iOS 16 Allows You To Cancel Text Messages On Your iPhone.. Here's How It Works And How To Do It

iOS 16 Allows You To Cancel Text Messages On Your iPhone.. Here’s How It Works And How To Do It

iOS 16 comes with a lot of new features, and the main addition now enables iPhone users to unsend their text messages. This allows you to remotely delete a text message you’ve sent, even if the recipient has already seen it.

Businessinsider has revealed what iOS 16 allows you to stop texting on your iPhone and here’s how it works and how to do it.

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How to cancel sending a message on your iPhone

Once you send an iMessage from your iPhone, you have 15 minutes to unsend it. Not sending your message will delete it from your phone and from whatever device you sent it to. In its place, you and the recipient will see a message saying the message has been removed. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks. You can only unsend iMessages In other words, you can only unsend text messages that you send to other Apple devices. This means that you cannot cancel sending messages when sending a text message to your Android phone.

And even if you’re sending a text message to another Apple device, it needs to be updated to iOS 16 (or iPadOS 16 or macOS Ventura) for it to work, otherwise, unsending your message will delete it by you and not theirs To unsend a message you just sent, tap and hold your finger On the message, in the menu that opens, tap Undo Send.

Your text message will disappear as soon as the message disappears, everyone in the conversation will only see a notification that the message has been deleted, you are now free to send a new message in its place, or leave the chat as it is.

And my lady previously talked about how to download the beta version of iOS 16, to get the beta version of iOS 16, you must register in the Apple Beta Software program. This is a free service available to anyone with an Apple ID account, and allows you to test the software before it goes to the general public.

While using the iOS 16 beta, Apple asks you not to share its screenshots or videos to social media. iOS 16 is still in development so you should expect occasionally to experience glitches or apps that crash Installing the beta version will also download an app called Feedback on your iPhone – you can use this app to report bugs, request new features, or just Giving Apple your thoughts on iOS 16.

To sign up for the iOS 16 beta:

1. Open the Apple Beta Software homepage with the iPhone you want to install it on. Click the blue Register button.

2. You’ll need to sign in to your Apple ID, then accept the Apple Terms and Conditions. Apple also recommends that you back up your iPhone data before installing any beta software, since beta versions can be buggy.

3. Once you’ve signed up and your data is safe, head to the Beta Profile website, and you’re still using your iPhone. Scroll down to Step Two, Install Profile, and click the blue Download Profile button.

4. When asked if you want to download the profile, click Allow. Your iPhone will take a few moments to download the profile, depending on your internet speed.

5. Once you get the notification that the command is complete, open the Settings app and tap Profile Downloaded near the top. A page will appear stating that you are about to use beta software.

6. Click “Install” at the top right, enter your passcode, and then click “Install” again.

7. Once installed, restart your iPhone.

8. When your iPhone restarts, open the Settings app and tap General, then Software Update. You will be offered the iOS 16 Public Beta to download and install.

Now you just need to connect your iPhone to its charger and allow the trial version to be installed. It’s a major update, so it may take some time – be patient.

If you later decide that you don’t want to use the trial anymore, you will need to erase your iPhone and then restore it using the backup you created earlier.

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