platforms, with the story of Turki Al Sheikh monopolizing her.

The disappearance takes a long time, and the voice of the questioners becomes louder: Maher’s hopes, where are they? “Someone” decides that Amal Maher should go out for a minute to talk about “she is fine and only infected with Corona.” Somehow Amal Maher was able to convey that there is something going on in the background but we don’t know what it is. Her intermittent appearance, the pattern of her statements and her exhausted appearance, doubled the anxiety over her and that she might be hated, until she finally appeared on the El Alamein theater with the song “Atom of Manhood.” On the other hand, Turki Al-Sheikh was angry on the social media.

However, it seems that while Maher’s hopes were relieved of the angry official Turki Al Sheikh, there were those who were willing to fall into his network of influence.

What are you laughing at?

Turki Al-Sheikh mocked what he described as the lack of attendance at Amal Maher’s concert, and it seemed surprising that the Egyptian singer Angham commented with an “emoji” laughing at the Saudi minister’s tweet, in what seemed to be an implicit approval of his opinion.

And Turki Al Sheikh’s relationship with Angham began in 2018, when Angham revealed her cooperation with “the poet” Turki Al Sheikh in the song “Leeqin” from her lyrical album “Be afraid, rejoice”, and her presence became evident in the evenings that the Sheikh family revived at his home.

In July 2021, coinciding with Amal Maher’s announcement of her retirement, Angham sent a letter of thanks to the Chairman of the Entertainment Authority, Counselor Turki Al Sheikh, after her concert in Jeddah. Angham’s stances were widely criticized and some described as “opportunist” and that she should at least remain silent if she chose not to support Amal Maher after Turki Al-Sheikh’s attack on her.

The dispute between the two artists dates back to September 2018, when the artist Amal Maher deleted the artist Angham and canceled her follow-up on “Instagram” and “Twitter”. The dispute between the two women was directly related to Turki Al-Sheikh.

When Angham released her new song “Bkhaf Afrah” from the words of the Al Sheikh, Amal Maher was angry that the song was originally hers and recorded it with her voice to issue it in the album she was preparing for, but Al Sheikh, due to the differences between him and Maher, withdrew the song for Angham’s interest, so it was not Maher only leaked it online with her voice.

Angham is not alone. Asala also announced on July 30 last, one day after Angham’s concert, her cooperation with Turki Al Sheikh in a new song, which had a similar dispute with Amal Maher, also related to the Sheikh family. Maher’s fans accused Asala of stealing the song “Haqiqah”, produced by Turki Al Sheikh, from the album “Habibi Hunt”, which was to be released by Amal Maher, before Al Sheikh pulled it from her.

All these facts indicate the extent of the influence owned by the Saudi official in the field of entertainment and art, which is likely to grow, in light of the huge sums that Saudi Arabia spends under the supervision of the Al-Sheikh family to make Saudi Arabia, which is personally the main headquarters for artistic production, which seems to be gradually transforming into an artistic influence that dominates it. personal moods.

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