Is dark chocolate good for health?  BBC News Arabic

Is dark chocolate good for health? BBC News Arabic

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Humans have been eating chocolate for hundreds of years. During most of that period, it was consumed as a liquid made from cocoa beans.

Some, but not all, cultures have added sugar, milk, and glitter wrappers. But those who still consume cocoa in the traditional form have sparked a debate about whether chocolate can be good for our health.

For example, it has been observed that Kuna Indians who live on the San Blas Islands in Panama have low blood pressure, which does not rise with age, and their risk of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancer is low, while their average life is high, according to Margie McCullough is director of pathology research for the American Cancer Association.

Contrary to the scientific consensus that eating large amounts of salt can raise blood pressure, their food contains the same amount of salt as the diet of the average American.

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