Live in England - Manchester United against Liverpool .. The start of the match despite the protests

Live in England – Manchester United against Liverpool .. The start of the match despite the protests

The Manchester United and Liverpool match, known as the “Northwest Derby”, will kick off at Old Trafford at nine in the evening, Cairo time.

This is part of the third week of the English Premier League.

The match witnessed a protest atmosphere from Manchester United fans against the club’s owners, the “Glazer” family.


start of the match

20:55 The number is estimated at 10,000 protesters

20:50 Manchester United presents Casemiro at Old Trafford

20:40 The protests continue

20:30 A picture of the demonstrations

20:25 The number of Manchester United fans continues to grow

20:20 Demonstrations approaching Old Trafford

20:15 A picture of the demonstrations from above

20:10 Large numbers of United fans at the rally


20:00 The protest march against the Glazer family begins

19:55 Fans gather half a mile from the stadium

19:50 Al-Shamarikh and fireworks in green and yellow.

19:45 Continuing the mass influx of the Red Devils

19:35 The banners are green and yellow… The colors of “Newton Heath” are the old name of the club.

19:30 Michael Knighton, one of the businessmen who have announced their desire to bid for the club, is now outside Old Trafford.

19:25 Hundreds are on time and are calling for “the club to be restored”.

19:15 Manchester United fans gather around Trafford Bar, parallel to The Tollgate.

19:10 Increasing the security presence in the vicinity of the demonstrations

18:25 Crowd cheers against the Glazers

18:20 The beginning of the masses flock to “The Tollgate”, the site of the demonstrations

18:15 The United Supporters Association, MUST, issued a lengthy statement calling for the continuation of mass unity and joining the demonstrations at eight in the evening Cairo time (seventh local time).

18:00 There are no events at the hotel at the moment after confirming that the team meeting has been cancelled.

17:55 Police forces appeared in the vicinity of The Lowry Hotel, where the United team meeting was canceled today.

17:35 A statement from the organizers of the United fans demonstrations:

We appreciate high emotions but we should keep things legal and peaceful. We don’t want a Manchester fan to be arrested and give the Glazers’ propaganda machine a chance to turn the tide.

We create momentum, awareness and target support that can make a difference. We must continue with our strategy. Bring the heat, the noise and the passion, to show the Glazers that things won’t go away this time.

Love will always defeat greed. Some things are worth fighting for.

5:20 Revealing the slogan of the demonstrations “United for Sale” by a group calling itself “The 1958”.

5:00 A scheduled Manchester United meeting between coach and players at The Lowry Hotel has been canceled due to security concerns.

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