Special for married couples.. "Clove" if you put it in this way, it turns into a stimulant comparable to Viagra and gives you great strength

Special for married couples.. “Clove” if you put it in this way, it turns into a stimulant comparable to Viagra and gives you great strength

Clove is the dried flower buds of the Syzygium aromaticum tree, belonging to the plant family yrtaceae, an evergreen plant that grows in tropical and subtropical conditions. The average height of the clove tree is from 8 to 12 meters. Dried clove seeds are used as a spice in many foods and as a condiment for Arabic coffee. in addition to its various and useful medical effects. One of its common names in the Arabian Peninsula is Al-Uwaidi or Al-Mismar, as cloves are used by housewives and chefs to add a distinctive flavor to dishes. Although the homeland of cloves is the “Spice Islands” near China, areas of Indonesia, India, Pakistan and even areas of East Africa, the dried flowers of carnations extracted from the clove tree spread throughout Europe and Asia during the late Middle Ages as an important part of local cuisine and reached all parts of the world. around the world.

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