A Spanish artist embroiders dried leaves with pictures of birds with amazing accuracy

A Spanish artist embroiders dried leaves with pictures of birds with amazing accuracy

Brazilian Laura Dalla Vecchia stunningly embroiders birds on foliage, using real leaves, sticks, tree branches and branches, Laura creates bird embroidery on the dry surfaces of colorful foliage, exemplifying the subtle details that Laura brings to this unconventional surface with amazing creativity and unique mastery. The threads display the beauty of these birds with their bright colors and patterns.

Amazing birds of all kinds and shapes

From the official page of Laura Dalla Vecchia via Instagram

The young Brazilian artist who specializes in the art of embroidery focuses in particular on birds of all shapes, colours, types, sizes, details of their wings, beaks, small legs, and their fast, slow and oscillating movements, between a flying bird and another standing silently or hanging from a branch swaying above it, and another picking up small food with its beak or feeding its young. Remarkably, the canary lovebird that sings lovingly with its pointed beak to its partner, so that the various birds remain an amazing state of nature’s creativity, conveyed by Laura with her colorful threads embroidered on the leaves of trees.

Simple materials for elaborate creative designs

From the official page of Laura Dalla Vecchia via Instagram

According to 121clicks.com, Laura stresses that she does not need precious materials to create her amazing artwork, to find what she will use in her artwork, she simply looks at the ground on the sidewalks of the city, picks up what catches her eye and then processes it from the fungi, to start her creative process and puts her designs The distinctive, which begins with drawing the bird of her choice and prints it on the selected tree leaf, then picks up its needle and colored threads, and begins to embroider with precision and creativity on the leaf, where its colorful lines turn into live birds on a dry medium where it displays its amazing series of hand-embroidered birds that have been directly sewed On dry leaves, give it life again.

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86 different species of animals, mostly birds

From the official page of Laura Dalla Vecchia via Instagram

From buff-billed toucans to flowering green parrots and ruby-throated hummingbirds, Laura has managed to render every feathered creature with incredible precision. The embroidered designs not only incorporate the intricate pattern of the bird’s wings, but also add light and shadows to objects so that the designs appear figurative and have depth.

Additionally, the artist incorporates twigs into her designs to make it appear as though each bird has a place to sit. Dalla Vicchia wraps a few stitches around the little stick to make it look like a bird’s toes are holding onto a tree branch, and as a result of these many thoughtful details, the leaves transform from dried, fallen leaves doomed to end and decay to amazing little worlds, where conservation plays a key role in Laura’s embroidery Thus, she has already embroidered 86 different species of birds and animals. To represent one of these species, the artist does an in-depth research on the bird or animal to understand its place and importance in nature.

Art is the best way to express our skills

From the official page of Laura Dalla Vecchia via Instagram

Born in Guaratuna, Parana, South Brazil, 21-year-old Laura Dalla Vecchia has been interested in embroidery since her childhood and has developed her skill in embroidery through many techniques including crochet, loom and Russian stitch. However, her creative embroidery was also influenced by her experience in watercolor painting, bio-jewelry production, and painting and printing.

Laura has always had a very close relationship with crafts, she finds art to be the best way to express our skills, depict our worldview, as well as entertain in times of chaos.

According to her official page via Instagram, Laura’s passion for rare species of birds appears, which is evident in her amazing natural paintings, but recently she has deliberately produced embroideries for other animals, such as the golden lion tamarin and black marmoset, among others, and she also began to include other elements in embroidery, such as tree bark. , to make its animals, birds and designs more realistic.

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