After her return to the Egyptian drama .. Nicole Saba: I did not expect this success

After her return to the Egyptian drama .. Nicole Saba: I did not expect this success

Nicole Saba has been absent from television and cinema since 2018, to return to them strongly this year, in addition to her return to the theater after 12 years after presenting in 2010 the play SMS with the late Hassan Kamy and director Khaled Galal. The Lebanese star is also returning to concerts, and she recently released a new song entitled “My Homeland of Beauty”, on the occasion of the second anniversary of the explosion of the Port of Beirut. It was written, composed and distributed by her husband, artist Youssef Al-Khal. All these and other matters were addressed by Nicole Saba in her interview with Al

You recently released the song “Watani El-Gamal”, tell us its details?

This song is a tribute to the souls of those who fell in the August 4, 2020 explosion in the Beirut port explosion, and a salute to my homeland, Lebanon, the homeland of beauty and freedom. It is written and composed by my husband Youssef Al-Khal. It is a musical cry that expresses the deep sadness inside us for the souls of many who have gone… and the sadness that is still present in the hearts of those who have lost their loved ones. And if justice is served, there may be some hope, but surely nothing can heal hearts from this deep-seated grief. But Lebanon does not die, and hope will remain. Whatever they do, the resolve of the Lebanese who went through the most difficult circumstances and won with their will and love for life will not be broken.

Is there a strong artistic comeback for you this year, on TV, theater and soon cinema?

I am happy to return to work in Egyptian drama, as the previous period was significantly different on all levels for several reasons, including the Corona virus. In the recent past, I participated in many Arab works, including “Al-Hiba” and others, but I am now returning from the gate of the “Baron” character, which is my real return to the Egyptian drama after a long absence. The series “General Transfer” brought me back to the Egyptian audience again.

Did you expect the many reactions to your role in the series “General Transport”?

Of course, I did not expect so much success that I found after my appearance at work, and the reactions exceeded my expectations. Everyone who meets me congratulates me on this role, and audiences everywhere are talking to me about this character. This is a huge success for me, and I am very happy with the success of the character and working in this way. And I feel like it’s a new beginning for me in acting that I’ve been missing out on lately.

Mahmoud Hamida and Nicole Saba in the scenes of the public transport series

What motivated you to introduce this character?

The character was very distinguished and had a clear and significant impact on the events of the series, which made me excited that I would return to the Egyptian TV drama through it. And the role that I play is completely different from any work I have presented before. All the details of the character, from the way she speaks, the dialogue himself, and her actions, I have not done before, and this is what drew me to her since she was shown to me.

How were the scenes of the work, especially since it was your first collaboration with the artist Mahmoud Hemida and the two artists, Sawsan Badr and Samiha Ayoub?

It was a great honor for me to cooperate with them for the first time and to stand before them. Each of them has a different and attractive character for the viewer, and I think I benefited greatly from this work. And Mahmoud Hamida is a great professor, actor and inspiration for anyone who works with him, as well as Sawsan Badr and Somaya Ayoub, both of whom have made their mark in the work. As for the scenes of the work, it was distinctive and interesting, and I was very pleased to work in a series that carries this great energy of friendliness and respect among all its participants.

After the experience of “The Baron”, you presented the play “The Great Night” within the Riyadh season, what is your comment on it?

The success of the “Baron” character gave me a very great incentive, but it made the upcoming choices more difficult, especially after the great success that was recently achieved. It is not easy to maintain success and a double effort is required to maintain it. When I was offered the play “The Big Night”, I immediately agreed for two reasons: The first is that I miss theatrical work, so my last work was in 2010 through the SMS play. The second reason is that I wanted to participate in the Riyadh season. I was jealous after showing some artwork in the Riyadh season, and I was asking myself why I don’t have a job during the Riyadh season, until I was offered the play and I agreed to it.

Big Night Play Poster

Big Night Play Poster

What did you like about the play when it was presented to you?

I loved her story, especially as it is a diverse play, which includes comedy, drama and other reviews. I like to present a work of art that is comprehensive and complete. All the staff were wonderful, “very light blooded” and experienced in theatre. The play revolves around a citizen whose house he and his wife turns into an archaeological shrine, after antiques are discovered in it. The house becomes the focus of the ambitions of many people who try to seize it, so the events follow in a comic framework.

What about cinema, especially since there is a project on the way?

Yes, I signed a contract a while ago to shoot a movie called “The Key to Love”, after a long absence from the cinema. This film has a romantic story and a state of drama, and it will be filmed entirely in Abu Dhabi in the Emirates, and it is written and dialogue by the actor Bassam Ali, who will play the lead role with me. Also participating in the championship are the actors Milad Youssef, Rawaa Yassin, Maha Al-Masry, and a beautiful group of actors, under the direction of Egyptian director Gamal Al-Sarawi. With this film, I return to the cinema after an absence of 7 years, that is, since 2015 when I co-starred in the movie “My Life Is Mubadala”.

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