Muhammad Abu Jabal’s statement: The Saudi victory complaint to FIFA and the claim for compensation without any concession

Muhammad Abu Jabal’s statement: The Saudi victory complaint to FIFA and the claim for compensation without any concession

Mohamed Abu Jabal celebrates saving a penalty kick from Cameroon

Mohamed Abu Jabal, the goalkeeper of Zamalek and the Egyptian national team, announced that he had filed an official complaint against the Saudi Al-Nasr Club because of “they did not recognize the contract concluded between the two parties and that it was invalid for illogical reasons.”

And reports have spread in the last period indicating that Abu Jabal signed in favor of the Saudi victory after the end of his contract at the end of the current season with Zamalek.

The player’s statement, Muhammad Abu Jabal, came:

There has been a lot of talk and gossip in the past period, and the player at the time was committed to silence in appreciation of the name and position of the Zamalek club and the Saudi victory and for their fans, who have all respect and appreciation, but now at this time and after the clarification and management of Al-Nasr club, we must exhaust all solutions between the player and the club. With the Egyptian club, Zamalek, it ends at the end of the 2021-2022 season.

As it was clear and announced through the TMS program, the site for recording the start and end date of the leagues in the world, that the Egyptian League begins on 9-25-2021 and ends on 30-6-2022.

According to the rules and laws of the Fifa, it is the right of any player to sign with any club by entering the free period prescribed from his contract, and he always puts a priority for the Zimalak club from the two offers and in the shadow of the contempt And his next destination.

And a player of the size of Abu Jill, so many offers were presented to him, including the offer of the Saudi club (Al-Nasr).

After a study, he agreed to the presented offer and signed contracts that will enter into force with the beginning of the month of 8 AD for the year 2022. After that, a decision was issued to amend the Egyptian League schedule by the Egyptian Federation, so that the date of the periodic date of the 30th / 20th of the previous team’s competition was estimated at the end of the 20th / 22nd competition However, the player is bound by the commitment made between him and the Saudi Al-Nasr Club, which was represented by notifying the club during the last period more than once, stressing his presence at the beginning of his contract with the team, and in fact a settlement clearance was made between him and his previous club long enough before the entry into force of the new contract.

In a position that values ​​and records the Zamalek administration’s acceptance of the settlement and their humanitarian role and their understanding of the player’s desire to complete the remainder of his football career and future with professionalism externally, and they have all thanks and praise for their position, appreciation and good treatment. Thus, the player proved his keenness to make the utmost effort and commitment in this way, and complete keenness to join the preparation period with the team. He repeatedly asked through his lawyer to obtain an entry visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and issue travel tickets to join the team, but he was surprised by the official response that the club does not recognize the contract concluded. between the two parties and invalidated for illogical reasons. It is a contract in terms of the pillars and in conformity with the texts of the work contract of the International Football Association. They stressed that the player’s desire when contracting with him is to play for an ancient team such as victory before thinking and taking care of the financial return, and on the other hand, the lawyer of both parties was keen to put forward the idea of ​​a fair settlement at an earlier time, according to which the player receives part of his contract and waives the rest of the period, but it was rejected and no He finds acceptance with the brothers in the management of Al-Nasr Club, and they offer an amount much less than that, and the player did not accept it. At a time when the club was supposed to fulfill the contract, according to the Almighty’s saying:O you who believe, fulfill the contracts..) God Almighty has spoken the truthAccordingly, the player has become free to sign for any other club by acknowledging the payment by correspondence of the invalidity of the contract and the non-continuation of its work without referring to the player.


First: The player raises the contract signed between the two parties to the competent court of the International Football Association Board.

Second: The player demands the full term of the financial contract with Al-Nasr Club.

Third: Provide all evidence of damages caused by Al-Nasr Club to the player Muhammad Abu Jabal and demand compensation without any waiver.

God grants success

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what happened?

The Saudi Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper reported that the management of Al-Nasr Club is looking for a friendly solution with Mohamed Abu Jabal, the goalkeeper of the Egyptian national team, after he signed his contracts with the team.

A source close to the deal told Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper: “Abu Jabal signed for Al-Nasr for 3 seasons, without the club officially announcing this step.”

He added, “The player received the contract, worth 7 million riyals.”

The report indicated that the victory administration will sit with Abu Jabal amicably to reach a solution that satisfies both parties, whether by conducting a financial settlement with him and contenting himself with the provider of the contract that he received, or marketing it, whether by lending him or selling his contract to a club that wants his services.

Al-Nassr announced earlier the signing of Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina, the former goalkeeper of Nice, Arsenal and Napoli.

Amir Mortada, the former supervisor of the ball in Zamalek, told “Tariq Hamed and Muhammad Abu Jabal will not continue with Zamalek, even for free.”

Abu Jabal played 21 games with Zamalek this season, including 14 games in the league.

Abu Jabal’s last confrontation with Zamalek was against Al-Ismaili in Al-Abyad’s victory with two goals against one goal before the last international stop.

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