Menna Shalaby: Cinema makes the artist's history |  Gulf newspaper

Menna Shalaby: Cinema makes the artist’s history | Gulf newspaper

Cairo: Hossam Abbas

Despite her constant bias towards cinema, she has recently become enthusiastic about television experiences that she says are exceptional and difficult to refuse, and for the sake of the important work issue, the Egyptian star Menna Shalaby was excited about the series “Btolo al-Ruh” that she presented last Ramadan with Ilham Shaheen, who praises her very much, and she was strongly present. In the cinema, she recently presented more than one important experience, including the movie “Crime”, which brought her back to work with the star Ahmed Ezz, and director Sherif Arafa, with whom she also presented the movie “The Man and the Mongoose” with the star Mohamed Henedy, and she had a different experience with Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, and director Peter Mimi in the movie “For Zico”.

She talks about those films, her experience last Ramadan, and the challenges of the stage and the future, in this meeting.

* What attracts you to a television experience and is known for your constant bias towards cinema?

– Indeed, I am biased towards cinema, and you can say that I am a cinematic being in the first place, and I believe that cinema is what makes the true history of the artist. It has a larger audience, and I must reach it, and when there is a different work that has strong elements of attraction that is difficult to refuse, I deal with it as a project, and benefit from the experience, both technically and publicly, and gain new experience.

What made you excited about the series “Blood Al Soul”?

– The mere presence of the director’s name, Kamila Abu Zekry, in the experience was one of the most important elements of enthusiasm and reassurance for me, as well as the subject of the work and its importance and the value of the message at this time, and the character of “Rouh” that she presented.. It was a very difficult and stressful combination, and in it a great challenge for me as an actress, and that quality It is a difficult role to refuse because it is not repeated often, and it will remain an imprint on my account.

We notice your enthusiasm for the drama of new platforms in particular in recent years… What is your interpretation?

Frankly, at that stage, it is difficult for me to involve myself in doing 30 episodes, unless it is a strong work and contains integrated elements of attraction that are difficult to refuse. No” in 5 episodes, and before that it was the experience of “every week on Friday” and it was an exceptional and important experience in my credit.

What is the peculiarity of your experience in the series “Every week on a Friday”?

– First, because the work was with director Mohamed Shaker Khudair, and I had hoped to work with him for a while in any way, and working with him was interesting and useful, also because working on a novel by the great writer Ibrahim Abdel Majid, and with Aser Yassin, with whom I achieved previous successes, and he is a different actor. Working with him is very interesting and useful, and my character in the series was exceptional and different, and a great challenge for me as an actress, and with this work I achieved important audiences with viewers of digital platforms with an exceptional and unprecedented experience in the history of Egyptian and Arab drama.

You were strongly present in the cinema as well, and at the beginning of the year the films “Crime” and “For Zico” were shown to you. How did you find the impact, reactions and gains?

– I am very happy with my experience in the movie “Crime” because it is a different cinematic work that revolves around myself, and contains excitement of an atypical kind, and it brought me back to work with Ahmed Ezz, who is one of the closest stars to me, and the movie was also my second experience after the movie “The Man and the Mongoose” with The great director Sherif Arafa, and I was excited about the movie “For Zico” because his idea is simple, but it is a movie with feelings, and very human, and presented a very different character that I enjoyed, and it was an opportunity to work with Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, who is like my brother, and we grew up together, as well as an opportunity to work With director Peter Mimi, a very hardworking and combative director, who has his own style, he added to me, and it was useful to me as an actress. The two films were shown at the same time so that the audience would see me in two different compositions, and the two films achieved great public success, and the revenues were great and a strong indicator of success.

What about the experience with Mohamed Henedy in the movie “The Man and the Mongoose”?

– Henedy is an important star, and the experience with him is a great gain, and behind the scenes working with him is very interesting, and the movie was the first experience with a great director with the value of Sherif Arafa, who added to me a great and important experience, and it was wonderful that he chose me after this movie for my second experience with him in the movie “Crime.” In a new character, which means his confidence in my abilities as an actress.

Planning and tests

The artist, Menna Shalaby, confirmed that the issue of planning was not in her accounts throughout her career, but she always controls her feelings and feelings in choosing her roles, and that she is always looking for new, and what adds to her, and gives the character from her soul, heart, and then her mind because awareness is very important in acting, and she always bets on Honesty is to reach people and influence them.

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