Zahrat Al Khaleej - Hadeel Ahmed: I am proud of what I have achieved.. and the future is more beautiful

Zahrat Al Khaleej – Hadeel Ahmed: I am proud of what I have achieved.. and the future is more beautiful

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The Jordanian designer based in Abu Dhabi, Hadeel Ahmed, is inspired by the fashion of her brand “Rosa Couture” from nature and foliage, and is attracted by the designs of engineering buildings, which inspire and give her a modern and futuristic vision, different from others. Ten years after launching her brand, Hadeel presented her first high-fashion show in Abu Dhabi. In her interview with Zahrat Al Khaleej, Hadeel tells us about her journey of success rising from the ground up:

• Tell us more about you?

– I am the middle sister of six sisters and three brothers. I was born in Jordan in 1993, and I lived there for three years of my life, and at that time my father was studying in America, and after he returned he got a job in the Emirates; We all moved to live with him in Abu Dhabi, where I grew up, studied and grew up. My family is the source of love and security, and I derive my strength and energy from their always being around me.

The beginning of passion

• When and how did you discover your passion and talent in the world of fashion design?

– In my childhood, I drew a lot, and I had a special passion for drawing geometric shapes and roses, but I remained within the limits of my energy and knowledge at the time, and I did not develop it or go deeper and delve into its details more, as I did at the age of 16, when I decided to turn the drawings I wrote on paper into a tangible reality; Until I stir my passion, and then discover that I have a talent that deserves attention along with my other talents. After graduating from high school, I continued my career in drawing and design, whether for myself or for my own surroundings; Until I got to where I am now.

• You established your fashion label at the age of 20, and then completed your studies at Esmod.. Tell us about the early stage of establishment?

– I started sewing dresses and abayas, and developing my talent firsthand, and I see myself that every time I create, and I feel that I need to develop myself, and satisfy the passion inside me, and passion has no limits in the field of fashion design, although at this age I worked in several fields, and was employed In more than one direction, but my passion for fashion design took me, and this matter developed into a goal and ambition, and I decided to complete and invest in this matter, and it would be my first project and I would develop in it and learn from it. I studied at Esmod University, and I designed 47 designs inspired by the engineering buildings of my beautiful city Abu Dhabi. She graduated with a score of 97%, after which she participated in several exhibitions, and achieved great success, and I am very proud of everything I achieved and reached, and the future is more beautiful.

• Who supported you before establishing your brand, and in the beginning?

– My mother and father, although my mother was always careful and afraid of us, and refused to let anyone study away from her, when she found me fond of fashion design and considered it my dream, she encouraged me to continue in this field and study this specialty. The confidence of my parents in my talent gave me a great motivator, and increased my persistence, for they have been my support since my beginning until now, and they have encouraged me and blessed my steps.

• In words.. Describe for us “Rosa Couture”!

– «Rosa Couture» has an independent, different and singular vision, aiming to raise the level of unique design, and a source of inspiration for all those interested in the field of design.

• You are active on “Social Media”, in the name of your brand, not in your name… To what extent did this contribute to the spread of the “brand”?

– My goal was to present to people the name “brand” as marketing for it, and present my unique designs, and this was the reason for entering social networking sites, but the love of people gave me the strength and motivation to diversify and develop in the content that I present, share stories with them, and provide them with what benefits them. In addition to my main goal and work in fashion design, I cooperated with large international companies, and achieved several successes under the name “Rosa”, which contributed to the spread of my name more.

  • Hadeel Ahmed: I am proud of what I have achieved.. and the next is more beautiful

Tired.. and diligence

• Tell us about the fashion show that was held recently for “The Label”!

– This fashion show was the result of fatigue and diligence for many years, and it is considered a new start for my brand after a two-year hiatus, and in a completely different way, I put all my energy into this show, and it is my first experience, even though I am a designer. This year I had the opportunity; To display my fashion, my experience, my vision, and my ambition makes me confident that I can offer the best and most, and at a level befitting the “brand”.

• After about 10 years of establishing the brand, what development have you witnessed? How do you rate your trip?

From 2013 to 2022, the brand has witnessed a remarkable development. I expanded my ideas, diversified my designs, and took a beautiful and enjoyable journey, and despite its difficulties and the obstacles and physical and psychological effort I faced, today I see that I have surpassed many things during this journey, and I was able to overcome it, and achieve success.

• Where do you see your brand in the future? And what do you aspire to?

– Since the beginning of my studies in fashion design at university, this question has been asked to me by the teacher and designer; To see each student, and his goal, and to give him motivation and consistency in the goal and development and was my answer to universality.

After I graduated, the teacher told me that I am a creator and artist and that my designs are modern and futuristic, meaning that they keep pace with every era over the coming years, and then his words gave me confidence and strength to aspire more to the world, by developing myself, my goals and my passion for fashion design, and then my self-confidence.

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