Jeddah: The epic “Red Sea Battle” inflames the atmosphere and attracts the world’s attention

Jeddah: The epic “Red Sea Battle” inflames the atmosphere and attracts the world’s attention

Exclusive events for fans… A concert by the American Ras and Friday witnesses the “last pause of challenge”

The attention of boxing fans and fans around the world is heading to the coastal city of Jeddah (western Saudi Arabia) to follow the activities before the upcoming “Red Sea Fight” for the World Heavyweight Championship, which will bring together the Ukrainian title holder Oleksandr Usyk and his British competitor Anthony Joshua next Saturday, which is considered One of the most important international sports competitions hosted by the Kingdom.

And the “King Abdullah Sports City” hall in Jeddah will witness a strong fight that has not occurred since the nineties AD, as Ukrainian Usyk seeks; Who holds in his record (19 victories (13 of them by knockout) without defeat) to maintain the title he snatched from Joshua unanimously by the judges, as Usek defeated Joshua last September, in a match held at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London , attended by 60,000 spectators, and under the watchful eye of millions of followers around the world; to unify his previous belts, while Joshua recorded in his record 24 victories; 22 of them by knockout, in addition to his two defeats.

Joshua is entering the second return match for the World Heavyweight Championship title in the Kingdom, after he had succeeded in avenging Andy Ruiz in December 2019 in the historic Diriyah match.

Joshua signs a fan’s glove (Photo: Abdullah Al-Falih)

While Usyk, who is considered by many to be one of the best boxers around the world, remains unbeaten in his professional career that started from the “cruiser” weight, and won his world title before successfully making his way to the heavyweight category.

The “Red Sea Battle” attracts the world’s attention; Given the history that unites the two boxers, and their achievements in the world of boxing, as well as the strong competition between them, each of them will search for a new achievement that puts him at the forefront this year.

Prince Khaled bin Abdulaziz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Skill Challenge Entertainment Company, which owns the rights to the Red Sea Fight, said that fights in world championships are always of a special nature and not only because of activities and events in the pre-fight stage, noting that the history He explains that the days leading up to the big fights live long in the memory of all stakeholders, including the fans, the various media, sponsors and marketers, as well as the teams of boxers and their families, adding: “It is a traditional element and an integral part of local, regional and international promotion, and contributes to the acclaim it receives. Those fights with the legacy she leaves behind. We are very happy that the time has come to host Jeddah (Red Sea Fight Week), to show the whole world that it has become the home of sports in the Middle East.”

Oleksandr Usyk during his training in Jeddah (Asharq Al-Awsat)

The activities and events of the “Red Sea Fight Week” began with the arrival of the media yesterday, which will give media organizations from around the world, dignitaries and guests, the opportunity to meet the boxers.

Activities and events continue today, through the mass training session, which will be held in the “Saudi Airlines Club”, where fans will be able to join the media and dignitaries, to watch the boxers of the main event and other boxing tours, in addition to following up on the boxers’ show, which will give the attendees an exclusive look at preparations.

It is expected that the pre-emptive press conference of the “Red Sea Fight” will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, at the “Shangri-La Hotel”, in the presence of the media, during which the two boxers will answer questions and share their opinions about the fight, 3 days before the expected date.

and on Friday; Before the fight, the two boxers will stand face to face for the last time in the official weight event, and next Saturday will start events and activities through secondary fights that precede the global event, followed by the concert that will be revived by the famous American star “Ras”, so that everyone prepares after that to watch the “Battle of the Sea” Red” for the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Sports produced the official marketing film for the global fight “Red Sea Fight”, in cooperation with the Saudi Boxing Federation; The movie shows; Filmed between the cities of Jeddah and London, the enthusiasm, excitement and preparations of the boxers for the global event, as it sheds light on the most prominent landmarks of the city of Jeddah and the culture of the Saudi people.

Media professionals from around the world follow the start of the pre-fight activities yesterday (Photo: Abdullah Al-Falih)

The marketing film was launched with a number of versions ranging in length from 2 minutes, 60 seconds, 30 seconds and 15 seconds, which will be shown on social media platforms and TV channels.

Hosting the World Heavyweight Championship confirms the Kingdom’s keenness to become a new home for world boxing, and this hosting comes after the success of the “Diriyah Fight” for the first time in the “Diriyah Season 2019”. The Diriyah fight is a turning point in the sport of boxing in the Kingdom. The fight contributed to the growing popularity of the sport, with the percentage of practitioners increasing to 300%.

The two boxers had expressed their readiness for the historic fight in Jeddah, which is the second after the confrontation that brought the boxers together at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, and ended with Ukrainian Usyk crowning the title.

The British Joshua had launched a few days before the date of the return match, the challenge with his desire to achieve the world championship title for the third time, after his success in achieving his second title on his last visit to Saudi Arabia, recalling the details of the 2019 fight that was held in Diriyah, which he described as ideal in all respects, praising the specially built stadium. For hosting the event, the organization, and the hospitality he received, noting: “It was an exceptional event in the world of boxing, and for me on a personal level for sure, especially since I won the championship title for the second time.”

For his part, Ukrainian Usyk confirmed; The 35-year-old said, “Winning is always the ally of the athlete, so I think I am on the right track,” noting that his current focus is on winning the “Red Sea Fight”, promising to provide the best performance to achieve this goal, expressing his respect for his opponent and appreciation for his skills. High, noting that this encourages him to improve his level and make every effort to defeat him and win the title, addressing his opponent, Joshua, by saying: “You can defeat me once, but it is impossible to break my will forever.”

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