Emirati cinema 2022... Optimism overwhelmed by the "production rate"

Emirati cinema 2022… Optimism overwhelmed by the “production rate”

Despite the optimism of filmmakers in the Emirates that 2022 will witness a tangible return to Emirati cinema after being affected by the “Covid-19” pandemic, it is difficult to say that the reality, so far, reflects this optimism, as the rate of film production, according to what is announced, is still lower. From its rate before the pandemic, the same applies to the number of films received by theaters or expected to receive them in the remainder of the year, which may be due to the poor production capabilities of filmmakers, most of which depend on individual initiatives, or the length of the preparation and preparation period to shoot new movies.

And cinemas will receive next week, specifically on the 28th of this month, the Emirati movie “Ghost”, by director, writer and producer Amer Salmeen Al-Marri, a film that has been postponed more than once, as it was scheduled to be shown before the application of the precautionary measures that accompanied the beginning of the pandemic, including the closure of Cinemas. The film combines suspense, excitement and mystery, and its events revolve around a family struggle over an ancient inheritance, through the story of a grandmother who demands that all members of her family live together in the family’s large house before agreeing to sell it, and the adventure begins when the family moves from Abu Dhabi to the family home to face many of Terrifying and mysterious events.

It stars: Maryam Sultan, Abdullah Al-Junaibi, Hamid Al-Awadi, Alaa Shaker, Lubna Al-Hassan, Khaled Al-Nuaimi, Mayed Al-Baloushi and Saif Al-Thoujali, and a group of emerging talents in their first movie appearances, including: Rehab Al-Muhairi, Kanu Al-Kindi and Rasim Al-Dahab. The award-winning Algerian actor Jilali Boudjemaa also participates in the film. several.

Also, director and producer Amer Salmin still has a new movie entitled “Ghanum The Billionaire”, which is produced by “Cinema Vision Films”, and the story and directed by Amer Salmin Al-Marri, and the work starring the artist Bilal Abdullah, and the young artist Omar Al Mulla.

“Khalk Shanab 2” also includes the list of films expected to be shown in theaters soon, the movie “Khalk Shanab 2” by Emirati director Hani Al Shaibani, after it was postponed more than once, nearly three years after the first part was shown in theaters In 2019, before moving to show on the “Netflix” platform.

The film is written by Khaled Al-Jabri, produced by “Ghabsha Films”, and a number of social media stars from the Emirates, including: Ammar Al Rahm, Saad Abdullah, Mosbeh bin Hashem, and a number of young stars and artists from different countries participate in the championship.

The events of the film include many adventures that revolve in the form of a comic.

“Cats Away” monitors the development of Abu Dhabi

As for the director, Fadel Al Muhairi, he has the movie Catsaway, which he presents in cooperation with “Image Nation” Abu Dhabi, and it is the company’s first work in the field of animation, and the first animated film to be produced entirely in Abu Dhabi. The film revolves around a group of cats living in Abu Dhabi at the end of the last century, and trying to find a home in the multicultural city, so that the viewer finds himself in front of scenes that tell the story of the historical city of Abu Dhabi in its beginnings through classic two-dimensional animation. The deadline for the movie’s release in theaters has not yet been announced.

first experience

In 2021, Emirati director Saeed Rashid Saeed had his first experience in the field of the first feature film in his movie “When”, after he presented a number of short films. Saeed produced and composed the film and wrote the script, and filmed the scenes of the film in Al Ain in various internal and external locations, starring Suhaib Abdullah, Huda Radwan, and other young artists, and the artist Huda Al-Ghanim participated in a special appearance. “Hein” falls under the category of mystery films, and its events revolve in a social and human context around the life of a 30-year-old man who returns to the family home after a long absence, mixed with feelings of doubt, certainty, love and hate. With the events, secrets and small details emerge surrounding his previous life, in which he was working as a university teacher for philosophical sciences.


Director Ahmed Zain announced, through his account on “Instagram”, that he had finished filming his movie

The new “Baizat”, pointing out that the details of the work and his team will be announced, as he was keen

To thank all the crew for their efforts and patience in filming in the summer weather.

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