Euro 2022 changes the map of women's football in Europe and records double the excitement

Euro 2022 changes the map of women’s football in Europe and records double the excitement

ABU DHABI, 5th August / WAM / 13 years ago, the two teams of England and Germany met in the final of the tenth edition of the European Women’s Football Championship, and the German team won 6-2 without much effort to crown the championship title for the fifth consecutive edition and the seventh in the history of the tournament.

Despite the strong nominations that the German team received before participating in the thirteenth edition of the tournament (Euro 2022), hosted by England over the past few weeks, the German team lost 1-2 to England to crown the latter’s first title in the European Women’s Championships.

The English team benefited from winning the title, as it jumped 4 places at once in the new classification of women’s football teams, issued today, Friday by the International Federation of the Game (FIFA), as it advanced to fourth place behind the United States, which retained the lead, Germany and Sweden, who exchanged their positions in the second and third positions after Their results in Euro 2022 also.

The English national team became only the fifth team to join the golden record of the tournament after Germany, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, but it is the second consecutive edition that witnesses a new champion of the competition, as the Dutch team won the Euro 2017 title to break the dominance of his German counterpart on the title.

The 2017 and 2022 editions showed a change in the map of women’s football in the European continent, not only with the Dutch and English teams winning the title, but also with the emergence of new faces in the semi-finals of both tournaments on the one hand, and the exit of other teams with a great history on the continent from competing for the title.

For example, the Dutch team won the title in 2017 in its third participation in the tournament and its first appearance in the golden square of the tournament. The same version also saw the Austrian team reach the semi-finals in its first participation in the European Championship.

And the Dutch national team proved two years later that this success was not a coincidence, as the team reached the final of the 2019 World Cup, but lost the final against its American counterpart.

During Euro 2022, the French team’s attempts finally paid off, and the team reached the semi-finals for the first time in its history, after leaving the quarter-finals in 3 consecutive copies.

For the second consecutive edition, the Norwegian national team was emptied of the tournament’s semi-finals for the first time in the editions of this century, knowing that it appeared 9 times in the semi-finals during the first 11 editions and won the title in 1987 and 1993.

The semi-finals were also devoid of highly experienced teams, such as the Danish teams, the runner-up in the 2017 edition, and the Italian, who also reached the final in the 1993 and 1997 editions.

Just as the 2017 edition presented the Dutch national team to become a strong competitor in the 2019 World Cup, Euro 2022 is expected to provide more than a strong competitor in the 2023 World Cup, which is based in Australia and New Zealand next year, knowing that the qualifiers are still ongoing.

Euro 2022 not only changed the map of the game in the European continent, but this version of the European Women’s Championship provided many records.

And the European Union for the game (UEFA) announced that the matches of the tournament combined witnessed the attendance of 574,875 fans, setting a new record after the previous record achieved in the 2017 edition in the Netherlands, which is less than half of this number, which amounted to 240,55 fans.

The previous record was broken after only the second round matches of the first round of the tournament.

With the England victory over Germany in the final 2-1, the team raised its score to 22 goals, thus setting a new record for the number of goals scored by any team in a single edition of the tournament, one more than the German team’s tally in the 2009 edition when Germany beat England 6. -2 in the final.

The England national team showed its ability to win the title since the group stage at Euro 2022, as it was the only German team with the full mark and won all the 3 matches it played in its group, and the England team became only the second team in the history of the tournament to achieve this in two different versions, where it had previously In the 2017 edition, the German national team had previously achieved the full mark in the 2001, 2005 and 2009 editions.

The English team also achieved more than another record on its way to winning the title, most notably achieving the largest victory for any team in the history of the tournament when it defeated its Norwegian counterpart 8-0, which is only the second match in the history of the tournament that witnessed 8 goals scored after the German team defeated its English counterpart 6-2 in the 2009 final.

Euro 2022 also witnessed many other records, including Julie Nelson’s success in scoring a goal for Northern Ireland against Norway during the match that Northern Ireland lost 1-4, becoming Nelson (37 years and 33 days) the oldest player to score a goal in the history of the tournament.

And this goal became the only goal for Northern Ireland in Euro 2022, knowing that the team participated in the tournament for the first time.

At the level of coaches, Dutch coach Sarina Wegmann left a distinctive mark after becoming the first coach in history to win the championship title with two different teams, winning the 2017 title with her country before taking charge of the England team in 2021 to lead it to the title in 2022.

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