Germany - Media interest in Mane and Mazraoui's refusal to carry beer glasses during a photo session |  DW |  30.08.2022

Germany – Media interest in Mane and Mazraoui’s refusal to carry beer glasses during a photo session | DW | 30.08.2022

The German media is following with interest an incident that occurred during a photo session for the Bayern Munich team, as Senegalese Sadio Mane and Moroccan Nossair Mazraoui refrained from carrying cups of the famous wheat beer during the promotional session.

The two Muslim players refused to carry a cup of Paulaner beer during the annual photo session, in which the team’s players wore the Lederhausen dress, a traditional German costume, during the ceremony to announce the name of the team’s sponsor.

It is known about the two players that they are devout Muslims and do not drink alcohol, and therefore they do not want to be photographed with them either, according to what was published by the German magazine Der Spiegel.

The German magazine says Mane seems to have enjoyed his time and the photo session. “I already know this tradition since I was in Salzburg. I enjoy wearing Lederhosen because in general I am very interested in the different cultures and traditions of the country,” Bayern quoted him as saying in a statement. According to the German “Mobo” website,

It is reported that Mane (30 years old) played two years in Salzburg before moving to England.

According to German website Mercure, the fact that Mane does not drink alcohol is welcomed by Bayern Munich board member Uli Hoeness, who recently stated: “Sadio is the team’s hammer. […] He doesn’t drink alcohol. His whole life revolves around football. This is a dream for the team and for our external image.”

Bayern signed Senegalese star Mane for 32 million euros from Liverpool. As for Mazraoui, who was born to Moroccan parents and born in the Netherlands, he came on a free transfer deal from Ajax Amsterdam.

Ribery didn’t want beer either

Mane and Mazraoui weren’t the first Bayern players to want to appear during the team’s sponsor’s name ceremony without holding beer glasses in their hands. They were preceded by Franck Ribery, who is also a devout Muslim, and declined the same during his time at Bayern Munich. In a 2014 photo, he, Mehdi Benatia and Xherdan Shaqiri were not holding any beer glasses.

However, at the 2013 championship celebration, Ribery received a “shower” of beer from his teammate Jerome Boateng, and rumors of a problem between the two were later raised over this, and Boateng responded.

“Everything is fine between me and my brother Ribéry,” Ribery said at the time. “It was a non-alcoholic beer, so it’s fine.”

Other stars have also objected to the drinks ads. For example, in the European Football Championship 2021.

The incident of refusing to carry certain drinks was repeated several times, as soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo removed Coca-Cola bottles during a press conference. The Frenchman, Paul Pogba, also a devout Muslim, removed a beer bottle in front of him.

It is worth noting that the famous Oktoberfest beer will be held in Munich from September 17 to October 3 after a pause due to the Corona pandemic?

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