The orphanage incident in Saudi Arabia... The prosecution is moving and "Human Rights" forms a follow-up team

The orphanage incident in Saudi Arabia… The prosecution is moving and “Human Rights” forms a follow-up team

Activists and human rights organizations denounced the incident of assaulting girls inside the Social Education House in Khamis Mushait Governorate in Saudi Arabia, while a legal advisor with whom Al-Hurra spoke listed the violations committed by security men during the incident.

Activists on social media circulated videos documenting “the storming of the orphanage in the presence of Saudi security men”, which caused an uproar in Saudi circles.

After circulating clips of the incident, the governor of the Asir region, Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, issued an order on Wednesday to form an investigation committee to find out what was circulated of videos and photos about the incident.

A statement by the Emirate of Asir said that the directives included an investigation with all parties, and referring the case to the competent authority.

The Washington-based human rights organization Dawn denounced the incident, and said in a tweet on its Twitter account that the girls were assaulted and beaten because of their sit-ins to demand an improvement in their situation inside the home, according to what it quoted witnesses as saying.

The Saudi journalist writer, Muhammad Al-Shahrani, denounced the incident, stressing that it “breaks the system and the human rights guaranteed by the regimes in Saudi Arabia.”

Al-Shahrani said that there are systems to arrest and suspect, especially with female suspects, adding, “We are waiting for the results of the investigation.”

For his part, Mahmoud Refaat, a lawyer and researcher in international relations, commented on the incident, describing the video as “horrific.”

And he published a video clip documenting the incident, denouncing “the attack of dozens of security men who used electric detonators just to go on a hunger strike to improve their poor living conditions.”

The incident sparked outrage among the pioneers of social networking sites in Saudi Arabia, and the videos, which were described as “brutal”, were widely circulated inside and outside the Kingdom, and the hashtag “Khamis Mushait orphans” was launched, which became the most popular in the Kingdom within hours.

What does Saudi law say?

The legal advisor residing in the Saudi city of Jeddah, Muhammad Abdel-Fattah, confirms that what was monitored in the videos and what the security forces and those with them have done “involve criminal behavior and an outright assault by abuse of power.”

In his interview with Al-Hurra, the legal advisor listed the violations involving the behavior of the security men who appeared in the video, the most prominent of which were:

Paragraph (a) of Article Two of Royal Decree No. 43 stipulates: “Punishing every employee who is proven to have committed a crime of exploiting the influence of his position for personal interest, inside or outside the department, by imprisoning him for a period not exceeding ten years or a fine not exceeding twenty thousand riyals. “.

The fifth paragraph of the same article stipulates that “this penalty shall be applied to whoever misuses the administration, such as tampering with regulations, orders, and instructions in an incorrect or misplaced manner with the intent of harming a governmental interest in exchange for a personal interest, and exploiting influence of any kind in interpreting and implementing orders through direct or not directly”.

The eighth paragraph of this article stipulates: “This penalty shall be applied to anyone who mistreats or coerces in the name of the job, such as torture, cruelty, confiscation of funds, and theft of personal freedoms, and this includes fines, abuse, imprisonment, exile, and house arrest in a certain party. Entering homes in an illegal and lawful manner, coercion to lend, permit, sell or buy, and collect taxes in excess of the legally due amounts.

– Article 6 of the Anti-Harassment Crime Law (Royal Decree No. M 96) and Cabinet Resolution No. 488 stipulated, “Anyone who commits a crime shall be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years and a fine of not more than one hundred thousand riyals, or one of these two penalties. Provocation”.

Paragraph (2) of the same article indicated: “The penalty for the crime of harassment shall be imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years, and a fine not exceeding three hundred thousand riyals, or either of these two penalties, in the case of recidivism or in the case of the crime being combined in several cases, including If the victim was a child, if the victim had special needs, if the perpetrator had direct or indirect authority over the victim, or if the crime occurred in a place of work, study, shelter or care.

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