Atif: There is no sense in the youth's brilliance without returning to the podiums

Atif: There is no sense in the youth’s brilliance without returning to the podiums

Ahmed Atif, the former youth team star, criticized some of the youth management’s decisions and summer moves, describing them as late and not fast, claiming that the team has known its shortcomings since the end of last season, “so the moves should have been faster than that, whether at the level of players or the coach.”

The former youth player Atif told Asharq Al-Awsat that the process of choosing a coach or even players should be based on several levels, so that the club can contract with the name it wants or go directly to the first alternative option, then the second or third, in order to shorten the negotiation process. And concluding new deals before the start of the season’s competitions, especially with the administration’s knowledge of the centers that need support and technical strengthening.

Moreno, Al Shabab coach directs his players during the confrontation (Al Shabab Club Media Center)

Ahmed Atif expressed his confidence that Al Shabab will have a good season, especially with the return of Guanka to the team again, and the club’s contract with Poland’s Krysjoyak, who is a well-known star in European stadiums. The former youth star hoped the team would return to the podium during the next season, and not only provide good levels and compete for championships without winning them, as happened during the past few seasons, whether in the league or cup championships.

The youth club management was late in announcing the name of the new coach, until a contract was made with the Spaniard Vicente Moreno, who had previously led the Espanyol and Mallorca clubs in the Spanish League competitions, as it agreed early with the Spaniard Kiki Setien, the former Barcelona coach, but the final contract was not made due to differences Between the two parties, the administration then negotiated with his compatriot Javier Calleja, the former Villarreal coach, but also without reaching a definitive agreement, to finally contract with Moreno officially.

Ahmed Atif (Middle East)

The management of the youth club has not yet contracted with any new foreign striker, to lead the team’s offensive line in the next season’s competitions, after the departure of striker John Mary this summer, but it included some foreign names in more than one center, such as the South Korean goalkeeper Kim Seung-gyu and the Polish Gregors. Krishwiak, who previously played for Sevilla, Spain and Paris Saint-Germain, France.

On the other hand, Ahmed Atif, a former player for the youth team and the Saudi national team, ruled out the expectation of the Saudi Professional League champions during the next season from now, stressing that the competition will be strong and different due to the distinctive preparations of all teams during the current suspension period.

Atif said that it is difficult to talk about the league champion in the next season from now, because all teams without exception are preparing strongly before the start of the competitions this season, due to the radical changes that occur in addition to the strong polarization from various clubs, whether at the level of players or coaches, which It makes it difficult to predict who will be the next hero on all levels.

The former international player added: “It is possible that the competition for the title between the great quartet of Al-Hilal, Al-Shabab, Al-Nassr and Al-Ittihad will be without arrangement. There may also be some surprises at the midfield club level, as Dhamk did. Al-Fayhaa last season, so other teams may enter the competition line, whether in the league or cup next season, and in any case it will be a strong and exciting season to the maximum extent possible.”

Al Hilal finished last season’s competitions in the first place to win the title after obtaining 67 points, Al Ittihad came second with 65, then Al Nasr came third with 61 points, while Al Shabab found fourth place with 55 points, noting that the last league championship won by Al Shabab was during the 2011 season – 2012.

As for the preparations of the first Saudi team for the World Cup competitions, Atif stressed that the presence of the Saudi team in the World Cup is undoubtedly a great honor, wishing Al-Akhdar to provide good levels and results despite the difficulty of the group and not its ease from his point of view.

The former international player added that the issue of stopping the league championship for a long time before the start of the World Cup is a matter for the technical staff of the green only, because it is the most familiar with the conditions and capabilities of its players, so it concerns only the technical staff because it sets the plan and method of preparation to the fullest.

The Saudi national football team is in Group C, which includes Argentina, Poland and Mexico, knowing that it will open its record of matches in the 2022 World Cup finals by meeting Argentina on November 22, on the grounds of Lusail International Stadium in the State of Qatar.

It is noteworthy that Ahmed Atif is a former Saudi international player, and he previously played with the youth team for a long time, in addition to representing the Saudi national team, and was chosen as the best player in the Saudi Professional League in 2009. Note that he succeeded in winning the league title with Al-Shabab 3 times in 2004 and 2006 . and 2012. In addition to achieving the King’s Cup 3 times in 2008, 2009 and 2014, and the Saudi Super in 2014, in addition to the Crown Prince Cup seasons 2008-2009 and 2009-2010.

Ahmed Atif not only participated with his youth team, but also participated in 59 international matches with the Saudi national football team during the period from 2006 to 2013. To record his name as one of the best Saudi players during the new millennium, whether at the level of clubs or teams.

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