Al-Qaruni: Hamdallah's absence requires the federalists to rely on Kamara

Al-Qaruni: Hamdallah’s absence requires the federalists to rely on Kamara

Al-Thaqafi said that the brigadier general needed a new striker who was more skilled and faster

Khaled Al-Qaruni, the Saudi coach who previously supervised the Al-Ittihad team, stressed the importance of attracting a foreign or local attacker to support the ranks of the Al-Ittihad team, after the suspension penalty that affected Moroccan Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah by the Professionalism Committee and Players Conditions for 4 months, against the background of the famous recordings issue between him and him. His former club Al Nasr.

Al-Qaruni said, in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat: “The good thing is that the decision came early, allowing decision makers to attract a striker to compensate for the influential absence of a player the size of Hamdallah, and I am not close to Al-Ittihad at the moment, but I find that the Brazilian Romarinho is capable. To fill this absence as a striker, with his compatriot Igor Coronado in the play industry, in addition to relying on Aaron Kamara with the priority of contracting with a foreign striker to support the team in the new sports season.

He added: “The league is long and needs elements capable of making a difference with the team, especially since the winter period during which the team will not be able to register, and thank God after 4 months of absence from competitive matches, needs time to prepare it to be a technician ready to participate with the rest of his colleagues, and that will be the period greater than the specified period of suspension.

Adel Al-Thaqafi (Middle East)

He pointed out that “the team wishing to compete needs 3 strikers in its list, and the Federation currently includes the duo Romarinho and Camara, and it requires searching for an offensive option to support the team’s ranks, whether with a foreign or local player when the good player is available in the same position, whether of the youth degree or attracting him from One of the clubs and contracting him even if on loan for a sports season, and the technical staff is the closest and most familiar with such matters.”

Al-Qaroni stressed that the team can currently contract with a striker, other than the winter registration period, in which the club will be deprived of registering new players, and it is better to contract with a striker at the present time so that the team in the next registration period does not need any contracts.

He added: “Hamdallah’s absence for 8 matches will be influential, especially for a team that wants to compete and not just participate in the league, and therefore needs a striker who is able to score from half-opportunities, and contracting with a striker is supposed to be a priority in the current period for decision makers in Al-Ittihad Club, specifically after a decision The player’s suspension.

On the ability of Al-Ittihad to compete for the Saudi League title in the new sports season, Al-Qaruni said: “The league is strong and now all teams are competitive and also relegated. Al-Balawi, Mishaal Al-Saeed and the player Hamdallah, and all of this will cast a shadow on the team, and it could have a negative or positive impact, and constitute a strong motivation for the team to overcome that and move forward to achieve the aspirations of its fans.”

Khaled Al-Qaruni (Middle East)

On the other hand, Adel Al-Thaqafi, the national coach and former Al-Ittihad team player, mitigated the impact of Hamdallah’s absence from the team’s list, because the last period witnessed the absence of the player and those present in the matches were more prominent and better, explaining: “We are talking here about Romarinho, in addition to the technical levels offered by the group. In general, the absence of one player cannot affect an entire team, and I think that there are those who are able to replace Hamdallah during the suspension period, and play the offensive role better, God willing.”

Al-Thaqafi agreed with what Al-Qaruni said about the team’s need to contract with a foreign or even a distinguished local striker to support the team, saying: “Al-Ittihad since the end of last season has been in dire need of the presence of a distinguished foreign striker, and praise be to God, he was unsuccessful in most matches, even if the team had a striker. He has high skill, speed and translating half chances for goals. I think he did not lose the league easily.”

Regarding the presence of striker Haroun Camara in the team’s list, along with Romarinho, who played in the attacking center in multiple matches, Al-Thaqafi said: “Camara is diligent, but he needs a lot of time, and participates in many matches, and unfortunately most coaches lost his confidence, even if the player took his position and played mainly And he took his full chance, I think he will be a very successful substitute, and the player has talent, he has something good, and some matches are unlucky… and some coaches are convinced that the player is a substitute player or for one game.”

Al-Ittihad will miss Hamdallah’s services in 8 matches in the Saudi Professional League, which will start on August 25, thanks to the pauses that the Saudi Professional League will undergo related to “FIFA Days”, in addition to the last camp that the Saudi team will establish in preparation for the start of the World Cup. .

Hamdallah will be absent from the confrontations of justice, agreement, Al-Raed, Al-Khaleej, Al-Nasr, Al-Fateh, Damk and Al-Wahda, while the ninth round of the league, specifically the youth match in the capital, Riyadh, is expected to witness the player’s return to participate in the team’s list.

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