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Tuchel: My respect for Conte has not changed.. and what is the use of the VAR referee’s recognition of the Tottenham match

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel confirmed that his quarrel with Tottenham coach Antonio Conte was just an extra passion, stressing that he greatly respects his Italian counterpart.

Conte had entered into a sharp and violent quarrel with German coach Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea club coach, during and after the end of the Chelsea and Tottenham match in the English Premier League.

And about his quarrel with Antonio Conte, he said in the press conference for the Leeds United match: “I think it was a passion between two men who fought for their teams, it was not more, I hope they will not benefit more than that, of course in the context of the hair-pull two minutes ago.”

He added: “What happened is not big, it was about passion and nothing more, Conte was fighting for his team, and I was fighting for my team, as I hoped to play for Tottenham last season with Conte and now, I have nothing but the greatest respect for him. That will not change because of that incident.”

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On the sarcastic comments about Antonio Conte’s handshake and whether he enjoyed it: “Of course, I was laughing, it’s very important that we laugh at ourselves, I was laughing in the dressing room, the heat of the match for me, not that bad, it was probably a very long and heavy handshake. Very much, I admit, no harm was done.”

He continued: “We spoke Italian together but did not insult each other, I think it would have been over if there weren’t 20 people around us who make it look a lot worse than it was, you are right if you have a reaction like that, you need to live with reaction.

And on the admission of Mike Dean, the referee of the VAR in the Chelsea-Tottenham match, that he made a mistake in the Romero and Cocorella incident, and whether it pleased him or frustrated him: “I told you I’m not disappointed, so it can’t add to my frustration.”

He added: “I’m not very frank, but if the mistake is big and obvious, what’s the point of not admitting it all season? I struggle a bit to be completely affected by the statement I have to say, what happened was so clear, I can’t understand how the referee can’t make the decision that was right”.

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And he continued: “We have to admit that it was not the referee who made this decision, it was the VAR who completely erred in this case, an apology or at least acknowledgment, I think it could be more transparent to make it easier, maybe they can explain the decisions on the field to everyone Why are they making this decision?”

And he added: “Maybe, to make it more transparent and clear, and to clarify what is happening, why the target is not allowed and why its decision is reversed, there is still work to be done.”

In response to “Do you feel that your performance against Tottenham sent a message to those who questioned your team this season?”, he replied: “For this match, of course, he even sends me a message, I was affected by the way we played, I am not surprised, we have talked about it several Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to have a clear view of where we are at in this period of time.”

He continued: “I felt that Tottenham were well prepared, got things done early, it was great to see us perform throughout the game, it was also important for me to see that we can reach this level early.”

He concluded his statements by saying: “Now we have to play at a high level again, the process is not over.. Let’s see where we are now and on Sunday, not everything is finished because we have this kind of performance but it was very good to see him, he gave us all including Me; so much confidence in what we do and who we are, it just made it more clear to us.”

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