From Diana to Megan... the rope of rebellion has not been broken

From Diana to Megan… the rope of rebellion has not been broken

The Duchess of Sussex gets a lot of inspiration from the Princess of Wales’ revolution

A quarter of a century has passed since the tragic departure of Diana, Princess of Hearts, and her image still comes back to mind whenever there is talk of elegance, tolerance, humanity, or boldness.

Many princesses later entered Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castles, and the ladies of the royal family were given the nickname “Lady”, but “Lady D” maintained the lead in the collective memory. There have been many attempts to imitate her or imitate her in form and content, but Diana has remained hard to reproduce.

Only Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry, has been able to get ahead of others in the comparison game with the late Princess of Wales. She’s not as blonde as she is, and there’s no British blood in her veins, but Meghan and Diana have essential commonalities, perhaps the most prominent of which is rebellion.

In the early days of Diana, her rebellion was ajar; Dresses unlike women’s wardrobes, then gloved handshakes to an HIV-positive patient in front of the press, groping for leprosy wounds, or pouring food for starving children in Zimbabwe. None of her human behaviors were artificial. She was instinctively in love and distributed that love free of charge to those in need. In her marital home, he was not desired in her heart…

Princess Diana of Zimbabwe (Getty)

Later, Diana broke free and no longer hides behind the thick curtains of protocol. “We were three in that marriage,” she revealed in a 1995 BBC interview, alluding to Prince Charles’ relationship with Camilla Parker. In the same interview, she said: “I do things differently because I don’t abide by written laws, I let my heart control me, not my mind. This has caused me trouble in my work, but someone has to go out to people and love them and show them that.”

Megan in the footsteps of Diana?

The day Meghan walked into Buckingham Palace as a bride in 2018, her mother-in-law wasn’t there to greet her. But the Duchess of Sussex did not miss an opportunity to invoke her, from adorning her hands, ears and neck with Diana’s jewels, and quoting her elegance, through her enthusiasm for and excellence in humanitarian activities, to what is less glamorous than jewelry and more stressful than social services.

Megan soon discovers that life within the palace walls is not as rosy as its gardens. Although she joined the royal family as a mature, financially independent woman who was known internationally as a successful actress, she could not stand the strictness of the new regime. The Californian schoolgirl, involved in political and social activities, and divorced from a first marriage that did not suit her, was stifled by restrictions and racist comments she began to hear around her, such as “What color will their first child’s skin be?” “How dark will it be?” ?»…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding in 2018 (Reuters)

More than a year spent by Markle frustrated and depressed, and like Diana, she considered ending her life, as she admitted in her famous interview with the American media, Oprah Winfrey. She was subjected to pressures from within and outside the family, which constituted a rich material for some of the British press, which did not pity her, as was the case with Diana.

In her most recent media interviews, Meghan attributes this disapproval to being American, not necessarily black. He likely upset them because of her tendency to ask many questions, and her refusal to participate in what she could not control.

Obedience is rule number one in Buckingham. A rule that was naturally broken by Megan, who saw Princess Diana as an example since her teenage years. How could she not, even before life brought her together with Harry, the Princess of Wales was paving the way for her liberation and opening the channels for her to manifest?

In early 2020, Harry and Markle announced their desire to move away from the royal family, taking upon themselves all that this decision might entail. The friendship between Harry and his family is broken, and with it funding, the couple head to the United States in search of a new life with their two sons Archie and Lilibeth. Prince Charles tried to help during the first stage, but later stopped answering his son’s calls. But Harry didn’t seem impressed, and Meghan showed no signs of remorse.

Without her courage and freedom, Meghan would not have been able to step out in less than two years, out of what would have been her eternal prison. She is probably well aware that she owes a lot to Diana in her move. In the day the Princess of Wales made her revolution, time did not glorify women who showed their mental health and dignity over marital submission. The United Kingdom did not know at the time a princess to lock the door of the palace behind her and walk.

In an era when public speaking, women’s rights, anti-bullying and racism were not popular concepts, Diana took off her crown, and with it she took off a 15-year silence.

Harry, his mother’s secret

Not only does Meghan owe a lot to the late princess, but to Harry as well. While Diana struggled alone and had no support from Charles, Harry was his partner’s primary asset. If he wasn’t convinced of her decision, he wouldn’t stick to it. If he had not been angry with the ocean’s dealings with them, he would not have risked titles, fortunes, and family ties. But, before all that, Harry is his mother’s son, and he inherited from her many personal qualities and human and social interests, and was affected to the point of mental illness by what happened to her. In the interview with Oprah, Harry stated that he was afraid that history would repeat itself, and Meghan would fall victim to a fate similar to that of Diana.

Princess Diana and her son Prince Harry in 1988 (Reuters)

The young prince’s name was never on the list of contenders for the British throne, and he made the race for Meghan’s heart his cause. And she, of all the girls he knew, was the only one who knew how to deal with his wide wound, which was called “Diana”. I objected each time, choking the tears in his eyes, as his father taught him.

Harry admitted in a 2017 documentary that he may have cried once after his mother’s funeral. Then he blamed Charles for not doing anything to cure the suffering, but asked his two sons to pull on the upper lip no matter how sad the lower lip trembled and wanted to cry…

It is not normal for kings and princes to reveal their spiritual pain in front of people, but this is what Harry and Meghan did. They followed in the footsteps of Diana, who “would have been proud of me and Meghan’s best friend,” Harry says. The young man, who could not save Diana, found in Megan not only a wife, but also a woman who would protect her from all that his mother had been exposed to and perhaps compensate for a sin he had not committed.

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