Why did the Cairo Doctors Syndicate's advice to female graduate doctors spark controversy in Egypt?  BBC News Arabic

Why did the Cairo Doctors Syndicate’s advice to female graduate doctors spark controversy in Egypt? BBC News Arabic

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The pioneers of the social networking site in Egypt launched a sharp attack on Dr. Sherine Ghaleb, the captain of Cairo doctors and professor of forensic medicine and toxicology at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, after the spread of a video clip of a lengthy speech she gave during the graduation ceremony of the students of Al-Azhar Faculty of Medicine at Assiut University.

The clip, which included advice from the captain to the graduate female doctors, caused an uproar and widespread division, as many considered that it “restricts women in a usual stereotype that is limited to family and home care,” while another group supported it, believing that “family care takes priority over women’s work.” .

The statement of the Cairo Doctors Syndicate

The controversy began when the users shared a video of Sherine Ghaleb’s statements, in which she said: “Just a word for the beauty doctors who are graduating today. You are your home, then your home, your children and then your profession. I don’t know anyone who tells you about your profession before your birth. A million doctors outside will be treated, but if you curse your children, they will be left alone, but one mother is you.”

The National Council for Women responds

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Through the official account of the National Council for Women on Facebook, its president, Maya Morsi, commented on Sherine Ghaleb’s speech, saying: “I was hoping that the Cairo Doctors Syndicate would stand and say to the graduating girls: I faced many difficulties in order to succeed and achieve what you see today, and I will work and strive to provide you with services and care. I have family in all workplaces, in order for you to succeed in all places and in all disciplines. The difficulties and challenges I faced in balancing my work and my family, I will work to overcome.”

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