Daoud Al-Farhan - a bag of penalties that violate human rights!

Daoud Al-Farhan – a bag of penalties that violate human rights!

There is no country in the world that has not had side effects due to the Russian war on Ukraine. All sectors of life, production, study, travel, tourism and medical treatment have been affected by this war, whether you are residing in a neighboring country like Poland or as far away as South Africa or Australia.
Three days after the outbreak of this war, which entered its seventh month a few days ago, the International Football Association (FIFA) condemned Moscow’s attack on Kyiv, and called for an end to the war and an immediate return to peace. The union condemned the use of force by Russia in a statement carried by CNN, saying: “Violence is never a solution.” Before the Secretary-General of the United Nations became concerned, the FIFA Council took decisions that he said will remain in effect until further notice: No international competition will be held on the territory of Russia, and the flag or anthem of Russia will not be used in any match in which teams from the Football Association participate. Russian foot. Russia was also excluded from the World Cup in Qatar for the same reason.
FIFA said it would continue its contacts with the International Committee, UEFA and other sports organizations to determine any additional measures or sanctions, including excluding Russia from competitions if the situation did not improve quickly. He also issued a statement allowing players and coaches in the Russian and Ukrainian championships to terminate their contracts with clubs.
The International Judo Federation suspended the position of its honorary president, Russian President Vladimir Putin, because of this war. This federation was founded in July 1951 and includes 200 national federations in all continents, and there are 20 million people around the world who practice judo after we thought that this violent sport, such as sumo wrestling, is limited to some countries such as China, Japan and Korea.
Matters reached the suspension of the International Chess Federation, Russian chess champion Sergey Karyakin for six months, for his support of the Russian war on Ukraine. Meanwhile, the International Chess Federation suspended the participation of the Russian and Belarusian teams in chess tournaments, except for individual tournaments.
Because of the war, the International Swimming Federation canceled the World Junior Championships, which was to be held in Kazan, Russia, this August. It is a tournament held every two years. And the website “Russia Today” quoted the International Basketball Federation that it will not allow Russian clubs and Russian officials to participate in the tournaments held under its auspices against the background of the “Russian special military operation” in Ukraine until further notice. The resolution includes Belarus.
The British newspaper, The Independent, described the reactions of the international federations to the Russian war on Ukraine as “wiping Russia out of world sport.” Elsewhere, Poland, the Czech Republic and Sweden announced a boycott of the Russian national football team in the football qualifiers. The English Football Association also joined the convoy, declaring that its national team “will not play any matches against Russia in the foreseeable future.” The International Swimming Federation canceled a World Water Polo League match, which was scheduled to take place in Saint Petersburg last March. “Civilians are dying, including women and children, and the infrastructure of cities is collapsing,” the Ukrainian Tennis Federation said in a letter to the International Federation. This is an all-out war that will push our country back decades.”
Things escalated in volleyball after the International Volleyball Federation withdrew from Russia its organization of the 2022 World Cup, which was scheduled to take place between this August and next September, due to its invasion of Ukraine. Poland, the world champion and France the Olympic champion, had warned of withdrawing if the Russian hosting was maintained. France 24 reported that this new blow was a setback for the Russian team, which won silver in the Tokyo Olympics last summer, and was hoping to reach the gold in the Moscow Olympics for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Even in the sport of figure skating, the International Federation of this sport joined the list of federations that excluded Russia and Belarus from participating in its championships, and the two Russian stars Shcherbakova and Kamelia Valeeva have already been excluded.
Since the first month of the Russian war against Ukraine, the world has witnessed sports boycotts and sanctions against Russia in what the media described as a “sports uprising against the war”. A letter issued by the World Athletes’ Movement said Ukrainian athletes and their families were in “grave danger”.
All of the foregoing sports review rejecting the Russian war has one negative aspect in the reactions. It does not stop the war, does not heal the wounded, does not save the innocent from death, and does not reassure a Ukrainian girl trembling in terror from the explosion of missiles and bombs. But he carries a humanitarian sign in favor of peace, whether in Ukraine, Palestine, or any poor, hungry and thirsty African country.
This article is not political, and the Arabs are not against Russia, but they are against wars; Whether in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Taiwan or even Iran. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights did not stipulate depriving any sportsman, politician or ideologist from the normal practice of his life unless he committed a crime or a violation of the law. What is the responsibility of a Russian snowboarder in the decision of Russia’s political and military leadership to wage war on Ukraine in order to prevent him from practicing his favorite sport or participating in matches and races? And why is the Russian volleyball team banned from playing in any country, whether in an Olympic tournament or a friendly match?
Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “everyone has the right to enjoy all rights and freedoms without discrimination of any kind as to race, colour, sex, language, religion, or political or other opinion.” Rather, the same article states more than that. However, “no discrimination may be made on the basis of the political, legal or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs.” Individuals or masses of people are not obligated to pay the price for their governments’ policies in war or peace unless they are soldiers or servicemen.
I want to arrive at the necessity of the Olympic federations to review their extreme decisions to ban, ban or cancel; Common and peaceful human relationships are the “origin and separation” of human beings, not moody decisions like banning a Russian athlete from riding his bicycle in a bicycle race because of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

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