For the bride of summer 2022.. Shine with open gold bracelets studded with precious stones

For the bride of summer 2022.. Shine with open gold bracelets studded with precious stones

Open bracelets are modern and bold, and give women a more elegant and luxurious look, especially those studded with precious stones and diamonds.

We offer you the most beautiful models of open bracelets studded with precious stones for the bride of summer 2022

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Marli Cleo Jazz Statement Bracelet

Marli creates jewels inspired by the nobility of the past and blends them with modern and attractive touches, to give women charming looks that catch the eye, so we chose the Cleo Jazz Statement bracelet for the bride, which features graphic lines and rich colors enhanced by diamonds and luminous sapphires, reflecting the architecture of the city. New York, inspired by the dreamy soul of this city, jazz embodies the power within oneself to turn dreams into reality. The bracelet is made of 18 karat gold, and is paved with violet sapphires with 4 carats of white diamonds.

Perlée couleurs bracelet, Van Cleef & Arpels

With a design that combines luxury and sophistication, Van Cleef & Arpels presented the Perlée couleurs bracelet, which was designed in yellow gold, and its center was paved with two stones of green malachite in its attractive color, with 34 round diamonds weighing 0.74 carats, to give the bride a luxurious look that captivates breaths;

Possession bracelet, Piaget

For an attractive, feminine look to the bride, we recommend the Piaget Possession open bracelet, designed in rose gold, and adorned with two cabochons of red onyx, surrounded by diamond-paved circular rings, that move around the stones in an attractive and innovative style. The combination of rose gold, diamonds and carnelian adds irresistible sparkle to this bracelet, making the bride look even more radiant and glamorous.

Serpenti bracelet by Bvlgari

If you are looking among the open bracelet designs for a bracelet that gives you a bold look that catches the eye on your wedding night or engagement, we recommend the Serpenti bracelet from Bvlgari, designed in the form of a snake head, focusing on the magnetic power of the eyes and their irresistible ability, as the bracelet came from 18 karat rose gold, set with a 0.4 carat blue sapphire, malachite inlays and 0.5 carats pavé diamonds.

Clash de Cartier bracelet by Cartier

With a bold and modern design, and with a design that suggests that the bracelet is open because the stones are studded at the front of the bracelet only, Cartier presented the Clash de Cartier bracelet, which is designed in 18-carat white gold, plated with rhodium, and paved with attractive Tahiti pearls of gray and brown, with black onyx stones, And white diamonds, for a more luxurious and attractive look for the bride.

Source: my lady magazine

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