The curtain has been revealed.. Pictures reveal the Porsche 718 RS Spyder 2023 convertible roof

The curtain has been revealed.. Pictures reveal the Porsche 718 RS Spyder 2023 convertible roof

Automotive spies spotted a test model, the Porsche 718 RS Spyder 2023 convertible, based on the Cayman GT4 RS, on the Nürburgring ahead of the car’s official launch.

The RS Roadster has appeared many times before, but only with the convertible roof covered. Thanks to the latest spy footage, the hottest car of the 718 can finally be seen with its open top.

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The photos provide a clearer look at the new air intakes located above each rear wheel. One of the defining characteristics of the Cayman GT4 RS is the distinctive sound generated by the rerouting of the 4.0-liter engine’s air intakes behind the driver’s head. This exact setup isn’t possible in the Spyder due to the design of the rear deck, but judging by the proximity of those sockets to the driver’s ear, the convertible RS’s convertible top looks epic in every part.

A peek inside can also be seen, where a delicious set of bucket seats can be seen with the Porsche motorsport department “Vesach” logo stitched into the headrests. This feature is only available on the Cayman GT4 when the optional Vesach package is selected, which brings a range of carbon interior and exterior components.

The Cayman GT4 without the Visach package still comes with a set of carbon bucket seats, but the GT4 RS is stitched into its headrests, so the convertible is expected to get the Spyder RS ​​on the backs of its seats. By default.

The Spyder is absent from the Cayman RS’s dual-spoiler arrangement, which rests on a small duck tail at the trailing edge of the long deck lid. But it gets the same sawtooth vents at the top of the front fenders whose arches roll inward just behind the front wheels, and the same NACA ducts on the trunk lid.

It’s also likely to offer exactly the same mechanical specs as the Cayman GT4 RS, meaning a 4.0-liter flat-panel engine borrowed from the 911 GT3 that sends 493 hp and 450 Nm to the rear wheels via a seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission. Those numbers compare well with the 414 hp and 420 Nm of the standard 718 Spyder, but this car offers a six-speed manual transmission option in addition to the PDK.

The Cayman GT4 RS comes in at $149,100 more than the regular GT4 model’s $106,500, and $103,400 currently required for a 718 Spyder. The Spyder RS ​​can be expected to cost at least $140,000 when it goes on sale. Next year.

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