Large sizes dominated most fine jewelry designs. Innovations that embrace the atmosphere of summer, and give the look a touch of luxurious elegance. From the designs of large brooches, to rings and bracelets, to earrings.. designs that glow with their lights and shapes, we review the most prominent of them in the following pages.

Bold Style

The summer atmosphere filled with celebrations overwhelmed the jewelry designs, so the designs of large sizes, and the colors used of pink and green, as well as blue and orange, were a pleasure for the senses with all their details. From the hoops to the large earrings, the precious clasps, the huge bracelets, and the designs with bright gemstones, they are all breathtaking, dancing with the light in a thousand colors and colors. The result: summer jewelry trends that captivate the eye as well as the heart.

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Precious Chokers

Necklaces of gold, pearls and platinum, flaunting precious stones inlays. Chocker designs are deeply rooted in history, traveling from the time of the Sumerians and Egyptians, to the Greeks and Romans. Until the design of the collar moved to the Middle Ages, where it was very popular. The collar is available in thin or thick designs, or to suit those with long and thin necks. It is advisable to avoid wearing it if your neck is short and wide.

Statement Cuffs

Today, the wide bracelet stands out with modern designs, bearing the signature of the most prestigious jewelry houses. This bracelet is an outstanding piece in itself, but for its good choice, know that the medium-width bracelet is suitable for women with full hands, while the design of large bracelets is not suitable for short and full statures.

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Symphony of Colors

Gemstones competing in their colors of blue, green, red and yellow, to be chosen by a jeweler, inlaid with designs that fascinate the eye.

All you have to do is choose the colors that highlight the beauty of your skin, and to find out, here is the following guide:

If your skin has golden undertones, and your veins appear greenish in color, you have a warm complexion. And your precious metal: yellow gold and copper-pink. Your gem: yellow diamonds, amber, amber, topaz, yellow sapphire, turquoise, olivine, or tourmaline, along with pearls in tones of ivory or gold.

But if your skin has pink or pink tones, and your veins appear bluish in color, then you have a cold complexion. And your precious metal is: white gold and light gold. Your gem: white diamonds, blue sapphires, purplish-red rubies, amethysts, or deep emeralds, along with pearls in white, gray and black tones.

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Exceptional Brooches

The brooch or clasp design reflects luxury and sophistication. He has always accompanied the looks of the royal families, and carried the most wonderful messages and meanings in his details. For special occasions and formal evenings, a brooch studded with precious stones can be adopted, by installing it on a dress at the shoulder, or even in the hair. It can easily cover the glare of the rest of the jewelry, so when adorning it, it is desirable that the approved jewelry be soft, such as a simple chain, a ring, or a watch.

Cocktail Rings

Large rings with unique designs, as well as bright colors, became popular in the 1920s. The large rings are distinguished by a large gemstone in the middle, and around it are small diamonds that hug it to highlight its glow. The rings have a certain characteristic when adorning them, which imposes care in the selection process, to suit the shape of the hand and fingers. The large ring is the companion of luxurious evenings, as it transforms the simple and soft look into luxurious and elegant.


Spectacular Earrings

Big earrings featured in most of the collections of fine jewelry houses. It is no longer necessary to adorn identical earrings, whether in terms of shapes, colors, or even lengths. Because earrings are the jewelry closest to the face, they have the ability to highlight the features of the face, and interact strongly with skin color and face shape, which calls for caution when choosing the shape and color that suits the face. It is better not to wear large earrings, if a woman always wears eyeglasses. It is also preferable to avoid her completely if her neck is short, so as not to attract attention to the weaknesses in her appearance. As for the wrap around the ear, it is an inherited feminine innovation that the jewelry world has known for thousands of years. It is a clear statement of the uniqueness of the lady with her own feminine style.

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