Car gear damage signs

Car gear damage signs

The gearbox and transmission, as it is called, is important in operating the engine, shifting between gears and maintaining the safety of your car while driving. If the gear fails in most cases, your car will stop.

The function of the gearbox consists mainly of transmitting the commands and force produced by the engine and directing it towards the axles of the wheels so that the car moves gradually and smoothly according to the speeds set by the driver, so any damage to this part will affect the work and movement of the car mainly, which means that it is closely related The level of safety on the roads. The most prominent signs of gear damage in the car are so that you can avoid any other mechanical problems that may appear later, and the transmission malfunction is not something that can be ignored and postponed to a later examination, but rather it must be done as soon as possible to maintain the car and the safety of its passengers on the road.

* Signs of gear damage

annoying sounds

Oil appears from under the car

There is more than one oil in the car, including engine oil, which is responsible for improving its performance, and transmission oil, which reduces friction and does not overheat in the gearbox.

If there is an oil leak under the car, it means there is a problem.

If you find an oil spot under the car that tends to red, brown or black, and the greater the degree of darkness in the color, this oil will burn inside the gearbox.

– Illumination of the malfunction sign in the dashboard

Whatever problem a car faces, it will show you signs of a problem with the engine, the most famous of which is the engine itself, and among these problems, it means that there is damage to the gearbox.

Whatever warning appears to you in the front dashboard, you cannot ignore it.

The car contains many basic important sensors that know where the dangers and problems are. Perhaps you just need to change the transmission oil, or you may need a complete gear maintenance.

– slow moves

Any of the signs of a transmission delay in responding to the vehicle’s speed or even a complete refusal to shift to the next gear in the transmission means there is a problem with the gearbox.

And the idea of ​​the gearbox not shifting to the next gear, this means an increase in the number of engine revolutions, an annoying increase in the engine sound and a significant delay in acceleration of the car.

In most cases, you will find that the transmission suffers from an electrical problem, which is always the main problem in this matter, but this does not mean that there is no mechanical problem either.

– No speed change

You may find that the transmission refused to change the gear from low to high, and this indicates a lot of problems, including a clogged filter or a problem with the sensors and the car must be checked.

car vibration

-Annoying sounds

Whatever the problem with the transmission, you may hear some annoying sounds, whether it is a moaning sound and the most famous is a continuous screeching sound or when changing gear with a crackling sound.

The gearbox contains many metal parts that are in harmony with it, and in the event that there is a malfunction in any part of it, this harmony will not occur, but rather an incorrect sound.

A crackling sound often appears with an automatic gearbox.

However, the emission of any annoying sound in the car cannot be considered evidence of the automatic gearbox being damaged, but there may be another problem, whether in the engine or in the exhaust of the car.

But when there is any sound in your car, it means that there is a problem and you have to solve it.

– Vibration of the car

If there is a problem with the transmission, you will feel the presence of vibration in the car, especially in the case of shifting gears inside the box.

Shaking and trembling while changing gears in the gearbox will definitely cause you some inconvenience.

The smell of burning

If you smell the smell of internal combustion in the car, this is a sign of many things, including a problem with the automatic transmission or a problem with the clutch in the manual transmission, especially if there is an oil leak.

Automatic transmission change

This usually happens with manual transmission. When driving, you find that the gear shifts from one gear to another without giving this command.

– Do not move the gear stick

When moving the automatic transmission shifter between the available modes such as reverse, the stick does not respond.

This is caused by a malfunction of the gear setting valve, as well as a malfunction of the brake switch.

In this case, the driver must apply the brakes more than once to be able to change the transmission position.

– More than one sign appears at the same time

The appearance of one of the above signs is sufficient evidence that there is a problem with the car, but it may not be a problem in particular, the automatic gearbox is damaged.

But if more than one of these signs appears in the car, this confirms that there is a problem with the gearbox.

– Malfunction of the car other than gear

Before you decide that there is a problem with the automatic transmission, there may be a malfunction in any of the internal parts of the vehicle, such as the engine, bad fuel, lack of internal ignition or sensors.

All of these problems affect the performance of the gearbox, and therefore you may think that the problem is in it, and this is not true.

– High temperature of the gearbox

One of the things that cause the engine to overheat is problems with the fuel exhaust outlet, the oil cooler, or the transmission computer.

After the appearance of signs of damage to the automatic gearbox, you may be able to avoid the malfunctions of the gearboxes by programming the gearbox to its standard position, and you may need other maintenance.

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