Have you heard of the hexagram?  Learn about the Egyptian national team that competes in the World Championships

Have you heard of the hexagram? Learn about the Egyptian national team that competes in the World Championships

It is not five-a-side football, and it is not much different from football in its usual concepts. It is the hexa-ball game organized by the Soca Federation “Soca”, in which the Egyptian national team competes in its international competitions in 42 countries.

The story begins with Amr Darwish and Moamen Abdullah, the Egyptian duo who founded the team and registered Egypt’s membership in the fledgling game federation.

There is no Egyptian federation for the game so far, and it is not directly affiliated with any federation, but the team represents Egypt with the official approval of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

There are a large number of associations for the game in various parts of Europe and countries of the Americas such as Mexico and Brazil.

The Corona pandemic hindered the continuation of the World Cup for the hexa-ball game last year, but the Egyptian national team had previously participated in the 2019 edition that was held on the island of Crete in Greece.

The game includes football players from the second and third divisions, and the participation of players from the higher divisions is not considered a regular occurrence.

Is it different from five-a-side football?

Not much. The pitch is a bit bigger, the substitutions are open, the halves are 20 minutes, and skating tackles are prohibited.

The list in international tournaments is limited to 15 players.

Egypt national team

15 players were chosen by coach Amr Darwish, including a duo from the Polish League who will join the team’s camp in Hungary.

The game appears to be amateur, but in reality the European teams go through a complex filtering process between large numbers to choose the final list.

The strongest teams of the tournament go with a full list of players who are physically and technically ready, and they hold camps constantly.

The England national team, for example, chose its members from among 100 club players.

Here is the list of Egypt national team:

Amr Darwish – coach

Moamen Abdullah – player and coach

Ahmed Abdullah – player and member of the media team

Moatasem Aziz – player and member of the media team

Ahmed Abu Zeid – player and member of the media team

Omar Ali Mohamed – player

Ibrahim Abdel Baqi – goalkeeper

Atef Mostafa – goalkeeper

Mohamed Zidan – player

Akram Ahmed – player

Ahmed Al-Hajri – player

Salah El-Din Mahmoud – player

Mohamed Metwally Ahmed – player

The oldest player on the list is Ahmed Abdullah (September 1990), who is 32 years old, while the youngest is Ibrahim Abdel Baqi (April 2000), who is 22 years old.

The list varies between players of different Egyptian ranks, players without professional contracts, and even former players.

Mohamed Zidan is the captain of Goldie’s team, for example, and yet he found in the game something that bodes well for a distinguished future.

Although the team does not have teammates from one team, on the contrary, some of them have previously played against each other, there is a great harmony that has been developed by training, practicing and playing constantly.

world Cup

Egypt will travel on September 7 to Hungary, the host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The Pharaohs will play the first match on the tenth of the same month against the owner of the land, Hungary, the only team from the first classification in the group.

The tournament will be covered by 12 channels on European satellite.

The first group: Hungary – Bulgaria – Egypt – Serbia – Cote d’Ivoire

Hungary is in the first classification and is the host country and the most difficult match, while the rest of the matches are within reach.

For example, Bulgaria is ranked third with Egypt, and Serbia is ranked fourth.

Winning the championship will be a very complicated process, given the quality of the opponents and the increasing difficulties in the advanced stages, but the Egyptian team aims for the best possible participation, in pursuit of the dream until the end.

A step towards founding

There is no game federation in Egypt, as we have explained so far, compared to 26 federations in several countries, most notably Germany, England, France, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Russia, Brazil and Mexico.

The Hexa-Ball tournaments are distinguished by a good crowd and a distinguished organization under the auspices of an English company, and many of the national team players appear in advertisements.

Of course, such a step will require many measures in Egypt, but the most important thing is to prepare the ground for emerging sports.

(The official invitation received by the Egyptian national team to participate in the Six-Party World Cup)

Egypt can attain Arab leadership in this field, when it becomes the first Arab country to establish a union for this game.

Representation is not limited to teams, as this game also has a “Champions League” championship for clubs, and although the game gives way to amateurs, its major teams are based on physically fit elements and already play in various clubs (except for the highest levels).

For example, the rules of the game allow the participation of the coach as a player, but this does not happen in major competitions that require the greatest possible seriousness, and cut the hair between hobby and professionalism.

The steps will not stop at the establishment of the Federation only, but it is possible to see the Egyptian League for this game later, and most importantly, that Egypt has the ability to organize the World Cup for this game, and here the game will really gain this necessary ground.

41 foreign teams on Egyptian soil, with those who will come with them from the masses, will be the most appropriate opportunity to join forces behind the Egyptian team on its soil, and it will be the perfect acquaintance between the Egyptian and Arab public and the nascent game.

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