Download Hide Pictures for Android and iPhone for free with a direct link |  Mina Tech

Download Hide Pictures for Android and iPhone for free with a direct link | Mina Tech

Do you want to download a program to hide photos for Android or iPhone? Read on and you will learn about the best photo hide programs for iPhone and Android.

We all know how convenient and useful mobile devices are to keep our photos and videos safe but the problem is that anyone with access to your smartphone can easily view your saved photos – including photos and videos that you don’t want others to see.

Fortunately, there are plenty of apps that you can use to restrict access to sensitive and confidential media files on your phone and we are going to mention the 10 best apps to hide photos and videos for Android and iPhone.

Best programs to hide photos and videos

1. Keepsafe Photo Vault

The best software to keep your photos safe as the app sends you an alert whenever someone tries to log into the software.

Keepsafe Photo Vault is available for:

Apple iOS



  • Three locking mechanisms are available

  • Cloud storage capability for backup

  • Allows you to share albums


  • Sometimes photos are not backed up automatically

We start our list with Keepsafe Photo Vault, an impressive app for iOS and Android users. This photo and video hider has everything you need to keep your photos hidden including three different lock options: pattern, PIN, and fingerprint.

When Keepsafe detects wrong login details, it uses your phone’s front camera to take a picture of the person trying to login. Then he notes the date and time for reference.

The software also enables you to transfer photos in cloud storage and the best part is that all your data is encrypted, so you can rest assured that the whole process is reliable.

2. Vaulty

Download Hide Pictures

Vaulty is one of the oldest and most reliable apps to hide your photos available for Android:



  • Provides online backup capability

  • Allows you to connect Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts to send photos directly to the application

Download Hide Pictures

The app is directly linked to your Google account and backs up all the hidden photos to your own folder. So even if your smartphone is damaged, your photos will still be safe in Google Drive. Vaulty masquerades as a stock finder or calculator app to avoid suspicion from strangers.

Finally, users will be happy to know that the app allows you to sort photos based on the time or date they were last uploaded.

3. HiddenVault Secret Photo Album

Download Hide Pictures

HiddenVault Secret Photo Album app allows to transfer and store photos faster than other apps in the list and is only available for iPhone:

Apple iOS


  • No limit for photos and videos

  • The face print can be set as a lock method

  • It does not store or access any of your personal data

  • It comes with a private browser so you can surf the web anonymously.


  • The process of uploading to the app may take a little longer, and it is only available for iOS devices

HiddenVault Secret Photo Album is a very secure photo hide software that protects your media files without compromising other data on your device so if you are looking for a great app to hide photos and videos on your iPhone, this is a solid choice.

You can add an extra layer of security by setting your faceprint as your lock so you don’t have to worry about any passwords being leaked. The app also includes a great password trap that stores all your login credentials so you can launch any website with a single click.

4. Private Photo Vault

Download Hide Pictures

Private Photo Vault allows you to hide photos without opening a separate application and is available for Android phones and iPhones

Apple iOS



  • Comes with a built-in photo editor,
  • You can hide photos with a secret number on your smartphone
  • Provides intrusion report with GPS location

Private Photo Vault is a feature-packed photo masking app that has everything from live gallery transfers to album passwords.

Private Photo Vault comes with a passcode feature that allows you to set two different passcodes. One will lead you to a public folder while the other will give you access to the secret folder containing your private photos.

This app also sends an intruder notification with a GPS photo and location, which will help keep your device safe.

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5. Hide It Pro

Download Hide Pictures

Hide It Pro app can hide photos and lock apps which is perfect for parents and guardians to lock their kids’ devices.

Hide It Pro is available for iOS and Android:

Apple iOS



  • masquerading as voice director
  • The app disappears from the recent apps list to make it untraceable
  • It includes an option called “Secret Chat” that allows you to communicate anonymously
  • It has a built-in encryption tool to keep your essential data safe

Hide It Pro is a 2-in-1 app that hides your photos, closes apps of your choice, and disguises this secret photo storage app as an audio file manager to mislead strangers.

Hide It Pro Content

Hide It Pro also has a first-class privacy setting backed by a built-in encryption tool to protect your photos from any external threats. And thanks to the file management feature, you can organize your photos for easy navigation.

6. 1Gallery


1Gallery is perfect for organizing and hiding photos and the album is similar to your phone gallery but with the ability to blur important photos and is available for Android.


  • Supports AES encryption
  • Provides photo and video editing features
  • Gives information about the image file type and size

This software can hide photos easily and you can use it as your device’s default gallery, but it also lets you hide specific photos and AES encryption will keep your photos completely private.

1Gallery Content

Like any regular app, the app consists of basic photo and video editing tools, you can easily sort albums and files so you don’t need to go through all your media one by one and you also have the option to choose between normal, password or pattern mode for an extra layer of protection.

7. LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault

Best for storing large folders LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault can store your private photos on SD card and is available for iPhone and Android phones.

Apple iOS



  • It includes a fake folder to mislead any hackers.
  • Uses a memory card to free up internal storage space
  • It can be disguised as a radio, calculator, or any other app
  • Offers various album customization options

Privacy comes first with LockMyPix Secret Photo Vault which uses AES encryption to hide your personal photos and has Fake Folders feature for an extra layer of security.

LockMyPix uses your SD card to store your photos, videos, and documents. Since the SD card slot is expandable on most devices, you can choose enough storage for your files.

LockMyPix also has customization features so you can tweak the app to your liking and if you enjoy organizing photos you can categorize the app’s album and sub-album features.

8. Safe Gallery

Safe Gallery

Best for budget phone users as the app lets you set a password for each file, doesn’t use a lot of processing power and is available for Android



  • Lets you save web images
  • You can download any image directly to the app


  • No backup from cloud storage

If you are looking for a great app to hide photos and videos that do not take up much space then this software is for you and it has been developed to use minimal processing power and RAM and despite its lightweight design, this app is great at hiding downloaded images directly from the Internet.

Safe Gallery Content

This photo masking software reduces security risks by allowing you to put your private photos into separate folders, each with different passcodes.

The app can also store videos and other documents. But it is better to keep usage to a minimum as this app lacks large storage features.

9. Calculator Photo Vault

Calculator Photo Vault

An ideal way to hide your photos in plain sight, it is already a fully functional calculator, but it is in fact an application to hide photos and videos and is available for Android



  • The built-in private browser lets you surf the web anonymously
  • Offers all the normal functions of a calculator.
  • Encrypts your file details to ensure complete privacy
  • Automatically shuts off when you shake your phone


  • Sometimes the app may stop working
  • Only available for Android

The design distinguishes it from the other apps in this list. The front end of the app is a fully functional calculator that you can use to perform some calculations but when you enter the correct passcode into the calculator and press the equals button you will be able to access your secret vault.

Calculator Photo Vault Content

The app also has a built-in private browser for a completely secure and untraceable web browsing experience, which means you can download images directly to the app without creating any download history.

But the most unique feature is the vibration motion that you can use to quickly close the app when you are in a hurry. The calculator will not appear in recently used applications.

10. PhotoX


FotoX is a complete photo safety and security storage app available for Android



  • The advanced security feature does not allow to uninstall the app without the passcode
  • Allows you to reset your password in case you forget it


  • In-app video player lags sometimes
  • Not available for iOS devices

This app is a complete security package that prevents unauthorized access and has a fake crash report that will lock when a wrong passcode is used and in the crash report the details of the hack are indicated, so you can see it for yourself after regaining access to your phone.

FotoX Content best apps to hide photos

FotoX also comes with additional cloud storage to back up your essential files and photos. And if you forget your passcode, you can reset it from the main application servers.

Hide your photos with these apps

If you want to hide media on your smartphone, using an app that protects privacy is crucial. Now that you know the 10 best apps to hide photos and videos on your phone, choose the photo hider you want and protect these files!

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