Dubai Opera gears up for 13 stunning world-class performances |  Gulf newspaper

Dubai Opera gears up for 13 stunning world-class performances | Gulf newspaper

* The program includes a group of ballet performances and upcoming concerts

Dubai Opera, the home of the glamorous performing arts and the leading platform for the performing arts, has announced an exciting season for performances this fall. It is preparing to present a diverse program that includes 13 world-class performances, from September to November.

The program includes a range of highly anticipated ballet and concert performances such as Romeo and Juliet (ballet), La Traviata (opera), Ghostly Kisses (concert), Michael Lives Forever, the world’s largest tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson (pop concert), and Riverdance (show). Irish Dance), the spectacular Dresden Opera concert featuring famous opera singer, Placido Domingo, and the world’s most famous musicals and performances for the UAE audience to enjoy during an unprecedented season.

Romeo and Juliet “Ballet Show”

This show provides an opportunity to admire William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet, through a vibrant performance by the Georgia Ballet. The dancers tell the story of the two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, and their innocent love affair that stumbles after a severe quarrel between their quarreling families, which finally ends in tragic events, and offers dazzling ballet dances to the music of the famous composer Sergei Prokofiev.

La Traviata

La Traviata, the opera in four scenes by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, is based on the play “Our Lady of the Camellia” based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas Jr. This opera contains one of the most famous, romantic and tragic pieces of music of all time.

Pop concert

Ghostly Kisses is a dreamy musical project by Margot Sauvé, French-Canadian singer-songwriter, and takes place one evening only at Dubai Opera. Featuring a selection of songs from her stellar debut album ‘Heaven, Wait’ as well as hits like Empty Note and Heartbeat, the Ghostly Kisses concert will be the biggest to date and the only Souve concert in the MENA region this fall.

Michael Jackson Tribute

Dubai Opera hosts the world’s largest tribute to the late King of Pop Michael Jackson in Dubai for the first time ever, and the show includes his most famous songs such as Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Black or White, and more. Performed by Rodrigo Teezer, these timeless songs are a global take on the life and work of Michael Jackson, with special choreography and costumes designed by Lavel Smith, the dancer and choreographer of the King of Pop himself, that takes us back in time to the golden days of the King of Pop.

Jazz Classics

Featuring some of the greats of the jazz world, the special event will see Dubai Opera’s grand troupe perform a bouquet of artists such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Miles Davis and Nat King Cole. The Dubai Opera Grand Ensemble features twenty of the best jazz musicians in the UAE and the GCC to ensure an evening of jazz that attendees will never forget.


The musical “Footloose” arrives at Dubai Opera, after two successful tours and a tour of West End theaters. The stage play is based on the popular 1980s movie of the same name, and captures the youthful and fun spirit while featuring the UK’s top musical talent.


The talented and inspiring Syrian composer and musician Iyad Al-Rimawi will return to Dubai Opera, in a concert titled “One Night in Dubai Opera” on October 15, 2022. Iyad is famous for creating the soundtracks for many TV series, such as “Nadam” and “The Godfather.” To astonish the audience at a special participation in Expo 2020 Dubai. Iyad and the orchestra will return to Dubai this October for a concert that will surely be an unmissable evening of music.


The Scottish rock band is gearing up to take the stage at Dubai Opera to perform hits like Sing, Flowers in the Window and Side to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the four-time platinum-winning album Invisible Band.

world dance

Riverdance – 25th Anniversary Show, a remake of the Grammy Award-winning remake of the show that has transformed traditional Irish dance into a modern and poetic way. The fantastic music of this unique show has been re-recorded, and a uniquely integrated conception is put in place using stunning lighting, screen displays, stage design and costumes.

play the piano

Peter Pence, the international music composer and producer, prepares to take to the stage of the Dubai Opera stage for an evening of sensuality and sensual music. Pence is world-renowned for his talent and tremendous playing ability, entering the Guinness Book of Records as the “fastest pianist”, and achieved great success through his playing style and his rhythmic and expressive touches that transcend the boundaries between classical and popular music.

Enrico Macias

International singer Enrico Macias and his band members are preparing to meet their fans in Dubai for an evening featuring his best classics. Macias has succeeded in gaining wide fame in the world of music and singing since 1962, thanks to his huge collection of songs. The famous French singer, who was born in Algeria, presents his songs in Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, English and Armenian, and has won the prestigious French “Golden Cylinder” award.

Luxurious concert

With the participation of a distinguished bouquet of the world’s brightest contemporary stars, the gala is a wonderful and unique experience organized by the creators of the famous Dresden Oberenball Party – a project aimed at supporting and strengthening relations between European and Arab cultures. From the United Arab Emirates, the Dresden Ball Opera will become one of the main pillars of high-end celebrations by adding a European flair to the excellence of modern musical and artistic performances from the Arab world, and a number of the brightest stars such as Placido Domingo, Marina Rebecca, Riz Khan and Oksana Fedorova will participate in the event. The European Peace Chamber Orchestra in Dresden, Anton Lubchenko, and others.

optical illusion show

Known as the world’s greatest illusion artist, as described by NBC, Rob is known worldwide for his amazing, award-winning tricks, including the genre’s largest award in 2008, the prestigious Merlin Prize, making him the youngest ever to win the title. “World Stage Magician of the Year”.

Rob Lake is one of the world’s most famous illusion artists, with his incredible illusions captivating millions of people around the world. The audience at Dubai Opera will surely express their amazement while watching the exciting show.

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