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Important astronomical news: Mercury enters Virgo from August 4 to 26


The most important astronomical news: Mercury enters Virgo from 4 to 26 August

The transition of the planet Mercury to the earthy sign of Virgo, the position of Mercury will be the place of (his home and honor) the best location for Mercury at all. The signs that work hard, and since Mercury controls communication, you can expect more conversations with your boss or plan and implement some ideas and take in more admiration, more interaction between you and your co-workers, tons of messages and discussions about: your life Professionalism – which could mean a chance to get promoted / raise / a new job / seem more focused, your abilities to think critically and solve problems are higher too .. your mind is sharper and a stronger sense of focus on your home and clean up everything you have can help you achieve the personal goal that was You have it for a while (like learning a new language or starting a business) and actually working towards it. Virgo loves dependency, helping others – and you can use these feelings to provide support to a friend or to come up with deferred solutions..The Virgo area will be very active due to Mercury and then the Sun and their triangulation by planets such as Pluto Capricorn and Uranus with Taurus. Virgo means perfection, meticulous routine work, and direction to clean everything up and fix bugs.

With Mercury Virgo, health and psychological state improve, a period called openness with ideas.. You will not complicate matters anymore. Mercury will motivate you to simplify everything and live without restrictions and strictness.. As admiration grows around you.. The period may bring you a new job or a new emotional story. Mercury’s good connection with Venus will be a conjunction, so you will be successful in everything..financially, you get out of a difficult hardship or solve a personal problem..it will also be an excellent period of health..

Dear Taurus, you are one of the constellations that benefit the most from the location and angles of Mercury, which basically rules your most important astrological house, which is the house of absolute luck. You will find an entertaining and beautiful relationship if you are single..You also achieve many benefits financially and materially that depend on luck and you have to expect a lot of gains and gifts..You seem open to ideas, sympathize with other people’s issues, reduce your commitment and extremism in relationships, and express an intention of reconciliation as you respond to any initiative..

A period in which family and emotional concerns are removed and solutions are found for a situation related to real estate, housing and anything related to property and material matters, or about moving to a house, building, renovating or changing decor, buying furniture, etc.. The chances are very good with regard to a work that yields more materially than you expect.. The time is suitable for official dealings and signing papers.. With passion is a very important period, especially since Mercury basically rules your fourth and first house and its presence in Virgo constitutes a six-pointed with Venus, so the stage seems appropriate for everything related to the future and passion and your thinking is very clever.

Your fortunes increase because Mercury Virgo is prosperous for you and its connection with most of the planets..Mercury is in an ally, so you have a very good period for all aspects, correspondence, communications, marketing, liquidity, moving pending and pending issues, finding solutions to disputes, work, housing, etc., and you can manage your business through communication.. You seem capable of Understand every matter, so there is a return to relations that have been cut off, especially friendship relations..a wonderful period during which a wish or a dream is fulfilled, and financially you have pleasant surprises..all of this is perfect timing..

We note, dear Leo, that the timing of Mercury’s transition is excellent, as it is sixth with Venus and is located in the second ruling sun for you, that is, the activation of the second astrological house (the house of liquidity and gains) and material thinking and the use of your qualifications and talents. Your second astrological house and your gains at their best through the transit of Mercury to him, meaning his home.. Your materialistic view of everything will increase to achieve more gains.. There will be good news such as the achievement of an awaited endeavor.. You will also find help from others, especially an important party..and tend to the emotional relationship. Which makes you feel stable.. you are then the most important financial period as well as emotionally..

Your planet Mercury is for up to two weeks for you, so you will have open chances and opportunities that may occur frequently as your thinking becomes dynamic and effective. Your main ruler, and you are his honor and his home, gives you luck, whether it is with work, money, passion and health.. He gives you attractiveness in words and actions, and you find that everyone is affected by you.. Emotionally is the most important, so your emotional fortunes reach its climax.. Mercury Virgo means an important period for all of humanity in which problems go away by finding solutions ..

You have an important stage where the position of Mercury and the Virgo towards Venus is a six, and the latter rules you and rules your most important astrological houses. I mean, you are in a period when you will be bold with all your initiatives and reassuring in every step, as if you are a guarantor of results. Around you, enemies and people who envy you are trying to get close to you.. Emotionally, you are in the most active period and your feelings are high. You are able to direct them as you like.. You also receive several material gains..

The planet Mercury in Virgo is in the best position for you ever and with Venus in the same house to make you the happiest during this period.. your life becomes full of joy, goodness and beautiful surprises.. you look and care more about friendship and friends who give you support, especially the influential and the people.. you have many benefits You will receive like material increases..more relationships. This period of openness and social communication, but emotionally you are attracted to friendship more than love..there are worries that go away and you return to a stable psychological state..

Mercury is an important planet for you that rules the most important of your seventh and tenth astrological houses in the middle of the sky. And if you want to start a personal project, this is the right time.. you tend to be serious with love and emotions settle down and find what you want.. with public relations you may increase your stubbornness and insistence on your position..

The presence of Mercury in Virgo, your main ally, will support your astrological house, which is concerned with promotions, academic higher education, renewal, multiple opportunities, and important relationships, especially with those who belong to other than your environment. Easier and more beautiful..Your personality strengthens and your tongue and criticism seem harsh..emotionally you achieve what you want and hunt for what you see fit for you..indeed one of the most important periods for you and you are very relieved from previous adversities and the material aspect is very refreshing..and do not forget the triangulation of the planet you have Pluto to Mercury Virgo and this is one of the signs of luck.

With Mercury moving to Virgo, his usual home and place of honor, in which he is comforted and happy.. there will be a positive transformation in your personality, so you appear more mysterious in an attractive way, do not flatter and your criticism is objective and your thoughts are like a burning lamp.. It is clear that you will get money during this period, especially money without effort such as an increase in the husband’s money It seems to you a share of the money of others.. with love you want to possess very much and show great jealousy, but the situation makes you more attractive and eccentric.. Mercury is happy with Virgo and because of his important contacts with the planets, especially Venus, so it gives you a comfortable period and something fateful that you have been waiting for for a while may come true. .

Mercury basically rules your most important astrological house and is opposite you in Virgo, i.e. its right place is its home and honor, and it is triangulated by Pluto and Uranus and the sixth by Venus. Fixed like a job or a partnership with multiple parties, meaning it does not prevent the presence of some competitors in the field of work, but you are superior and attractive to luck..you win in the field of cases and lawsuits if they exist..emotionally, it is a very wonderful period..and it is considered the most important during the stage..

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