The Mar-a-Lago documents... Trump's fortunes are in the balance |  Gulf newspaper

The Mar-a-Lago documents… Trump’s fortunes are in the balance | Gulf newspaper

Prepared by: Ahmed Al-Bashir

Former US President Donald Trump’s lawyer is concerned about the US Justice Department’s criminal investigation into Trump’s preservation of classified government documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort, Florida. This investigation is not “widespread” or “political”, as Trump’s lawyers noted in a memo, but it is highly specific and based on numerous confidential witnesses, as a federal judge gave the green light to search the former US president’s home.

The case of the search of Trump’s residence reflects Trump’s central nightmare after the presidency, and he seems to still believe, in the words of French King Louis XIV, that he is “the state”, as Trump’s stationery still contains the presidential seal. Trump is believed to be as eager for lasting power as Chinese President Xi Jinping, who said of him in 2018 that he is “now president for life, and perhaps one day I will have such an experience.”

Trump, sitting in his Mar-a-Lago residence, reminds us of William Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” when Lear lived in an angry exile, with the latter imagining that he could retain his privileges, even after his abdication. The former US president still attacks his opponents in the Democratic Party and remembers his glory when he was in office. Last year, The Times photographed him rummaging through boxes of classified documents and the holdings of former presidents, before deciding whether to return them to the National Archives.

Allegations of collusion

A former Trump administration official likens the former president’s keeping of classified documents to “a young child who takes a toy that doesn’t belong to him, sees how upset the other kids are about it, and ultimately decides to keep it.” And the more the other kid wanted it back, the more Trump wanted to keep it.”

Donald Trump’s presidency was a war against what he imagined as a “deep state” of FBI agents, intelligence officials, and Justice Department lawyers conspiring to discredit him and prevent his election or re-election. According to his lawyer, these opponents acted “with complete contempt and prejudice against President Trump and his supporters, while they were entrusted with investigating the farcical allegations of Russian collusion.”

The field commander in Trump’s battles against the intelligence community was a former congressional staffer named Cash Patel, who is now one of Trump’s representatives in dealing with the National Archives. Patel’s role was to defend Donald Trump against the intelligence agencies. After Patel was appointed to the National Security Council in 2019, Trump wanted him to be appointed deputy director of the FBI, and then deputy director of the CIA.

“Trump had the idea of ​​making Patel a special assistant oversight for the White House, a position that seeks to expose the deep state in the White House entourage,” said Charles Cooperman, a former deputy national security adviser who was in the room when Trump made the proposal in 2019. The official said that when Cooperman, and White House counsel Pat Cipollone, objected, Trump acquiesced to the demands. Trump has not been completely indifferent about the legal drama he is being subjected to, as his lawyers have filed suits asking for a special counsel to be appointed to review materials and documents seized by the FBI.

ambiguity of investigations

But people who spoke to the former president say he is determined to care about his political movement and electoral future, adding that he was an optimist, not a pessimist. This did not deter him from continuing his political activity.

Although he is under investigation for alleged “crimes” under the Espionage Act, Trump has used the raid on his Mar-a-Lago headquarters to bolster his political position. On a private level, it is believed that the recent event will bring the conservatives on his side, and that it will serve as an effective framework for making him the Republican presidential candidate in the upcoming elections. His advisers warned him that it was still unclear where the FBI investigation might lead, but he nonetheless leaned toward the traditional role he now plays, that of victim to the deep state. “All the polls strongly suggest that I am the candidate the Democrats don’t want to face, hence the politically motivated raid on my Mar-a-Lago residence, which backfired,” Trump said in a post on his Truth Social platform.

The results contributed to Trump’s encouragement, at least politically, as his chances increased in opinion polls related to the 2024 presidential primaries, and an opinion poll conducted by “St. Anselm College” in “New Hampshire” recently showed that Trump has a lead of about 20 points over his potential rivals, including Including Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis. A CNBC poll showed that while a majority of American voters believe the investigations into Trump should continue, support for Trump within the Republican Party has jumped by 7 percentage points since the investigations.

Save America

Trump hosted phone rallies to support his party’s candidates and plans to hold a “Save America” ​​rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to support two of his approved candidates: Senate candidate Mehmet Oz and Pennsylvania Governor Doug Mastriano. Trump is also expected to hold more From the rallies before the midterm elections.

The question that awaits everyone is whether or when Donald Trump will hold a rally for his presidential race.

People around Trump believe that his candidacy for the presidential election in 2024 is certain at this point. But while the FBI raid on his home didn’t change everything in the former president’s world, it appears to have one major effect, which is to complicate the decision about when to make the announcement, with many people asking Trump to wait until the investigations are over. While another party urges him to announce his candidacy for the presidency as a sign of political challenge.

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