He described Neymar as a “monkey” and Messi as a “dwarf”. Who is Alvaro Gonzalez, the new victory player? | Saudi Goal.com

Why do some predict the Spanish defender that he will be the successor to the Brazilian in the world?

“Successor to Petros Mateos” may also be the Spanish defender Alvaro Gonzalez, the newcomer to the Saudi club Al-Nasr..

Yesterday, Monday, the International announced the signing of the 32-year-old for one season, with the option of renewing for another season, to complete the Al-Nasr summer deals.


Whoever followed Gonzalez’s career in the Spanish and French leagues, predicts to him that he will be the successor to the Brazilian Petros Mateos with victory.

Petros was known for provoking opponents and affecting their morale on the field with his unexpected and provocative behavior, both on and off the field, so he had a special relationship with Al-Alame fans, who cried over his departure, as they considered him the team spirit on the field.

In the following lines, we will tell you more about Alvaro Gonzalez, and why do some predict him to be the successor to Petros Mateus in victory?

How did Alvaro Gonzalez’s career start?

Álvaro González - nassr 2022al nassr twitter

The 32-year-old has a great career in the stadiums of Spain, which he started with Racing, and from him to Real Zaragoza in the summer of 2012, and two seasons later, he joined Espanyol, and after two more seasons, he moved to Villarreal, and from the last was his first professional experience abroad.

In the summer of 2019, Gonzalez was loaned from Villarreal to French Marseille, before the latter bought him permanently at the end of the same season.

Despite the large number of clubs represented by the Spanish defender, he did not have the opportunity to appear on the Champions League arena except in the 2020-2021 season, which he bid farewell to with Marseille from the group stage with one victory and five defeats.

While he participated in four editions of the European League, three with Villarreal, the last of which reached the quarter-finals 2018-2019, and once with Marseille, and he was eliminated from the group stage.

At the international level, Alvaro did not participate with the Spanish national team in any official match, but he won one championship with the youth team, when he was crowned the European Under-21 champion in 2013, although the defender only appeared in the tournament in one match.

What are the reasons for the departure of Alvaro Gonzalez from Marseille?

Jorge Sampaoli Olympique de MarsellaGetty

February 2022, specifically on the 17th, witnessed the last appearance of Gonzalez in the stadiums, during the confrontation with Karabag in the European Conference League, where he participated in the entire match.

Since then, the Spanish defender has become a companion to the French club’s bench, as last season he did not participate in general in various tournaments, only in 11 games, 815 minutes.

At the end of the season, Jorge Sampaoli was asked; The coach of Marseille, about Gonzalez, and his response to the French press was: “He is in his country in coordination with the club, I cannot say anything else about this, my focus is with the current group of players, we have to maintain harmony between them.”

During the season, the French press reported that Sampaoli deliberately marginalized a number of players, with Gonzalez coming at their head.

This marginalization came as a shock to the Spanish player, especially since in May 2021, while renewing his contract until the end of the 2023-2024 season, he agreed to reduce his salary, in order to contribute to the club’s contract with Paul Lerola, Leonardo Balerdi and Amin Harith.

Sampaoli was unimpressed by Gonzalez’s financial sacrifice, and since the start of the 2021-2022 season, the player has found himself the fourth defender in the Argentine coach’s list.

The Spanish defender says about this period, during his statements to the Spanish newspaper “AS”: “What I am experiencing is bad. The coach and the club made several decisions during the renewal of my contract, and at that time I did not want to leave. I do not play.

“I asked the management to wait until the summer so that I could get a suitable offer, and I agreed, and they told me that I could participate at any time of the season.”

What is Messi’s nickname for Alvaro Gonzalez?

Lionel Messi Alvaro Gonzalez Espanyol Barcelona Copa del Rey 13012016Getty Images

Argentine Lionel Messi; The former Spanish star of Barcelona and the current French Paris Saint-Germain, who is known for his calmness on the field, was not spared from the words of Gonzalez.

In 2016, he combined the Copa del Rey Round of 16, Espanyol, where Alvaro played, and Barcelona, ​​where Messi played.

During the match, a conversation caught on cameras took place between Gonzalez and Leo, which was the subject of controversy in the Spanish football community.

The Spanish defender revealed the details of this dialogue, in which he exchanged ridicule with the Argentine star.

Alvaro said, in his statements to Radio “Monte Carlo”: “It was a matter of great irony for me, we had three consecutive matches in Barcelona, ​​I used to joke with Messi in these matches, until I told him that he is very short in stature and size, and he replied to me (and you are really bad in Football), I told him we were both right.

This match ended with Barcelona winning 2-0, to support its victory in the first leg, which was 4-1, to reach the quarter-finals.

What is Neymar’s nickname for Alvaro Gonzalez?

Neymar Alvaro GonzalezGetty Images

This dispute is the most famous for Alvaro Gonzalez in the stadiums, as it dates back to September 2020, when he was participating with Marseille in the face of Paris Saint-Germain in the French League, which ended in favor of the former with a clean goal.

This match witnessed the expulsion of five players, three from PSG; Among them is the Brazilian Neymar da Silva, and two from Marseille, not including Gonzalez.

The incident witnessed fistfights between the players of the two teams, as Neymar slapped Gonzalez on the back of his head, so that the referee showed him the red card, and the events escalated between the rest of the players.

After the match, Neymar did not apologize for what he had done, but wrote on his Twitter account: “The only regret I feel is that I do not face this idiot now. I want an explanation for that.”

Alvaro Gonzalez defended himself against Neymar’s accusations, stressing that he is not a racist, but the Paris Saint-Germain player’s accusations are only for his failure to accept his team’s defeat.

The Spaniard posted his picture with some of the black Marseille players: “There is no place for racism here, these are my colleagues and friends and I deal with them on a daily basis, but sometimes you have to learn how to accept losing on the field, what three points you guys, thanks. Oh my family.”

In September 2021, Alvaro Gonzalez was one of the reasons why the fans of Nice stormed the stadium during the match against Marseille, in the French League.

And here the Brazilian decided to attack him again, and he replied: “You are not a man to admit your mistake. Losing is part of sports, and now racism is intrusive into our lives. No, I do not agree, and I do not respect you, you do not have a personality, be a man.”

Both clubs issued a statement in support of his player, but the disciplinary committee did not issue any decisions against the duo, claiming that there was no evidence to prove that one of them had been subjected to racism.

Renewed his dispute with Neymar:

Neymar Alvaro Gonzalez GFX

Four months after the first dispute, the dispute between Gonzalez and Neymar was renewed again, after Saint-Germain defeated Marseille with a double against a single goal, in the French Super Cup.

Neymar published a picture of him after winning the Super Cup, commenting: “Are you Alvaro?” The Spaniard responded by publishing a photo of his interception of the Brazilian’s road by holding his head and commenting: “My father taught me to always take out the garbage from my house, Marseille forever.”

And the sparring between the duo continued, and the PSG player wrote: “But you forgot how to win and raise titles.”

Gonzalez then published a picture of the Brazilian legend Pele, holding three World Cup titles, and wrote: “You will always remain in the shadow of King Pele,” to which Neymar replied, “And you will always be in my shadow, I made you a famous person, you are most welcome, phenomenon.”

Alvaro Gonzalez’s death threat:

After the first dispute between him and Neymar, Gonzalez received death threats from some Paris Saint-Germain fans, stressing that he did not sleep for days, fearing for his parents.

“When I returned to Marseille, I began to realize what was happening. I received 2 million threatening messages via WhatsApp, in different languages. The owners of these messages even sent me pictures of my family’s cars, and told me that they knew my father’s store, and that they were going to kill him.

“I was very terrified during this period, and I did not sleep for many nights, the influence of Neymar was great, he did not even realize the impact of what he said, I think he misunderstood some of my words, one can never live in Marseille, if he is a racist, I thought of leaving In front of these messages, but the club supported me well.”

Caused a crowd storming the Nice stadium:

Alvaro Gonzalez Marseille 2020-21Getty

The match had reached the 75th minute of her age, but the Nice fans decided to throw a bottle of water at Dimitri Payet; The captain of Marseille, while executing a corner kick, to decide the latter, to throw the bottle back at them again.

Here, the crowd stormed the security barrier and went down to the field, to start clashes everywhere, before the Marseille players left the stadium to escape the fans.

The match was not completed after that, with the guests refusing to go down again, for their own safety, and the match was actually canceled, and then moved to neutral ground.

The French Disciplinary Committee accused Alvaro Gonzalez of participating in the riots and provoking the Nice fans, and decided to suspend him for two matches, amid several other suspensions for different players.

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