Sabreen to Asharq Al-Awsat: I will focus on comedy

Sabreen to Asharq Al-Awsat: I will focus on comedy

The artist, Sabreen, confirmed that she is living in a state of artistic activity, as she is filming a new series with the artist Khaled El-Sawy, in addition to participating in a comedy film entitled “Work Injury”. She expects it to provoke controversy when it is shown, noting her great enthusiasm for the inauguration of the Cairo Drama Festival for its important role in evaluating and developing dramas.” And to the text of the dialogue:

> What encouraged you to participate in the series “I do what”?

I look at any work that presents me with a comprehensive look through the text and the work team, and this series has distinct elements in text, acting, directing and production, with the presence of the artist Khaled El-Sawy, who I love to represent and is a private school in performance, in addition to a large group of actors and young faces, and I embody through it The character of a mother of four daughters, married to a radio engineer (Khaled El-Sawy), and the episodes discuss the family’s problems and the crises it faces, and perhaps what encouraged me to participate in it, is that its events are very similar to what happens inside Egyptian families, as it is written by Muhammad Al-Hanawi and directed by Ahmed Abdel Hamid, produced by Synergy, and its presentation has been scheduled for next September 15, so we are racing against time to shoot the largest number of scenes per day.

Sabrine considers the series “Umm Kulthum” a sign of her artistic career

> Have you become interested in series of long episodes, especially since this work consists of 45 episodes like your previous series “The Dream”?

There are many considerations that govern the issue of the number of episodes in the dramatic work, and I personally like long episodes when they are abundant in events, and include a large number of characters, and each of them has an important and influential role in the events, and the 45-episode series, which are not long compared to the Turkish series whose episodes reach For two hundred episodes, however, the audience relates to it and follows it because the criterion lies in the integration of the elements of the dramatic work.

> The series “The Dream” raised an important social issue. Do you believe in the role of drama in society, and how do you evaluate the show outside the Ramadan season?

– The work presents examples of the reality of people who moved from slums to human dwellings, and we filmed some of its scenes in the “Al-Asmarat” neighborhood that was established by the state and represents a real cultural shift. He is required to be present at any time.

> How excited are you to present a second part of it after director Hosni Saleh announced the start of preparations for it?

– I am not thinking of participating in the second part because the character of Aida that I played ended at the end of the episodes, and I do not imagine that it will have an extension.

> What about the movie “The Atheist”, which you recently finished shooting, and why are you betting on it so strongly?

I am very excited about this movie, in which I play a character that is a surprise, as well as all the actors participating in it play new roles, including Hussein Fahmy, Mahmoud Hamida, Sherine Reda, Tara Emad, and I expect this film to provoke controversy when it is shown because it deals with thorny issues, and I bet on My role in it because I feel that I am playing a role that will be important in my artistic career.

> From a serious role in “The Atheist” to a comic character in the movie “Work Injury”, which you started shooting recently, what is behind these different choices?

I am offered good roles in which I find myself happy as an actress, and the movie “Work Injury” kidnapped me and made me laugh while reading the script, and I found myself longing to know the rest of its events. Mr. Salah Abdullah, Bayoumi Fouad and director Issam Nassar, and he is very special. For me, I love comedies and look forward to focusing on them in the coming period.

> 23 years after the series “Umm Kulthum” was shown, how do you view this experience in your journey?

The series “Umm Kulthum” is not only a mark in my history, but in the history of drama in general. It is one of the most important biographical series. What is interesting is that I still receive messages from viewers saying that we rewatch it and discover new things at work. The series was not a documentation of the life and journey of a woman. Arabic singing is Umm Kulthum only, but rather for a whole era of development of singing.

> As a member of the Supreme Committee of the Cairo Drama Festival and a member of the jury of its first session, how do you organize your time to watch the series participating in the competition, and how do you see the importance of this festival?

– We are all happy with the launch of the festival under the auspices of the United Company and the supervision of the Actors Syndicate. For us, as actors, we were looking for a real, objective evaluation that distanced itself from any suspicion of compliment. Tamer Mohsen, and critic Khairiya Al-Bishlawy, a carefully selected group, and we watch and discuss the works, and I am fortunate that I watched all the series during Ramadan, as I was not associated with filming at the time, and I am currently watching the other participating works.

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