8 steps to move from iPhone to Android

8 steps to move from iPhone to Android

iPhones are undeniably popular, but Android phones have plenty of options when it comes to size, shape, and features, and most of them offer expandable memory and a variety of gadgets.

Those moving from iOS to Android are seldom disappointed, otherwise it will require moving apps, contacts, photos, and files from iOS to Android.

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To switch from iPhone to Android and learn how to set up an Android phone is not difficult, but it needs 9 steps according to Techradar to make the switch, which are as follows:

Step 1: Back up data to Google Drive

Google Drive makes it easy to transfer 3 main types of data from iOS to Android: your contacts, calendar, and photos.

Simply install the app, sign in to your Google account (or create a new account if you don’t already have one) and then go to Settings > Backup. And if you don’t want to back up a certain type of data, like a calendar, you can turn it off.

It is worth noting, that you will not be able to backup iCloud documents using this method so it would be best to download these documents to a computer, and then upload them to Google Drive manually.

Step 2: Back up or transfer your photos

When you switch from iPhone to Android and activate your new Android phone, you’ll have the option of syncing it with your old iPhone via Wi-Fi or cable. At this point, you can manually transfer all your iPhone photos and “other files” to your new phone.

There are various ways to speed up the photo transfer process which can take hours, one of them is the Google Drive backup option.

And if you back up your photos to iCloud, resetting your iPhone might delete all your photos, but it’s now possible to transfer your Apple iCloud photos to your Google Photos account.

If you don’t use iCloud, you should download the Google Photos iOS app and back up your photos directly to it, before transferring your other data.

Step 3: Transfer your contacts

To export your contacts, go to the contacts section and find the gear icon at the bottom left of the screen, click on it, choose select all, then click on it again and choose export vCard, this will download the vCard file to your computer.

Next go to contacts.google.com “Opens in a new tab” and sign in, then look at the bottom right of the screen where you will see the import link, click that to select the vCard file you just downloaded.

And if you don’t clean up your contacts before exporting them, you can get rid of any duplicates by clicking Merge and Repair, this causes Google to scan your contacts for duplicates and for the most recent contact information. A subset of contacts can be exported as well: use the search field to find the contacts you want to export and then click Settings > Select all > Export vCard.

Step 4: Transfer your music

If you are using one of the best music streaming services for your music library, don’t worry: Both Spotify and Apple Music are in the Android app, so you can simply download them and start streaming.

And if you have a large iTunes library, subscribe to Apple Music and choose iTunes Match, and Apple will upload your playlist and let you download it to your devices — including your new Android phone.

Step 5: Sync your iPhone and Android phone

After you have backed up your files, you are ready to start setting up your Android phone, turn it on and follow the provided steps.

It is reported that some Android phones have a feature that automates the transfer from iPhone to Android, while Google requires you to pull files from Drive.

You can also connect the two devices over a shared Wi-Fi network.

You can then choose the data you want to transfer from iOS to Android, you must have backed up most of your data so that it does not take long, your Android phone will detect all the iOS apps you have downloaded, and then offer to download all the apps Android automatically available to the App Drawer.

Step 6: Sign in / Download your alternative apps

Most of the massive apps you know and love from iOS are available on Android, though both platforms have their own exclusive features. If you choose to import your iOS apps to Android, you should compare your apps list on both phones and make sure they are all transferred correctly, otherwise Then you will need to go to the Google Play Store and start looking for alternatives.

Step 7: Sync bookmarks in your browser

You don’t have to worry if you’re using Chrome on iOS, as it can sync with Chrome on the desktop of a computer.

Step 8: Disable iMessage

If you switch your SIM card and phone number to an Android phone without turning off iMessage, your new phone may have trouble receiving text messages from other iPhones, because iMessage is not available on Android.

Step 9: Turn off Find My iPhone, then erase it

If you want to give up your iPhone, it’s important to be familiar with two things: turn off Find My Phone, and learn how to reset your iPhone.

When you are sure everything is OK, go to Settings and tap your profile info at the top, tap Find My and set Find My Phone to Off, then go back to the main Settings menu, and scroll down to General and tap Reset, then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

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