The United States will "incur heavy losses" if it goes to war against China - The Times - BBC News Arabic

The United States will “incur heavy losses” if it goes to war against China – The Times – BBC News Arabic

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Chinese warship sails near Taiwan

We begin our tour of the British newspapers published this morning from The Times and a report by its correspondent Michael Evans entitled: “Taiwan Tensions: The United States will suffer heavy losses in the war with China.”

The writer conveys the summary of an analysis conducted by a think tank in Washington stating that a large-scale dispute between China and the United States over the future and independence of Taiwan, would lead to devastating losses in American warships and aircraft.

He adds that the unprecedented naval battle, predicted by former Pentagon and US Navy officials, could prompt the joint US and Japanese navies and air forces to sink up to 150 Chinese amphibious ships and other ships in support of Taiwan.

However, the cost of defending the island, according to the analysis, would be “extremely high”.

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