The Spanish League is awaiting the return of the "spirit" to compete for the title in the new season

The Spanish League is awaiting the return of the “spirit” to compete for the title in the new season

Abu Dhabi, August 9 / WAM / Once again, the Spanish Football League will be on a date with the usual two-way competition for the title during the new season 2022/2023, which kicks off next Friday.

And last season, 2021/2022, missed the real competition for the title in light of the setback that Barcelona suffered after the departure of its famous Argentine star Lionel Messi to Paris Saint-Germain in the summer of 2021 and before him Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez in the summer of 2020, and Atletico Madrid presented a modest season.

Barcelona appeared last season at an average level that helped its traditional rival, Real Madrid, reach the local podium without much trouble, although the royal team confirmed its worth by winning the Champions League title as well, despite the strong competition that it found on its way to the continental podium.

Real Madrid won the Spanish League title last season, 4 rounds before the end of the competition, with a difference of 13 points against Barcelona and 15 points against Atletico Madrid.

But the competition is now preparing for the return of the strong bilateral competition for the title, after Barcelona succeeded in strengthening its ranks with more than one deal during the transfer period this summer as part of a plan to rebuild the team to compete for local and international titles for years to come.

Atlético aspires to re-enter the competition cycle, while a number of other teams in the competition are focused on the race for European centers in light of the difficulty of competing with the poles of Madrid or Barcelona, ​​which is returning strongly.

After winning the Spanish and European titles last season, Real Madrid was satisfied with limited and focused activity in the transfer market this season, as it strengthened its ranks with German players Antonio Rudiger in defense and French Aurelien Chuamini in the midfield.

Despite the presence of prominent stars with tremendous experience such as German Toni Kroos, Brazilian Casemiro and Croatian Luka Modric, Real Madrid was keen to include Chuamini to renew blood and inject the youth element into this line, which for many years has been the most influential in the team’s performance and is expected to give Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti The coach of the team has more opportunity for players like Eduardo Camavinga to participate in the new season.

While Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, one of the most prominent factors of the team’s success last season, continued to be in the team’s ranks, the attacking line remained the only one that was not supported in the current Mercato, depending on the high performance of Karim Benzema last season.

Benzema is approaching his 35th birthday, but the offensive line includes two outstanding talents; Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo, although the latter still needs more experience, and may get better opportunities to participate in the new season, especially since the presence of the 2022 World Cup in the middle of the season will double the pressure of matches and stress on teams that include many international players.

With the team’s ranks largely complete, Real Madrid remains a strong candidate to defend its local title in the new season, but the team’s chances will not be as strong as they were last season in light of Barcelona’s return to the scene strongly.

And the two teams’ friendly match in Las Vegas, recently, as part of the preparations for the new season, revealed that the conflict between them will not be calm at all, especially since Barcelona won this match, as it had previously defeated Real Madrid 4-0 in their league match last March, despite the situation that was Barcelona last season.

Barcelona overcame the financial crisis it is experiencing, and the debts amounted to about 1.3 billion euros, and provided the money needed to rebuild the team through some historical decisions, including selling a percentage of the television broadcasting rights for the team’s matches for many years to come.

The team strengthened its ranks this summer with a number of players, including the famous Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, the Brazilian Rafinha, Jules Conde, the Danish Andreas Christiansen and the Ivorian Frank Kessie. He also renewed the contract of the French striker, Ousmane Dembele, to guarantee a team that does not lack experience in addition to the presence of distinguished young elements such as Ansu Fati and Pedri.

Xavi Hernandez, coach of the team, is looking forward to regaining the glories of the team in his first season with the team, after taking charge in the middle of last season.

The friendly matches that the team played this summer contributed to raising the morale and confidence of Xavi and the team, and the last of these matches was against Pumas Onam of Mexico for the Johan Jumper Cup, which Barcelona won 6-0.

In Atlético, the team relies on the experience of its Argentine coach Diego Simeone after 10 years in coaching the team, and the team relies a lot on the experience of its French striker Antoine Griezmann and new player Axel Witsel, especially after the departure of Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez from the team at the end of last season.

If striker Alvaro Morata, returning from a loan period at Juventus, remains in the ranks of Atletico, he will be a great support for the team this season.

With the distinguished level presented by Sevilla in some periods of last season, the team cannot be excluded from the competition cycle at least for the first four places whose owners qualify for the European Champions League in the following season.

Teams such as Real Betis, Villarreal, Real Sociedad, Valencia and Athletic Bilbao are also among the favorites to compete for the European positions.

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