Anthony Joshua..a construction worker who doesn't care about money and lives with his mother

Anthony Joshua..a construction worker who doesn’t care about money and lives with his mother

Boxer Anthony Joshua did not know stability during his childhood, which he spent between Nigeria and Britain due to the separation of his parents, and despite the fact that his family was from the aristocracy, he worked in the construction field to earn the money necessary to live a decent life, before professional boxing, which was delayed in its practice.

Joshua faces Usyek on Saturday in Jeddah for the world heavyweight boxing title and to regain the belts he lost last September at the hands of the Ukrainian opponent at Tottenham Stadium, in the presence of 60,000 spectators.

Yoruba aristocrat

Despite being born in the English town of Watford, Joshua lived part of his childhood in Nigeria with his Nigerian mother and Irish Nigerian father. He began his studies at a boarding school, and when his parents separated he returned with his mother to England at the age of 12.

Joshua hails from the aristocracy of the Yoruba people, one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa, inhabiting mainly Nigeria in addition to Benin and Togo, and the Yoruba represents more than 47 million people around the world, and they make up 21% of Nigeria’s population.

In the language of its people, Yoruba means: “People who ask” Like How are you? Are you well? In reference to the culture of greetings that they are characterized by.

He lives with his mother under one roof

Joshua’s fortune exceeds $ 30 million, according to what the British newspaper “Express” announced in 2019, and despite his huge money, the newspaper stated that he still lives with his mother in the apartment that the local authorities gave them to live in when they arrived in England after the separation of the parents, but Joshua bought it. In the name of his mother in 2013 for 175,000 pounds.

And his mother said about their relationship previously: We are very close to each other, he is my only son, we live together and he takes care of me, but I cannot watch his fights because I get nervous quickly and worry about him.

former construction worker

Joshua had to work several jobs before he became a professional boxer to earn the necessary money, so before wearing gloves full time, he worked on construction sites as a laborer, and has previously stated that he made up his mind to continue putting “bricks” on top of each other if he didn’t succeed in the sport.

Money is not everything

Joshua did not practice boxing until 2007 when he turned 18, and won two championships during the first two years, drawing everyone’s attention to this explosive talent.

Business agents surrounded him and made several offers to him to become a professional in 2010. One of the offers reached him to receive 50 thousand pounds. Joshua refused the offer, justifying his decision to prefer focusing on improving his level and participating with the Olympic team in the London 2012 Olympics, and he was not satisfied with participating but won the medal Gold in heavyweight.

He commented: I did not play sports for money, but for medals.

“Chess is like boxing”

Anthony loves to play chess, and he said in press statements in 2018: Chess is like boxing in the ring.

Wisdom, Africa and the lion

Joshua has 3 tattoos on his body, the first bearing the word “Wisdom” on his right arm and beneath it a map of Africa in reference to his pride in his origins, the second of a British lion on the back of his neck to commemorate his gold medal winning in London 2012, and the latter engraved on the middle finger of his left hand, half of his face. A lion and the other for a night scene during which the moon lights up a group of trees.

Joshua has previously stated that he is fond of lions because of their strength and claims that his personality resembles her.

Talking about his tattoos, he said, “I always strive for wisdom, learn and gain more knowledge, I learned a lot of things about my family that I liked and valued very much, so I ended up getting an African tattoo, a great combination to put your ‘wisdom’ and your heritage together.”

Defeated an Olympic champion in the sprint

After Joshua won gold in 2012, and his name began to emerge as a professional boxer, he participated in a television program called “Super Stars” in March 2016. This program features champions in different games competing in many games, one of which was the 100-meter run.

Joshua won the race, which included fellow gold medalist Mo Farah, who won the 5,000 and 10,000 metres, finishing the 100 meters in 11.53 seconds.

golden mailbox

There is a gold mailbox in Watford, Joshua’s hometown, in honor of his golden achievement at the Olympics, by Royal Mail, a multinational postal and courier company founded in 1516.

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