Rules and limits in your dealings with your husband's family..Avoid you from problems and disputes

Rules and limits in your dealings with your husband’s family..Avoid you from problems and disputes

It is natural that if a person loves a person, he is keen not to harass the family and friends of that person, and when it comes to the husband’s family; Then there are other considerations; Where every wife must realize that her kindness to the husband’s family is one of the shortest ways to her husband’s heart, and she must not insult them, and set limits in her dealings with them.. Dr. Amal Ibrahim, a family expert, tells “Madam”: The success of the relationship between you and your husband , is not limited to your relationship only with your husband; Rather, it extends to your relationship with your husband’s family and family; Therefore, you must be concerned with respecting your husband’s family, and being keen on their approval; To avoid problems, and to ensure the success of your married life, you should not overlook some small details; To avoid disputes and preserve your marriage… Dealing with your husband’s family requires intelligence in some situations, and silence in others.

The limits of the wife’s interference with the husband’s family, which are:

husband’s family

respect and appreciation:

First, we have to look at her relationship with the in-laws; Sometimes the wife is from the husband’s family or is a friend of the husband’s mother and brothers before marriage. Did she have previous dealings with the husband’s family or not? One of the main factors is that there should be mutual respect and appreciation between the wife and her husband’s family. Even if they knew each other before marriage, had a family relationship and had friendship.

Don’t get involved in your husband’s family’s problems.

The wife must have limits with her husband’s family, meaning that she does not interfere in the problems of her husband’s family, and the necessity of being on the side always, not standing in the side of one party over another, and also if there is a problem between her husband and his family, it is not correct to utter them in what is not appropriate, or interfere in the problem and charge her husband negatively towards his family; Because tomorrow the dispute between the husband and his family will be resolved, and she will be exposed to an unenviable situation in front of them.

Don’t criticize their actions.

The wife has no right to criticize the actions of her husband’s family in one way or another, whether in the way of dealing or in other situations in their daily life, but if she has some observations; It is possible to talk about it with her husband very frankly.

Beware of intrusion and curiosity:

Beware of intrusion and curiosity; Do not interfere in what does not concern you, and preserve the privacy of your husband’s family as you preserve your privacy, and as you put privacy for your home and marital life, allow your husband’s family to set their own limits, while maintaining family bonding.

Stay friendly with them:

The better the relationship between the husband and the wife, the more she finds the wife interfering in the things that have some kind of compliments, friendliness and love between her and her husband’s family, and if there is a kind of caution between the wife and her husband’s family, it is imperative that each party, especially the wife, does not say negative opinions taken upon; So that some kind of congestion does not occur; Especially among the “slives”.

Reduce visits:

“Make your step dear,” as the family relations consultant explained, that it is necessary for the wife to reduce excessively frequent visits to her husband’s family, and to limit very long talking sessions; Because it is possible that a kind of quarrels and verbal altercations erupt between them.

* Tips for dealing with the husband’s family; To avoid disagreements:

stay friendly with them

• Make sure that you are simple and unpretentious in your dealings with your husband’s family; So that they feel that you are part of the family and close to them.

• Do not talk a lot, do not get into any arguments, and always make sure that you are neutral in some matters; So that everyone is satisfied.

• You must make your husband feel free with his family for some time; So, spend a day with your family, and let him also spend a day with his family.

• If a dispute arises between you and your husband in front of your husband’s family; Make sure that no family member gets involved in these disputes, and end it in front of them; So that the dispute does not take more than its size; Every home has its own peculiarities, and discuss matters with your husband later. to reach a solution.

• Be sure to keep the secrets of your home, and do not leave room for your husband’s family to interfere in the details of your home to avoid problems. • Be sure from time to time to invite your husband’s family to lunch or dinner; Even in the absence of your husband; To make them feel like their daughter.

• Never abuse your husband’s family; Even if he offends them; Do not criticize them or talk about their shortcomings in front of him; Because he soon forgets about his abuse of them, and only remembers your abuse.

• Try to gain the love and approval of your husband’s family; This makes them always with you and stand by you in many matters and situations.

Be careful not to mention the faults of your husband in front of his family; So that they don’t feel upset with you.

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