Dialogue in the Joule - women's handball team about "turning a dream into a reality...the renewal of ambition and goal"

Dialogue in the Joule – women’s handball team about “turning a dream into a reality…the renewal of ambition and goal”

The Egyptian Handball Federation brought back the women’s team again after an absence of ten years, as it was the last participation in the 2012 African Championship.

Women’s handball players have demanded on more than one occasion to form a women’s team, similar to what is happening with basketball and volleyball.

and directed FilGoal.com For the Egyptian national team players to talk about the decision to reconfigure the team, participate in the African Nations and the World Cup dream.

The players unanimously agreed that the team’s dream became a reality and the ambition and goal of each player renewed after that decision, which is a step towards reforming women’s handball.

and spoke FilGoal.com With Marwa Eid, a professional in the French club Nice and the captain of the Egyptian national team, Shahd El-Shawarby, a player for Al-Ahly, and Mai Gomaa, a guard. Sporting, and Farah El Shazly, goalkeeper of the sun.

The return of the women’s team

At first we went to Marwa Eid, the captain of the Egyptian women’s team and a Nice player, and when asked about her decision towards the team, she revealed, “Of course I will be under the command of the Egyptian women’s team, and if I am called, I will attend normally. “.

Marwa Eid was the top scorer and best player last season in the French League.

Marwa added, “Since 2012, we heard a lot about the formation of a women’s team. I do not know the reason for the disappearance of the team in the last period. I had a previous session with Khaled Hammouda, the former president of the Federation, but in the end the matter stopped.”

And the Nice player added, “I expect that the results of young women and girls this year in the World Championships have a big factor in re-forming the women’s team or a general trend within the Egyptian Federation.”

The under-18 women’s team had achieved a historic achievement by qualifying for the quarter-finals of the World Championships.

The Egyptian players agreed that the results of the women’s and women’s teams in the World Championships are among the main reasons for the return of the women’s team.

“I see that the current Federation Council trusts the girls’ abilities more, especially with the appearance of the 2002 and 2004 teams well and the players getting more involved in setting up camps,” said Shahd Al-Shawarbi, Al-Ahly player.

“This was reflected in the distinguished results of these teams in international forums, and it is time to invest that success so that it does not happen like previous generations,” Shahd stressed.

She added, “In fact, we heard more than once about the union’s intention to reconfigure the national team, but this time we did not want to bury ourselves for fear of being disappointed again.”

As for Mai Gomaa, the Sporting goalkeeper, she said: “I was very happy with the decision to form the women’s national team. It is a personal dream. We were looking forward to the matter after we learned that there was a meeting from the Hand Federation to resolve the matter.”

Regarding the reasons, Mai explained, “I expect that the results of the 2002 and 2004 teams encouraged the Egyptian Federation to form the women’s team, in addition to the change in competition in the league and the presence of clubs competing with Al-Ahly and its lack of dominance over the matter as before.”

As for Farah El Shazly, the sun goalkeeper, she said: “I learned of the decision from the official announcement, and of course we are happy to realize our dream of forming a first women’s team.”

Farah stressed, “There will be a lot of pressure on us after that decision, but for sure the motivation will be greater and now we have a goal while playing the game.”

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Experience and youth

The absence of the women’s team from the continental and international arena for a period of up to 10 years has certainly caused the absence of an entire generation.

And if the professional duo Marwa Eid and Rehab Gomaa are called up, it may be the only element of experience in the team from an international point of view, as they have previously participated with the national team.

When Marwa asked about this, she explained, “Young girls do not have continental experiences. Yes, this is true, but there is a spirit and determination, and they just need confidence and support during the coming period. In my opinion, the rising generation is promising from a technical and physical point of view.”

Marwa stressed, “The focus in the coming period should be on increasing the friction to raise the players’ experiences, and I will never fail to help them by providing my experiences that I obtained from external professionalism.”

“I hope that we will go to a camp in the coming period with teams from the African Nations qualifiers, to have a strong contact before the start of the tournament,” Mai Gomaa said.

The Sporting player stressed, “There must be special preparation to compensate for the absence of the last period. We will be a strong team and, God willing, we will achieve good results.”

As for Shahd Al-Shawarbi, she revealed, “Our failure to participate with a first team before will be a greater incentive for each player, in my opinion.”

The Al-Ahly player added, “We want to prove our capabilities to everyone who doubted us that the women of the hand will not achieve any achievement. We will put that speech as an incentive for us through the upcoming African Nations Championship.”

While Farah El-Shazly said, “If the interest in the women’s team becomes the same as the men’s, and that period witnessed strong friction, the difference will occur with the Egyptian team because it is very strong.”

African nations

The Egyptian Federation officially revealed the participation of the women’s team in the African Nations Championship in Senegal next November, after the approval of the African Union.

Thus, the women’s team returned to the continental competition after an absence of 10 years since its last participation.

About that, Marwa Eid said: “I am one of the lucky people who participated in 3 African Nations Championships.”

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And she stressed the best player in the French League, “The upcoming African Championship is difficult because the teams have developed greatly. Teams such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Senegal are naturalizing players from the French League for not participating with the French national team, and of course they have experience.”

“Being in the semi-finals is not easy because we need a lot of preparation and playing friendly matches with strong friction, it may be difficult, but it is not impossible,” the Nice player added.

While Mai Gomaa believes, “Our only problem with the African Championship is its holding in November, the time is very short, in addition to our recent rest after the end of the season.”

“Nevertheless, for me, I very much believe that nothing is impossible and we can do anything,” the Sporting player stressed.

“The women’s team is capable of achieving a good result in the African Nations, but we have to set our goals first,” said Shahd El Shawarby.

The Al-Ahly player explained, “It is not normal that the goal of our participation after an absence of 10 years is to win the title, but we can achieve positive results.”

What does the team need?

A different stage for the female players in the coming period, for sure. As we explained, most of the team will participate for the first time, so we asked the players what the team needs in the coming period?

Mai Gomaa explained, “The women’s team is a very big responsibility that will put pressure on the players, and I hope the fans will appreciate our absence for more than 10 years.”

“We need some time to make up for that period, what we ask is a little patience, but we will give our best,” the Sporting player added.

As for Farah Al-Shazly, she explained, “The team needs a lot of friction to increase the team’s experiences during the coming period.”

For her part, Shahd said: “We have enough motivation, but at the same time it requires camps, strong friction and patience for the players, in addition to a specific plan and goal for each period.”

As for Marwa Eid, she explained, “We must focus on the next project for the women’s team. Is it for the long term?”

And the women’s team captain continued, “I see that the 2002 and 2004 girls have achieved a great achievement and it is possible that it will be a great support for the first team. The teams depend on a mixture of experience and youth.”

World Cup dream

The African Nations competitions will be held in Senegal next November, and the first four teams will qualify for the 2023 World Championships.

The Egyptian women’s team became the 13th team to participate in the African Nations Championship.

Speaking about qualifying for the World Championship, Marwa said: “My dream throughout my career is to represent Egypt in the Women’s World Championship. I have been playing for 12 years in Europe and with very great levels.”

And she continued, “I played against players from Denmark, France and Slovenia. The French league is very strong. If I arrive to play against these players in the world championship, I will fulfill a wonderful dream.”

Marwa stressed, “I ended last season as the top scorer in the French league and the best player in the competition. So why not achieve my dream of participating in the World Championship? I will not skimp on my country and I will do my utmost to achieve that.”

May Gomaa said: “I believe that nothing is impossible. We are able to achieve anything. We hope for support during the coming period and attention to the team, and we will reach good results.”

decision effect

Women handball players have demanded more than once to form a women’s team and that this would be a step towards reforming the women’s system.

Regarding the impact, Shahd explained, “The presence of a first team will positively affect the local competition. There will be a goal for the players, other than the title, which is to join the Egyptian national team, and certainly more interest will start from the clubs, which will benefit the local championships.”

Farah El-Shazly agreed with her, saying: “Now every player has an incentive to continue in handball because there are new ambitions and not just like the previous local competitions.”

“The decision to form a women’s team will positively affect local competitions, and in the coming period, we should focus on making contracts for players with clubs, as happens in the basketball and the plane, if you know what the handball player gets, it will be very funny,” Shahd added.

Mai Jumaa revealed, “The step of forming the team will affect us positively, any player now has different ambitions. Every year we participate in the same local competitions without renewing the incentive, but now the team shirt will make each player give their best.”

The Sporting player stressed, “The women’s team will fix many things, such as contracts, in addition to benefiting the clubs with the renewal of the players’ ambitions. I think that the decision will benefit all parties to the system. The team is the biggest dream of any athlete.”

As for Marwa Eid, captain of the national team, she explained, “I hope that the formation of the team will be a step towards reforming women’s handball.”

“The interest in the 2002 and 2004 teams was reflected in very positive results, and the same must be achieved for the women’s team,” she concluded.

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