Biden and Trump... Revealing debates and clashes |  Gulf newspaper

Biden and Trump… Revealing debates and clashes | Gulf newspaper

Abdullah Al-Sanawi

Never before has a former US president been subjected to any similar harsh measures.

The raid on Donald Trump’s mansion in the Mar-a-Lago resort, Florida, seemed like scenes cut from the Mafia movies, as he is accused by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of concealing and destroying state documents of various degrees of secrecy, an accusation that exposes its owner to throwing him behind prison walls.

In the Hollywood scene, interpretations and interpretations went in contradictory directions.

Some of them confirmed that the raid and search throughout the place was subject to strict security and legal procedures with the approval of a federal judge, according to convincing data.

It is, then, “the rule of law” and “no one is above it” – in the words of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “President Joe Biden does not interfere in the work of justice and respects the law” – in other words for the White House.

And some of them went to accusing the White House of “politicizing justice” to prevent an almost certain loss of the Democratic Party in the midterm elections for both houses of Congress next fall, and cut the way for Trump to return to the White House if he wins the presidential election of 2024, which is a possibility that is not excluded given To the catastrophic decline of Biden’s popularity in the public opinion polls.

It is, then, politicized measures, a witch hunt for reasons that have nothing to do with the law, as happens in Third World dictatorships and banana republics – say Trump and his GOP supporters.

Amid the chaos of contradictory interpretations and interpretations, the future of the United States appears to be hanging on tumultuous interactions in the structure of its society, and anxious questions about the extent to which its decline will go in the balance of power and international accounts in a world that is re-forming.

It’s hard to believe that Biden had no prior knowledge of the raid, or that the attorney general had not notified him in advance.

Whatever the strength of the legal arguments, politicization cannot be denied in the case of the raid.

To the same extent, Trump is the last person who has the right to talk about third world dictatorships and banana republics. During his term of office more than once, in multiple formats, he expressed his hope that he would govern his country as is happening in the Third World, or that he would be able to extend his mandate by more than what the constitution allows. American.

He did not admit his electoral defeat to his Democratic rival, “Biden”, and used all legal and illegal methods, legal and illegal, to change the results of the presidential election.

And one of the relatively coherent explanations behind the raid on Trump’s palace is that the “deep state” with its various agencies does not want to see him again in the White House, as he affirms with his supporters.

Trump ascended to the presidential seat from outside the establishment with an excessively populist rhetoric that polarized the frustrations of the white majority.

He rebelled against the institution, violated its rules and obligations, and acted as if his authority was absolute.

And, in complete contrast, Biden is one of the symbols of the American establishment, with all its mechanisms and interests.

Despite the apparent contradiction between the two presidencies, they met with one failure in building a new American image of a great power capable of facing the storms of changes in the structure of the international system and the American society itself.

Trump pursued a populist domestic policy and a semi-isolationist foreign policy under the slogan “America First”. What is internal has led to raising the level of societal tension to unbearable limits.

What is external has led to a decline in the influence of the United States within the Western alliance, which has begun to disintegrate, and within the “NATO” alliance, which is shrinking.

On the other hand, the Biden administration aimed to restore America’s prestige and its leadership roles in the Western alliance and “NATO”, but it slipped into the foolishness of impulsiveness without expectation in a debilitating war of attrition with the Russian bear in Ukraine.

It imposed unprecedented sanctions, demonized President Vladimir Putin, and sought to “humiliate Russia” and trap it in the Ukrainian quagmire.

These were political choices that the most famous US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, warned against, without anyone in the Biden administration stopping to ask: Where are we going?

With the reversals, the catastrophic consequences of excessive economic sanctions were confirmed, the most dangerous of which is now that Europe is about to enter a severe winter with the impact of the energy crisis.

This is just an example of the expected discontent in the structure of European societies over the Biden administration’s approach to the Ukrainian war, to the extent that its negative repercussions have entered every home.

Thus, Trump almost entered America into a new version of “banana republics”, and plunged it into ethnic civil strife that was tearing its unity, while Biden almost deposited its former superpower in the archives of history.

The previous US elections were more of a referendum on Trump than a choice between two men and two programmes.

As a result of Trump’s boredom, his policies and his positions, Biden, who lacks any charisma, lacks the necessary focus in exercising his powers, and his popularity is now at its lowest levels, was elected.

And the popular democratic, journalistic and research forces that bet on removing Trump are now finding themselves in troublesome situations, fearing that he will return to the White House again, or that America will lose the ongoing struggle for power, influence, and status in a world that is changing as a result of its internal rift.

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