Zizou: What Zamalek has achieved is a miracle.. and Ferreira taught us football from scratch

Zizou: What Zamalek has achieved is a miracle.. and Ferreira taught us football from scratch

Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, the star of Zamalek, spoke about winning the Egyptian League title, which he described as “miraculous”, as well as what the Portuguese coach, Josevaldo Ferreira, did with the team’s players.

Zizou led Zamalek to win the league title for the second consecutive season in the Egyptian League.

He was the top scorer of the competition with 19 goals.

Here are the highlights of Ahmed Sayed’s interview, “Zizou”, on MBC Egypt.

League despite the circumstances

“Before I was a player in Zamalek, I am a fan of him, and I certainly get the feelings of the fans because I am one of them. People know little about the circumstances, such as the dues crisis, but only those inside know the scenes.”

“We went through circumstances that no player or team can bear, but because the Zamalek players were men who sincerely loved each other, we managed to go through all these circumstances.”

“There is no club in which the board of directors changes so quickly and frequently, and the new board comes and says: I have nothing to do with the old problems. Therefore, we did not know who we should address.”

“What Zamalek has achieved is a miracle. We did not win the World Cup. We won my league, but under conditions that no one in the world can tolerate.”

“Zamalek won because Al-Ahly is bad? If we think in this way, we will say that all Al-Ahly leagues came and Zamalek is bad. We are looking to find the problem in the competitor and not the good in the league winner.”

“The worst thing I’ve experienced this season? The African Nations Cup final and World Cup qualifiers with the national team against Senegal.”

football only

“When Shikabala was here last year and said, ‘If the league was only football, we would win it again’ things were not in the best condition, and when the coach changed and Gusvaldo Ferreira came, he removed the pressure completely. 8 or 9 months off.

“On a personal level, this league is more important than the previous one. For a long time, Zamalek did not win the league twice in a row. This is a history that we are writing in such circumstances.”

“Don’t compare the players of Zamalek with the players of another team. Compare the stability and the stability of the board of directors. Give me the same conditions and ingredients and then compare. Don’t give someone a car and ask him to arrive before he drives a plane.”

“This league was just football. We always say that VAR gives at least 90% justice. In two years with VAR we won the league twice.”

“If the league is only football next year, will Zamalek win it? This is destiny and a share. We cannot promise the fans a championship, but we can promise them that no one will skimp on a point of sweat.”

“Al-Ahly did not win the league when the video technology was introduced? I cannot say that. It is possible that Al-Ahly or Pyramids will win the league next season, and we will also fight to win the third league in a row.”

“Zamalek has never won the league 3 times in a row. At the beginning of the millennium, it won 3 times in 4 seasons. This is a great motivation for us to write this history in our names as players.”

“Refereeing began to improve with the arrival of Mark Clattenburg, where he gave instructions to speed up play and reduce frequent stops, but the continuation of play does not mean that we overlook correct violations. But in general, refereeing has evolved a lot from previous seasons.”

Josevaldo Ferreira

“The difference between Josevaldo Ferreira and Patrice Carteron? The school is different. Ferreira is a ‘teacher’, he is like a grandfather and the rest of the coaches are his grandchildren, they are still learning and have not reached his experiences and ideas.”

“He doesn’t treat everyone the same, he knows everyone and is different from the other. The turning point with him was when he instilled in the players the belief that they can achieve something.”

“Ferrera knows how to show the importance of details. He taught us passing from the beginning. As a big and international player when you get to this point, you certainly know how to pass and receive, but after a month of training with him I discovered that you don’t know how to pass or receive the ball.”

“We learned later that the way to stand makes a difference, and that the player has to stand by his side and not give the field his back, and this earns him two or three very important seconds.”

“The current defensive organization of Zamalek is the work of the coach, and no team in the world is good at defending without the instructions of its coach. We have taught football from scratch.”

“From my point of view, there are no big differences in the Egyptian league between players and each other. Why would I pay between 15 and 25 million pounds and a big salary, and I have a young player that I can give him the confidence to become a big player?”

Shikabala site

“Shikabala has talent and knows how to work with others. If the player is not very fast, he will give him the ball in his foot, but if he is fast, he will give it to him in the space.”

“I found people texting me about a quarrel about Shikabala, and I didn’t know who he quarreled with at first. On this particular day Shikabala did not train on the field and we were continuing his recovery.”

“They said that Mahmoud Alaa had received a punch in the face, but why did Mahmoud Alaa come alone without the rest of the players interfering? Surely something like that appeared on purpose at that time. Even if we were on the field, I would not quarrel with Shikabala or anyone else.”

“In the next match, I said to Cheka: I will score and come to you. When I went to him, he understood me and we started implementing this celebration, and then we repeated it with every goal one of us scored.”

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