The wealth of the artist Ahlam is a drop in the sea, the wealth of her billionaire husband Mubarak Al-Hajri... is countless, and the number is shocking that will drive you crazy!

The wealth of the artist Ahlam is a drop in the sea, the wealth of her billionaire husband Mubarak Al-Hajri… is countless, and the number is shocking that will drive you crazy!

Celebrity Net Worth, the international website, revealed the wealth of Emirati artist Ahlam, which was estimated at a fantastic amount that exceeds all expectations other than her private property.

Movable and immovable money constitutes a large fortune owned by Emirati artist Ahlam, as the foreign website Celebrity Net Worth estimated the wealth owned by the artist.

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Ahlam Al Shamsi net worth:

Celebrity Net Worth stated that Ahlam’s fortune amounts to $25 million in addition to many of her own properties. She has a private plane that she travels with and has many homes and palaces between Dubai, Lebanon, Paris and London, and a fleet of cars also between Porsche, Lamborghini and others.

It is known that Ahlam loves jewelry very much. For example, in her last album, the necklace she wore was designed especially for her, and it contains diamonds and is worth 2 million dollars. Ahlam spends a lot of money on her art and her clothes, as she is always keen on elegant and expensive dresses, including a dress she wore in 2012 on the Arab Idol program, worth one million and 300 thousand dollars.

Ahlam’s fictional phone bill: The Gulf star, Ahlam, was previously shocked when she saw her large cell phone bill, and Ahlam was shocked for a few seconds after the presenter of the “Karbol Karaikoy” program, Wissam Brady, broadcast on Dubai TV channel, presented her with her phone bill in a meeting that took place in several stages. , while driving around in the car.

My post revealed the value of Ahlam’s phone bill, which in three days amounted to $3,000, that is, a thousand dollars every day.

Shocked Ahlam said, “Honestly.” The presenter explained that these contacts occurred during the “love story” between her and her husband (Abu Fahd) because they spent a long time in their conversations over the phone, according to “Madam”.

And Ahlam continued, saying in the Gulf dialect: “Frankly, the first time I know that Mubarak (her husband Mubarak Al-Hajri) doesn’t love me, he only called me $3,000 within 3 days, and I don’t deserve anything.”

Ahlam also revealed what she was exposed to during her performance at the Dubai Opera, as she talked about bringing her clothes bag during her singing session to change her dress, and she discovered that her dresses had disappeared, to be found in a guest room inside the hotel, which consists of 4000 rooms.

The value of Ahlam’s necklace and looks in the programs: In the last episode of the Arab Idol program for its second season, the Emirati singer, Queen Ahlam, shone in a white-washed gold dress designed by the creator Tony Yacoub. The most expensive types of diamonds.

Ahlam revealed on her Instagram page that the contract amounted to 47 million dollars, which had previously starred during the episodes with many Mouawad jewelry.

Ahlam’s look was also distinguished by the presence of a precious watch in her hand in the form of a bracelet. This watch is a gift presented to Ahlam by Mouawad jewelry before the ring, as they presented her with a white and yellow diamond watch, and she was very pleased with this valuable gift.

In another episode of Arab Idol, Ahlam wore a dress from the “Valentino” fashion house.

As for the big ring that Ahlam wore during the ring, it is from the international brand Cartier, the ring is studded with emeralds and diamonds from Swarovski, and the price of this ring reaches more than 20 thousand dollars.

Ahlam watch is among the 3 most expensive watches in the world: Ahlam has a watch that she loves a lot, so she wears it most of the time, and it is the watch she wore in the last photo session, a Rolex watch made of white gold weighing up to 18 carats and studded with diamonds on both sides. This watch is one of the 3 most expensive watches Rolex has designed, with a price tag of $485,350.

Mubarak Al-Hajri Wealth Ahlam Husband: Mubarak Al-Hajri was born in Qatar in 1963. He is a Qatari businessman and billionaire, and he is a Qatari rally champion, and owns an oil exploration company in the State of Qatar. He managed to build a group of commercial and investment companies in the Arab world.

Mubarak Al-Hajri is known as one of the richest men in the Arab world, who owns a private oil exploration company, with his fortune exceeding billions of dollars. He started his life in the revival of simple joys, but he managed to achieve the great achievement in his life to become a star that emerged in the world of fame in the whole world.

Mubarak Al-Hajri owns a fortune of billions of financial dollars and not, as we think, just millions, and he owns many palaces in Qatar and a private plane licensed to wrap the whole world and when his wealth and that of his wife Ahlam are added, their wealth is estimated in countless sums of money.

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