"The Gray Man" .. Idiot War |  Gulf newspaper

“The Gray Man” .. Idiot War | Gulf newspaper

Marilyn Salloum
When filmmakers are keen to write down the phrase “taken from a novel..”, their goal is to attract the audience and gain their affection, as they know that novels have magic and a great impact on people, and the use of one of them must guarantee even part of the success of the film; But not all novels are successful and not all can be read and applauded. It seems that the novel written by Mark Greene and turned into a movie entitled “The Gray Man”, which was adopted by “Netflix” and then shown in cinemas first and then released on its platform, is of this quality without any fat, and it is surprising that “Netflix” allocated 200 million to its production. dollars in order to present a foolish war that is naively fabricated and lacks logic and content!

$200 million is a huge number, so which movie is worth that amount? It must be an epic or a historical movie or science fiction, but when you watch the “Grey Man”, that is, “The Gray Man”, you are shocked if you compare it to the amount allocated to it, and you feel that whoever made the movie wanted to consume all the amount in illusions and reviewing unbelievable combat championships. Children and adults do not enjoy it, just as one who sells the wind to people, noise and noise and fanfare without grinding.

Don’t expect this movie to be directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, the directors of “Avengers” in 2018 and 2019, and “Captain America” ​​in 2014 and 2016. It was co-written by Joe Russo with Christopher Marcus and Stephen McFly; Because whoever presents science fiction is well aware that it presents incredible fictional stories, and that the audience knows very well that it is far from reality and cannot happen in life, as if it is an agreement concluded between the audience and the film makers to complete the deal by mutual consent between the seller and the buyer.

Dancing on the stairs

The movie “The Gray Man” comes as a dancer on the stairs, based on a story without science fiction, and harnesses at its service all irrational and unrealistic means of combat. Fighting and recovering quickly, jumping, falling, flying and doing everything that fairy tale heroes, childhood tales, Marvel and DC superstars do… At the same time, the film introduces them to you as agents (some former, some current) in the CIA »!

Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans are heroes who can attract audiences, especially teenagers and young adults, but names and faces alone are not enough, what is the use of two lovable heroes for a story that has no defined features and can be shortened to two lines or less? And what is worse is to find the two heroes fighting to eliminate one of them over the other, and you do not find within you bias or sadness over the loss of this hero or that, such as the confusion that you feel, for example, while watching the movie “Heat” (1995) where the conflict between Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, and where you find yourself sympathizing With the evil as well as the good against your will and enjoy the constant chase between the two heroes. As for the “Grey Man”, the conflict is apparently very violent, as if you are in a fireworks arena or in a crazy military war that breaks out without convincing reasons, and it is very cold for content that does not give you a convincing reason or a cause you sympathize with and find a justification for what is happening inside the secret intelligence agency and between former and current agents ; A battle lasts for about two hours in order to obtain a chain within which a chip includes a video recording confirming the corruption of a current official in the agency named Carmichael (Reggie Jean Page), so the latter asks agent “Sierra Six” (Gosling) to kill the former agent “Sierra Four”, for his cooperation. In the mission Agent Danny Miranda (Ana de Armas) later chooses to continue to support Six, who refuses to obey Carmichael’s orders when he learns the purpose behind killing one of his colleagues, which prompts Carmichael to harness all his devices in order to eliminate Six, and later turns to Agent Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), famous for his criminality and brutality.

disgusting violence

The battle grows fiercer and the directors deliberately pass scenes of violence, some of them disgusting, such as Fitzroy’s nail clipping scene, in order to force him to hand Six to Lloyd, as long as the kidnapping of his young niece Claire, who suffers from arrhythmia since birth, was not enough.

Who is stronger, Gosling or Evans? The first wins the audience’s sympathy because of its romantic features, despite the film’s attempt to make it a killer without feelings, and excludes from the story all romantic and emotional relationships and only maintains a human relationship due to the presence of the young Claire, while Evans plays the role of the fiercest man without mercy or mercy, and the confrontation between the two stars Gosling And Evans ultimately seems like a drama that you can’t interact with because it’s so unbelievable, Evans at one point looks showy, while Gosling is more lively, and the two fight like a robotic machine fight.

loose output

The budget is greater than the size of the story and the requirements for its implementation on the screen, so the directing seemed very loose, to the point that you feel that someone is wasting money to fill the film with anything and everything that comes to your mind from “action” requirements, wars, violence, chases and adventures.. Contrived tournaments in which the hero does not get tired He does not pant no matter how much he runs, and rises from any fall from a high altitude as if nothing had happened, even Ana de Armas of steel, indomitable and not killed, knowing that her presence in the film is just a female presence that perfumes the atmosphere next to the two heroic men, and she does not advance or delay, that is, that Her character is not influential in the events.
gray film
Like its title, “The Gray Man” looks like a gray movie, not as sci-fi as “Avengers” nor “action” and espionage like the “James Bond” and “Mission Impossible” series, even the fighting is so exaggerated that it makes you laugh as if you are in front of a movie Comedy, and you don’t understand why the two directors, the Rousseau brothers, also deliberately used all means of warfare in an exaggerated way, so that only the launch of a nuclear bomb was missing. Mentioned on the screen, Florida, Bangkok, Azerbaijan, Monaco, Turkey, Vienna, Croatia, Virginia, Washington and others.. In every city the hero leaves a devastating imprint, battles and even wars take place, destroying buildings and landmarks, breaking into trains and disintegrating planes, not to mention, of course, destroying cars. And using all available means of transportation by land, sea and air, and you do not understand how all the security and police services in all those countries and cities are unable to catch any of these combatants.

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