The Football Association's conflict raises controversy over Clattenburg

The Football Association’s conflict raises controversy over Clattenburg

The Football Association sparked widespread controversy during the past few hours, after he changed the position of Englishman Mark Clattenburg more than once, from an expert to develop the arbitration system to the head of the Referees Committee of the Federation, and then vice versa.

Clattenburg, whose appointment decision sparked great controversy from the start, is scheduled to arrive in Cairo this evening, Saturday, to begin his mission with the Football Association, but the nature of his work is still ambiguous as of this writing.

The Football Association had initially announced that Clattenburg would take over the task of developing the arbitration system in light of the remaining head of the referees committee, but Al-Ahly’s threat to withdraw from the tournaments organized by the federation (the Egypt Cup and the Super Cup) if Abdel Fattah continued in his position, prompted the Gabaliya officials to announce the appointment of the referee. The former Englishman was chairman of the committee, before surprising everyone by changing his position again in an official statement.

Clattenburg appointment..a big attack

Hazem Emam, a board member of the Football Association, announced last June that the federation intends to use a foreign expert to develop the arbitration system, in light of the objection of a number of clubs to the level of Egyptian referees in recent seasons.

Later that month, the federation officially announced Clattenburg’s selection for the position, presenting it to the media at a press conference.

The Football Association revealed at the time that Clattenburg will take over the task of developing the arbitration, in the presence of Abdel Fattah as head of the committee, provided that the Englishman begins his work duties starting from the new season (2022-2023).

But the decision of the Football Association was met with a great attack from the Egyptian arbitration experts, led by Abdel Fattah, who chairs an arbitration committee.

Abdel-Fattah refused at the time to cooperate with Clattenburg, saying in media statements that he would not add anything to the Egyptian arbitration, indicating that he would not be able to deal with the Egyptian rulers during his presence.

He added, “Clatenberg is not an expert referee, as they say, he did not manage matches in the World Cup or lecture at FIFA, I am a real refereeing expert on paper, the experiment will be a failure.”

Al-Ahly’s statement changes everything

But the decision of Ahmed Al-Ghandour, the referee of the Al-Ahly and Farco match in the 28th round of the Egyptian Premier League last Wednesday, to cancel Percy Tau’s goal, after returning to the mouse technique, changed everything in the arbitration file.

After the television replay showed doubts about Al-Ghandour’s decision, Al-Ahly, who lost two new points in front of Farco, demanded the dismissal of the referees committee, the suspension of the mouse referee Mahmoud Ashour until his investigation, and threatened to withdraw from the Egypt Cup and the Super Cup, which are organized by the Football Association, if it was not done. carry out his demands.

Hours after Al-Ahly’s decisions, last Thursday, the Football Association announced the appointment of Clattenburg as head of the referees committee, and is not responsible for developing the system, which means implementing Al-Ahly’s demand and removing Abdel Fattah from his position, and also changed the date of his arrival to become Saturday (today) instead of the end of the current season, within Preparations for the new season.

Confirming the Football Association’s decision, Clattenburg wrote on his Twitter account yesterday, Friday, that he was “excited to take over the position of head of the Egyptian Football Association’s referees committee.”

Back to the old post

The Football Association’s conflict did not stop at this point in the Clattenburg file, as the Federation issued a statement today, in which it revealed a session between Abdel Fattah, as “chairman of the Referees Committee” and the English expert.

“Klattenberg will hold an important session with Essam Abdel-Fattah, head of the referees committee, tomorrow to set a strategy for work in the next phase, and to discuss ways to develop Egyptian arbitration to serve the interest of Egyptian football in the coming period,” the federation statement said.

The union’s statement means that Clatenberg will not be chairman of the committee, but rather responsible for its development file, and that he will work side by side with Abdel Fattah.

What is Abdel Fattah’s position?

“Yalla Koura” asked Abdel Fattah about his position on working with Clattenburg, and the Football Association’s conflict over his position, and he replied, “I did not say that I refuse to sit with Clattenburg, I am the head of the referees committee so far, and this prepares me to sit with him.”

He added, “The Football Association said in its statement that Clattenburg will meet with Issam Abdel-Fattah, head of the referees committee, which means that I am the head of the referees committee so far, not him, and God does what he wants after that.”

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